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eBook: How to Leverage Flash to Manage Unstructured Data in the Cloud

by PanzuraJan 11, 2018

Have you already invested in all-flash arrays (AFAs) or hyperconverged (HCI) systems? If you have, there is great news. You can leverage that investment to address IT leadership's #1 challenge: unstructured data growth.

Today, unstructured data growth far exceeds that of structured. In fact, it makes up 90% of overall data growth. Now you can solve that problem with an investment you have already made.

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Performance Expectations of Hybrid Cloud NAS

by PanzuraNov 29, 2017

Modern data centers are looking to the cloud to decrease the crushing impact of unstructured data growth on legacy NAS systems. But, there's a catch: The cloud can't provide non-disruptive application support, intelligent data services, and the consistent performance of local NAS. And, remote cloud-based storage can introduce latency that may be outside the SLAs required for mission-critical applications.

There is a better way.

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A Buyer's Guide to Hybrid Cloud NAS

by PanzuraNov 29, 2017

Many storage professionals are feeling the pressure to address rapid data growth and rising storage costs. Moving to the cloud is a clear solution, but getting there can feel daunting. Hybrid cloud storage is key to transitioning your storage infrastructure to the cloud, but do you know what to look for when evaluating a solution?

If you're tasked with eliminating islands of storage, simplifying backup and DR processes, and reducing storage costs, download this white paper today to

Infographic: The Cost of Maintaining the Storage Status Quo

by PanzuraNov 29, 2017

Humans and enterprises generate a whopping 2.5 exabytes of data each day. This is big, but when you consider that IDC predicts we will increase the amount of data we create 50x from 2010 to 2020, it isn't a surprise.

The problem? Storage CAPEX and OPEX budgets are being crippled due to the explosion of unstructured data growth. Something has to change.

Download this infographic to learn why data growth is exploding and how unstructured data management in the cloud,

Security Considerations for Unstructured Data in the Cloud

by PanzuraNov 29, 2017

Data security is top of mind for every IT leader, and it should be. If your organization is moving your unstructured data to the cloud to take advance of economics and scalability, you may be concerned about the security of that data now that it is no longer in your data center.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data all need to be maintained whether on premise or in the cloud. The right hybrid cloud storage solution can actually make your data more secure in the

The Cloud: How CISOs Can Embrace it (Wisely), Not Fear It

by Rapid7Oct 25, 2017

Cloud technology is now a fixed part of the corporate IT landscape, and it presents IT and security teams with quite the paradox. While it allows your business to streamline and scale, it's also a bit scary to send your data into that vast intangible space called "the cloud."

As a CISO or information security leader, you play an important role in shaping how your organization will use cloud services. It's not something that needs to be feared. Rather, it's an important responsibly

Quick Start with GDPR – What You Need to Know

by OPSWATOct 05, 2017

Starting on May 25th, 2018, all companies that do not comply with the GDPR will be faced with heavy fines. But what is the GDPR? Read this quick start guide to learn about GDPR facts, fines, rules, and how to achieve compliance.

How to Integrate the Metadefender Cloud API with Serverless Architecture

by OPSWATOct 05, 2017

Managed file transfer solutions are one of the basic services every modern application needs to offer. Whether it's provided via integrations with other services or simple personal file uploads, threat detection can help protect user and application data. In this article, we will demonstrate how organizations can greatly reduce the threat of malware infection (or infiltration) using the Metadefender Cloud public API in a serverless architecture.

Datacenters are short on compute capacity

by AlteraAug 25, 2017

Read the Inside HPC special report about the compute gap today and what is needed in the future and how enterprises can best slice and dice Big Data without adding servers.

Enabling Next-Generation Platforms Using Intel’s 3D System-in-Package Technology

by AlteraAug 25, 2017

Download this white paper to learn more about how Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGAs and SoCs leverage heterogeneous 3D SiP integration to deliver performance, power, and form factor breakthroughs while providing greater scalability and flexibility. In addition, learn how Intel EMIB technology delivers a superior solution for multi-die integration.



Altera Corporation is an Intel-owned American manufacturer of programmable logic devices, reconfigurable complex digital circuits. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel. Altera released its first PLD in 1984


Panzura is the leader in unstructured data management in the cloud. We are passionate about transforming the storage status quo into a model that delivers the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud, without compromise.

Panzura Freedom delivers unprecedented performance and scale, expanded data center workloads, deployment on any platform and any cloud, automated, centralized management, and unmatched cloud data protection. The Panzura CloudFS&trademark; underpins Panzura Freedom and is a scale-out, distributed file system purpose-built for the cloud that incorporates intelligent file services backed by 26 patents.

The result? Enterprises are able to consolidate and simplify their storage infrastructure, reducing costs up to 70% while gaining the speed and agility that the business requires to get ahead.


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