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5 Ways UC Makes IT a Hero

by XO CommunicationsMay 20, 2015

Prior to the arrival of UC, the stereotype was that IT departments were focused on blinking lights and server upgrades. UC has demolished that stereotype. IT departments now are responsible for deploying the most productive, effective, and collaborative tool set we've ever seen in business communications.

6 Reasons Designers Prototype

by CognianceApr 28, 2016

It's almost counter-intuitive. When creating a new product - whether that's a sexy pair of audio headphones or building an iOS/Android app, slowing down to build a prototype will invariably speed up the launch. But how can that be? Read this article to learn six reasons designers prototype and how this critical development step can get your product further. 3D models and click-able prototypes are the CEO's new best friend.

Business Process Apps for Finance and Purchasing for Dummies

by K2Jul 07, 2016

This book explains how automated business workflows and forms help drive efficiency; explores difference finance and purchasing use cases; describes how to build automated, process-based workflows without being a developer; examines how businesses can use a single workflow solution across the entire organization; and provides key criteria to help you evaluate business process apps solutions for your organization.

Choosing the Right Digital Strategy for Your Organization

by K2Jul 07, 2016

Forrester's recent report, Your Digital Experience Technology strategy Starts with a Customer Journey Map, helps organizations develop the right strategy for future technology investments. In this white paper, K2 explores their recommendations and helps readers understand that by investing in the right digital strategy they can avoid many of the digital pitfalls that come with this move to a more digital experience. Read the white paper and receive the complete Forrester report for free.

Delivering Security in an Agile World

by CigitalMay 23, 2016

When delivering software features in an agile way, it's critical to ensure the software you're delivering is secure. To understand how this works, think of the Agile SDLC as a shipping company--instead of delivering software, you're delivering packages. In this detailed metaphor, you'll gain new perspectives on: Prioritizing features effectively Overcoming roadblocks to stay on schedule Implementing security activities along the way Examining the anatomy of Agile delivery Download the eBook

Embedded System Quality: Top Competitive Techniques Revealed

by IBMAug 01, 2013

The role of embedded software is growing exponentially in electronics systems and quality in these systems is no longer a differentiator ? it is a necessity for success. Increasing development time or cost is not an option; therefore engineers must evolve their techniques to remain competitive.Join us for this special webinar to see how you can:Gain the benefits of automating change and defect management with traceability throughout the entire project lifecycleIncrease test throughput with

Evaluating and Choosing an IoT Platform

by ThingWorxApr 06, 2016

With the push for IoT-enabled solutions comes the need for reliable IoT platforms, especially for companies that require industrial-grade IoT capabilities. This O'Reilly report examines various features that heavy-equipment B2B industries should expect in an IoT platform, as well as the key attributes you should be looking for when choosing a platform vendor.

How to Build Security Into Your Software Development Process

by CigitalJun 13, 2016

To standardize the software development life cycle (SDLC), organizations implement development methodologies to fulfill their objectives in a way that best suits their organizational goals. Whether you use Agile, Waterfall, or something in between, building security into your SDLC can improve efficiency and reduce costs if it's done the right way.

Download the complete eBook to: Learn how to add security to the various phases of your SDLC Understand how secure software development

Space Ships to Heart Monitors

by IBMOct 24, 2013

IBM Rational DOORS, has a solid history as the leading requirements engineering tool for decades. DOORS continues to be used by organizations across industries for managing their requirements. By providing rich requirements management capabilities, DOORS helps to increase the quality of systems engineering, safety, business or mission critical systems and software development projects by improving requirements communication and collaboration. In this webcast, Dr. Jeremy Dick, Principal Analyst

The Agile Security Manifesto

by CigitalMay 23, 2016

The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 to provide an alternative to document-heavy software development practices. Now we've created our own set of principles to complement the Agile Manifesto by addressing similar inefficiencies plaguing application security. These four principles are meant to guide and inspire us to build secure software in an agile way. Rely on developers and testers more than security specialists. Secure while we work more than after we're done. Implement features



Cigital is one of the world's largest application security firms. We go beyond traditional testing services to help our clients identify, remediate, and prevent vulnerabilities in the applications that power their business.


Cogniance co-creates technology products and global brands. Mixing Silicon Valley DNA with Scandinavian design principles, we work with innovators and entrepreneurs to blend our design-led thinking with their ideas to plan, build, launch and evolve products that forge lasting relationships with their customers.


IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping clients innovate. Drawing on a breadth of capabilities and best practices from across IBM and our extensive partner ecosystem, we offer clients within every industry, a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that can help them improve productivity, respond rapidly to the needs of their business and reduce development and operations costs.


K2 business apps help you streamline processes - expense claims, customer on-boarding, travel authorizations or any other process you use at work. They connect people, data and systems to drive substantial time savings and offer full traceability on every process. Bring products to market faster, gain critical approvals quickly, meet regulatory and compliance demands with full confidence. K2 enables you to build apps the way you want, with components like forms and workflow.


ThingWorx is a business unit of PTC, a $1.4 billion global software company, where more than 700 employees are dedicated to the ThingWorx IoT technology platform. With more than $600MM invested in acquisitions and the development and integration of technologies for IoT, and with thousands of compatible partners and solutions, ThingWorx is creating innovation faster than ever thought possible.

XO Communications

XO Communications provides the technology that helps business and wholesale customers compete in a hyper-connected economy. In the U.S., XO owns and operates one of the largest IP and Ethernet networks that customers rely on for private data networking, cloud connectivity, unified communications. Visit or XO Communications is also on Twitter and LinkedIn.