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6 Lessons Learned When Moving Applications to the Cloud

by INetUJul 08, 2015

Every successful company hits growing pains at some point along the way. One of the most harrowing for IT is the transition from the "build it quick!" startup mindset to the more structured and stable mentality of a mid-stage business. Read the 6 lessons that technology company, VIIAD Systems, learned when moving their systems to the cloud and how it reduced costs by 50% from the start by leveraging a managed services provider.

Managed Cloud Hosting or an Unmanaged Cloud Environment?

by INetUJul 08, 2015

When it comes to the cloud, there are many decisions your business has to make. Probably the most important however is deciding whether you should choose to partner with a managed cloud hosting provider or do it alone. This short white paper will help you discover whether your business would be better suited for a managed cloud or unmanaged cloud environment.

Identify the Right Cloud Model for You

by INetUJul 08, 2015

All cloud solutions are not the same and neither are your requirements. Picking the right cloud model for the type of business problem you are trying to solve can be the most important decision you have to make. This checklist will help guide you to identify the cloud model that best fits your business and application needs.

Ensuring App Performance in a Multicloud World

by DynatraceJul 14, 2015

With the advent and rapid growth of cloud, the component-based approach to app delivery has shifted into hyperdrive. Apps and related digital deliverables will be increasingly provisioned under a hybrid cloud model that traverses the technology domains of multiple entities. However, as compelling as the hybrid cloud may be, it does not deliver its benefits without presenting significant challenges. This eBook offers a look at how organizations can ensure and manage end-to-end app performance and

FTP Replacement: Evaluating the Benefits of Replacing your FTP System

by ThruJul 14, 2015

Replacing FTP with the Thru Platform for Managed File Transfer will help you reduce business risk and total cost of ownership of file transfer applications. If you are currently using FTP to exchange and distribute files both internally and externally or looking for an alternative that provides visibility, control, and automation while improving security and manageability - this paper will give you a detailed understanding of the problems and costs of using traditional FTP servers and the

Tips for Implementing a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy

by CarpathiaJun 08, 2015

Your IT infrastructure needs grow exponentially and a single-faceted approach to the cloud may not work for the long haul.? Are you looking into cloud strategies that will meet your companies long term needs??This webinar will help you understand:How IT needs and priorities shift as businesses growCommon roadblocks often faced as IT needs evolveROI considerations of public and private cloud deployment modelsThe benefits of a multi-cloud approach: ?low cost, long-term flexibility and

Challenges in Managing a Hybrid Cloud

by CarpathiaMay 20, 2015

Learn more about the difficulties behind multi-cloud management and how businesses can simplify the process with Carpathia's brand new tool in this infographic.

Case Study: Gilt

by CarpathiaMay 18, 2015

Discover how Gilt is using Carpathia's Cloud Operations Platform™ for AWS to seamlessly monitor and track their inventory of compute across a hybrid implementation with Amazon Web Services.

Overview: Cloud Operations Platfom for AWS

by CarpathiaMay 18, 2015

Learn how Cloud Operations Platform™ for AWS provides enterprise customers with a consolidated portal view to monitor and manage IT workloads that move between 3rd party clouds, private clouds and hosted infrastructure.

FAQ: Cloud Operations Platform for AWS

by CarpathiaMay 18, 2015

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Cloud Operations Platform™ for AWS - a new multi-cloud management tool from Carpathia - including information about its key features, benefits and capabilities.



Carpathia is a trusted cloud operator and leading provider of hybrid cloud services and managed hosting, providing secure, reliable and compliant IT infrastructure and management for some of the world's most demanding enterprises and federal agencies.


Enterprises rely on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services. To make this work together, IT must take a new and converged approach to NPM and APM.


INetU provides Managed Hosting Services to business around the world. Our unique approach helps our clients increase reliability, security and performance. We focus on providing long-term relationships with clients providing them with services and capabilities to operate their Web applications more efficiently and effectively. We provide a full range of business services including managed Microsoft and Linux servers, backup & recovery, security services, PCI & SAS70 TypeII compliance, comprehensive monitoring & response and 24/7 expert help. In addition INetU provides consulting services such as Web site architecture, database optimization, load testing and reporting. Every INetU account is assigned a Chief Hosting Officer (CHO) to montor and pro-actively manage the client's hosting environment. Service, Technology, Expertise, and Peace of Mind. Experience the INetU difference!


Established in 2002, Thru, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in Irving, Texas, with offices in North America, Europe, and Australia. Thru began with one distinct mission: Offer enterprise file sharing services that meet the needs of enterprises around the world. With over 12 years originating solutions such as Secure Dropbox for business users, Thru has proven security is the heart of their operation and has taken painstaking measures to defend data and improve business productivity. Today, Thru is trusted in over 170 countries and continues to exchange billions of files each year without a single recorded data breach.