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Demystifying the Dark Web

by Terbium LabsAug 26, 2016

In this white paper, learn the truth about what the dark web is-and isn't. The dark web is probably one of the most commonly occurring, least well defined terms in information security. The dark web is actually smaller than most of the mythology would have one believe. Another common myth is that the dark web is entirely used for criminal activities. While criminal activities do abound on the dark web, anonymizing overlay networks such as Tor also play an important role in protecting free speech

Wombat Security 2016 State of the Phish Report

by Wombat Security TechnologiesJun 24, 2016

The State of the Phish report details millions of simulated phishing attacks and includes an extensive survey of Info Sec professionals.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

by OptivAug 25, 2016

Optiv research has identified a key challenge to the impact of cyber threat intelligence: the heavily diluted term "threat intelligence" attaches to a diverse array of products, services and capabilities and is not easily adopted across the various enterprise security use cases. Our experience shows that to solve this challenge, we must understand that intelligence is the connective tissue between knowing your enemy and a security strategy that enables decision advantage to significantly reduce

Security Incident Management Solution Primer

by OptivAug 25, 2016

Today, the capability to respond effectively to cyber incidents is one of the most critical components of an enterprise security program. A growing rate of breach disclosures in the news serves as proof that for most organizations, breaches are inevitable. For organizations of all sizes to survive these public debacles, they must enhance incident response capabilities as part of a principal investment in their security incident management program. The alternative is to risk damage to brand

Data Analytics with Hadoop: O'Reilly Ebook

by ZaloniAug 18, 2016

This book is meant as a survey of the Hadoop ecosystem and distributed computation intended to arm data scientists, statisticians, programmers, and folks who are interested in Hadoop with just enough knowledge to make them dangerous.

Use this book as a guide as you dip your toes into the world of Hadoop and find the tools and techniques that interest you the most, be it Spark, Hive, Machine Learning, ETL, Relational Databases, or one of the other many topics related to cluster

Data Sciences Services Brief

by ZaloniAug 18, 2016

Data science is the art and science of creating business value from big data. For today's enterprises, data science is critical for creating competitive advantage, such as improving operational efficiencies or developing new products and services.

6 Easy Ways to Advance Your Cybersecurity Team

by ThreatConnectAug 17, 2016

In this paper, you will learn six easy steps you can take to enhance your ability to ingest, store, and prioritize threat data, develop intelligence-driven processes to automate manual tasks, and streamline your work flow. The right platform (and processes you drive with it) can be a force-multiplier for your small team.

Gartner Report: The Five Models of Security Operation Centers

by Arctic WolfAug 16, 2016

Gartner outlines the five models of Security Operation Centers and provides practical guidance to CISOs planning to build a SOC capability. Read this paper for key insights on: >Why SOCs are being adopted by more mid-sized organizations > Security functions and benefits offered by SOCs > Overview of the five models and how they differ > Evaluation criteria-how to determine which SOC fits your business objectives

White Paper: Managed Detection and Response Stops Ransomware

by Arctic WolfAug 16, 2016

Why Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is key to stopping the ransomware epidemic.

FAQ: Managed Detection and Response

by Arctic WolfAug 16, 2016

What are Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services and why is MDR the future of network security for mid-sized organizations? MDR is different from traditional managed security services (MSS) because they focus on threat detection and remediation versus device management and basic alerting. Read this FAQ to learn: < Who benefits most from MDR services < Why MSSPs can't deliver MDR < If MDR or SIEM is a better fit for your organization


Arctic Wolf

Headquarters: 111 W. Evelyn Ave, Suite 115, Sunnyvale 94086

Arctic Wolf Networks provides SOC as-a-service that makes every link in the security chain stronger. Customer-dedicated security engineers anchor the service, act as the stewards of log data, and are focused on reviewing events, identifying incidents, and eliminating false positives.


Headquarters: Denver, CO

Your cyber security needs are every bit as unique as your business. That's why we work closely with you and your team to plan, build and run successful security programs tailored to your needs. Although the demands and complexities of cyber security evolve rapidly, we've got your back.

When you work with us, you get the benefit of our:

  • Deep industry insight, based on more than 20 years combined experience
  • Proven know-how from over 1,200 experts, including former CIOs and CISOs, risk experts, compliance experts, software engineers, researchers, white hat hackers, engineers, architects and more
  • Strategic partnerships with more than 400 leading and emerging security technology providers, so you get the right solutions the knowledge to make it all work together
  • Proprietary technology platform and tools based on experience we've gained from thousands of engagements with leading businesses in many industries

As a result, you achieve more efficient solutions, more optimized implementations and greater scale. Working together, we meet the challenges of security head on so you can do business with confidence.

Terbium Labs

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

At Terbium Labs, we provide proactive solutions beginning with the assumption that your critical data is always at risk. That's why we focus on data intelligence, building systems to find your sensitive information wherever it may appear on the internet. We are an elite group of information security professionals with expertise in everything from cryptography to large-scale information systems. We protect organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary, or political gain. By offering continuous, proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid breach detection, we enable companies to better manage risk and keep high-value data safe.


ThreatConnect unites cybersecurity people, processes and technologies behind a cohesive intelligence-driven defense. Built for security teams at all maturity levels, the ThreatConnect platform enables organizations to benefit from their collective knowledge and talents; develop security processes; and leverage their existing technologies to identify, protect and respond to threats in a measurable way. More than 1,200 companies and agencies worldwide use ThreatConnect to maximize the value of their security technology investments, combat the fragmentation of their security organizations, and enhance their infrastructure with relevant threat intelligence. To register for a free ThreatConnect account, or to learn more about our products and services, visit:

Wombat Security Technologies

Our customers have experienced up to a 90% reduction in successful external phishing attacks and malware infections using this four-step approach to security awareness and training:


Zaloni, the data lake company, is an award-winning provider of enterprise data lake management solutions. Our software, Bedrock and Mica, enables customers to gain their own competitive advantage through organized, actionable big data lakes. Serving the Fortune 500, Zaloni has helped its customers build production implementations at many of the world's leading companies.