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How Does Your Backup Stack Up?

by CloudianFeb 02, 2017

You know data backup, so you've compared disk vs tape. But how do they compare with cloud backup, and now hybrid cloud backup? This infographic makes it easy.

Survey Report: The Future of Hybrid Cloud Storage

by CloudianFeb 02, 2017

While public cloud storage has its place, it is not perfect for everything. A hybrid solution enables businesses to offload data to the public cloud while keeping control over sensitive data on-prem. This recent survey report based on the responses of hundreds of IT decision makers from the US and EMEA provides a snapshot into the trends and state of hybrid cloud storage adoption.

What is Object Storage?

by CloudianFeb 02, 2017

Object storage is immensely scalable, more reliable, simpler, and more cost effective than traditional file systems. Learn more about object storage in this informative video: What is Object Storage?

Building Hyper-Scale Data Centers at Hyper-Speed

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Learn how CyrusOne is "Building Hyper-Scale Data Centers at Hyper-Speed," and consider how your enterprise can leverage the benefits of CyrusOne's record-breaking speed-to market construction solutions.

HPC Solutions in High Density Data Centers

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Learn how forward-thinking CIOs are significantly reducing production costs and increasing profit margins with high performance computing in world-class, high density data centers.

Federal Data Centers: The Build vs. Buy Decision.

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Federal agencies are seeking partnerships with system integrators and third-party data center providers to ensure IT infrastructure requirements are efficient, scalable and up-to-date. Learn why this is the solution for system integrators supporting federal agencies.

7 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Selecting a Data Center Provider

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Outsourcing colocation services to a data center provider offers many strategic advantages. Learn how the enterprise can preserve capital that would have been earmarked for building in-house data centers, and stay focused on core business.

Healthcare Providers Seek Out New Ways To Manage and Utilize Big Data

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Health care reform is focused on not only improving how you manage data, but how you use it. More collaboration is necessary, data sharing is becoming critical and community care ideas are taking shape.

Monitoring Mainframe Performance: Optimizing the End-User Experience

by BMC SoftwareJan 10, 2017

Tim Grieser, an IDC analyst, answers the tough questions on how to optimize the end-user experience with smart mainframe monitoring software. He explains why IT organizations must be able to satisfy "digital age" expectations for performance and availability in line with what users are accustomed to experiencing in consumer-facing applications. To do this, IT organizations must be able to monitor performance across a wide range of mainframe infrastructure components, as well as be able to

How to Execute a Data-Driven Approach to the Cloud: Essential Insights for Successful Cloud Migration and Management

by CloudamizeJan 05, 2017

Whether you're planning your cloud migration strategy or already in the cloud, making accurate cloud decisions requires a deep analytical approach. This paper details how to execute a data-driven approach to your cloud journey that ensures easier, more successful cloud migration and management. Insights include the main objectives to achieve, top questions to ask, and the analytics you need at each stage of your cloud journey. You'll learn: How to identify which cloud provider will provide


BMC Software

Business runs on IT. IT runs on BMC Software. Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster, and stronger. That's why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMC Software across both distributed and mainframe environments. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. For the four fiscal quarters ended September 30, 2008, BMC revenue was approximately $1.83 billion. Visit for more information.


Cloudamize is a cloud computing analytics platform that arms companies with data analysis to speed and simplify cloud planning, migration, and management so they can quickly realize the full potential of the cloud.


Cloudian is a Silicon Valley-based object storage company specializing 100% native S3 API storage systems. With technology roots in the large-scale enterprise message space, Cloudian introduced HyperStore in 2011. Cloudian products are offered by reseller partners including Amazon, Lenovo, and Quanta, and by strategic and reseller partners worldwide.

Cyrus One

Headquarters: 1649 West Frankford Road Carrollton, Texas 75007

Enterprise Data Centers for the World's Largest Companies. CyrusOne offers a portfolio of more than 30 data centers across the U.S., Europe and Asia, comprising over 3 million square feet of total net rentable square footage (NRSF). Global firms seeking enterprise colocation solutions have consistently selected CyrusOne. Currently serving more than 900 customers worldwide, CyrusOne's strong growth over the past 15 years has made it the third-largest data center provider in the U.S. From the Fortune 20 to the Fortune 1000 and beyond, companies trust CyrusOne to provide scalable, reliable and secure data centers and connectivity solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. Join the more than 160 companies of the Fortune 1000 that take advantage of best-in-class data center solutions at CyrusOne."