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Workload Roulette: How IaaS Takes the Gamble Out of Delivering IT

by IBMNov 17, 2015

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps enterprises deliver the right IT resources to today's agile businesses, but success isn't a sure thing. Enterprises must match different workloads to the right IaaS services. This interactive infographic shows how it pays to use IaaS solutions for six important types of workloads.

Optimizing Cloud for Visibility, Control and Performance with Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

by BMC SoftwareNov 11, 2015

Complex hybrid environments can make it difficult to track interdependencies, increasing the risk of disrupting critical business services. In this research paper by EMA, you'll learn how application discovery and dependency mapping can help you:

- Meet granular targets for availability, cost, and time-to-revenue for cloud services
- Accelerate mean time to repair (MTTR) while communicating better with stakeholders
- Understand the impact of proposed changes and potential security

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Cloud

by INetUOct 27, 2015

Cloud computing is not a new concept. The cloud technology of today has evolved over time and adapted to new technologies and business challenges. In the past, cloud technology has been unknown to those outside of IT teams. Now, cloud computing has gone mainstream and is being used for personal and business use to complete tasks including personal computer backups, file sharing, email, mobile applications, and more. Unfortunately, how many can say that they fully understand the cloud?

The Truth about Cloud Price-Performance: How Misperceptions about Service Costs Can Derail Your Cloud Strategy

by IBMOct 26, 2015

As IT leaders increase their reliance on the cloud, many are discovering flaws in the initial cloud purchase criteria. Cloud strategies are important to an optimized IT environment. However, like any business-critical decision, selecting a cloud service requires due-diligence and research.

Leveraging the Cloud for your Big Data Workloads

by IBMOct 26, 2015

This report explores how with the right partner, enterprises can ensure that their Big Data workloads perform consistently, securely, and cost effectively while delivering to a line-of-business colleagues' need for on-demand, real-time analytics to make smart business decisions.

Leveraging the Cloud for your DevOps Workloads

by IBMOct 26, 2015

This report explores that by choosing the right PaaS, an IT organization can align development and operations resources, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, cost-effectively, and error-free.

U.S. IT Buyer Survey Shows Outsourcers Bring Strength to Cloud

by IBMOct 26, 2015

This provides the results of a buyer/demand-side survey of U.S. enterprises with 1,000+ employees, involving more than 400 respondents, on their perceptions of the preferred business models and service providers--outsourcers from which they would want to procure private or public cloud and IaaS.

Driving Your Cloud Strategy with a Private Network Solution

by Level 3 CommunicationsOct 14, 2015

There is no understating the impact of security and network connectivity on todays cloud environments.

How You Connect to the Cloud Matters Infographic

by Level 3 CommunicationsOct 14, 2015

Cloud is a key enabler of improved business performance. Better and more consistent application performance and availability, greater flexibility and business agility, and lower costs can all be found through our connection to the cloud.

Executive Viewpoint: Choosing Your Connection to the Cloud

by Level 3 CommunicationsOct 14, 2015

Why a private network connection to cloud-based applications is the right decision for your enterprise.


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INetU provides Managed Hosting Services to business around the world. Our unique approach helps our clients increase reliability, security and performance. We focus on providing long-term relationships with clients providing them with services and capabilities to operate their Web applications more efficiently and effectively. We provide a full range of business services including managed Microsoft and Linux servers, backup & recovery, security services, PCI & SAS70 TypeII compliance, comprehensive monitoring & response and 24/7 expert help. In addition INetU provides consulting services such as Web site architecture, database optimization, load testing and reporting. Every INetU account is assigned a Chief Hosting Officer (CHO) to montor and pro-actively manage the client's hosting environment. Service, Technology, Expertise, and Peace of Mind. Experience the INetU difference!

Level 3 Communications

Level 3 Communications is a global communications provider headquartered in Broomfield, Colo. The company builds, operates, and maintains a global network to deliver managed solutions for enterprises, carriers, and governments, including fiber-based infrastructure and data center solutions, IP-based voice and data communications, video and content distribution, security solutions, and cloud-based data center services. Level 3 services customers in more than 60 countries spanning six continents.