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The Top 5 Security Threats to Your Business

by Level 3 CommunicationsMay 07, 2015

Cyber security breaches are more common now than they have ever been. While they don't all make news headlines, they affect numerous businesses every single day. What exactly are these threats? How are they carried out and how can they impact business? The Level 3 Advanced Threat Intelligence team has identified the top five most common security threats that you should know about. Download this infographic to find out more.

A False Sense of Cybersecurity: Three Pitfalls to Avoid

by LeidosFeb 07, 2017

The cyber awakening has many companies evaluating current security measures including people, processes and tools. The conversations within our organizations have evolved, but are the investments we're making truly protecting us against today's sophisticated adversaries?

This paper discusses three common pitfalls facing organizations actively pursuing cybersecurity maturity. Read up on how you can avoid them and better protect your critical assets.

SOC vs. SIC: The Difference of an Intelligence Driven Defense Solution

by LeidosFeb 07, 2017

Traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are finding their response-driven methods for combatting cyber-attacks are no match for today's threat landscape!

This white paper discusses: Inherent limitations of a traditional SOC model Advanced capabilities of a Security Intelligence Center (SIC) Necessary steps to transforming cybersecurity defense in your organization

Practical Guide to Measuring Cyber Resiliency and Effectiveness

by LeidosFeb 07, 2017

Measurement of resiliency and effectiveness must be threat focused and threat specific. This guide provides reporting tips to help you stay ahead of advanced persistent threats by: Defining the Threat with a Campaign Heat Map Proving Effectiveness with a Mitigation Scorecard Mitigate Gaps to Improve with a Technology & Capability Matrix

Scale Your SOC to Meet Today's Challenges

by LeidosFeb 07, 2017

Forced to fight an enemy with limited resources, enterprise security leaders are faced with a seemingly impossible task - defending the network knowing that missing just one attack can result in a catastrophic data breach.

With an excess of security threats and a lack of available security talent, enterprises need a new approach to cybersecurity that focuses on getting the most out of their available resources.

In April 2016, Leidos commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey

Ten Steps for Combating DDoS in Real Time Guide

by F5 NetworksJan 24, 2017

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a top concern for many organizations today. A DDoS attack saturates a website, renders its services inoperable, and prevents legitimate clients from being able to connect to it. For the uninitiated, this attack can be a scary and stressful ordeal. This guide covers the nature of DDoS attacks and recommended best practices on how to mitigate an attack.

Debunking the Top 4 Myths About DDoS

by F5 NetworksJan 24, 2017

DDoS attacks seem to constantly be in the news, continually evolving and growing in complexity. You may have heard about the big,volumetric attacks that took down Donald Trump's campaign websiteandBrazilian government sites during the Olympics. But while volumetric attacks still reign supreme, there are other, more insidious, low-level DDoSattacks that can also damage your site, your applications, and your business. If you think you're ready for a DDoS attack—or that you don't need

How to Produce a World-Class Threat Intelligence Capability

by Recorded FutureJan 25, 2017

Learn how to overcome the political inertia that often accompanies building a threat intelligence team from the ground up.

This white paper details how to merge operational and strategic capabilities to automate and analyze external attack data to identify current and future security threats.

Discover the six core competencies that comprise a successful program, including: Threat situational awareness and corresponding security control recommendations. Proprietary

50 Shades of Dark: How to Use the Dark Web for Threat Intelligence

by Recorded FutureJan 25, 2017

There's a lot of talk about the dark web these days, including how cyber criminals use it to spread malware, leak intellectual property, and publish user account credentials.

Using open source intelligence (OSINT), our team explored the surface, deep, and dark parts of the web and investigated the links between them.

Download this white paper to learn:
What the dark, deep, and surface web really are and why your information security team should care. How stolen

Understand Your Attacker: A Practical Guide to Identifying TTPs With Threat Intelligence

by Recorded FutureJan 25, 2017

Combat threats by understanding your adversaries and the tools, techniques, and processes (TTPs) they're likely to weaponize.

This white paper shares research on the latest attacker tools, provides architecture recommendations for organizations looking to strengthen security controls, and helps analysts use threat intelligence to more quickly and effectively identify threat trends.

Download this white paper now and learn how to: Apply methodologies for proactive and


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