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Five Threat Intelligence Traps to Avoid

by SymantecAug 24, 2015

Recent high-profile data breaches impacting organizations in all industries including retailers, health care organizations and government agencies have shown just how challenging today's cyberthreat landscape has become. Fortunately, threat intelligence, the act of collecting and interpreting threat information from various data sources to identify adversaries and their tools, tactics, and procedures, is available to help enterprises stay ahead of emerging threats. Learn how to use threat and

Next-Generation Endpoint Security For Dummies

by Bit9Aug 19, 2015

Learn how all organizations are targeted in the advanced threat environment. You discover how endpoints (desktops, laptops, servers, fixed-function and point-of-sale devices), can serve as entry points for adversaries seeking to exploit your enterprise. You also find out more about the nature of advanced threats and how they operate within the cyber kill chain to infiltrate and exploit your organization's information assets.

Discover how current endpoint security strategies are

Intellyx White Paper: Securing the Frictionless Enterprise

by CertesAug 18, 2015

Explore securing the frictionless enterprise in this NEW complimentary white paper from Intellyx and Certes Networks.

Topics covered: The Dark Side of the Frictionless Enterprise The Limitations of Network Segmentation Borderless Enterprises Require Borderless Security Crypto-Segmentation: Security in a Post-Trust World Certes Networks CryptoFlows Crypto-Segmentation with CryptoFlows

Intelligence Quarterly Journal of Advanced Analytics 1Q Sept.- Nov. 2015

by SASAug 18, 2015

Safety in the Digital Era: Approaching Fraud and Security With Big Data Analytics

This issue of Intelligence Quarterly, published by SAS, examines the different ways big data analytics is used to improve safety and security. They include preventing cyberattacks by identifying bad players and malicious behaviors; combating financial crime by examining past patterns of fraud, predicting fraudulent activity and linking conspirators; thwarting terror threats by tracking the data

Closing the OODA Loop: Using Big Data and Analytics to Improve Decision Making

by SASAug 18, 2015

Insights From a Military Operations Research Society Industry Showcase

This paper, based on a presentation at a Military Operations Research Society Industry Showcase by Bryan Harris, Director of Research and Development for Cyberanalytics at SAS, explains how the use of OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loops puts big data and analytics into a framework that can help organizations make critical decisions to improve competitive advantage or outsmart an opponent. The OODA loop,

Cyberrisk: A Review of the Key Threats and Responses Ahead

by SASAug 18, 2015

Based on a survey of 250 banking executives and in-depth expert interviews conducted by Longitude Research, this report looks at cybersecurity challenges and opportunities specifically as they relate to banks. It provides an overview of the scope of the cyberrisks faced today, then delves into particular challenges, responses and ways forward. The report includes a case study of a recent global ATM heist that illustrates the range and complexity of coordination capabilities that hackers are

SAS Cybersecurity: Understand network patterns to find threats fast

by SASAug 18, 2015

This solution brief describes how SAS® Cybersecurity helps organizations detect threats and preserve their bottom line and reputation. The solution uses high-performance analytics to swiftly detect network and system anomalies and prioritize investigations so the most critical events can be acted upon first. Built on an integrated platform, the solution uses and complements existing infrastructure. With nearly 40 years of using behavioral analytics to solve complex business problems, SAS is

Combating Advanced Cyber Attacks with Adversary and Threat Intelligence

by SymantecAug 11, 2015

The threat environment has become increasingly hostile to enterprises. The volume of attacks has grown dramatically, along with the sophistication of attackers. At the same time the potentially enormous consequences of a single successful targeted attack have become evident.

Leading industry analysts are suggesting enterprises leverage adversary and threat intelligence in order to more effectively identify, prioritize and protect against key threats to their unique environment. In this

BrutPOS Malware Campaign Intelligence Report

by SymantecAug 11, 2015

While researching point-of-sale (POS) malware campaigns directed at a POS system vendor, Symantec discovered multiple BrutPOS malware campaigns. In Symantec's intelligence report, learn who malware targets are, how BrutPOS works, and the outlook on malware campaigns targeting POS vendors.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics: On the Cybersecurity Front Line

by SASAug 10, 2015

In this white paper, IDC discusses the shifts happening in cybersecurity through the introduction of big data and analytics. IDC interviewed information security executives, practitioners and industry experts across three industries - the US federal government, financial services and energy - to better understand the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape and the mitigating role that these emerging technologies play. IDC's research uncovered that cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly and



Bit9 + Carbon Black provides the most complete solution against advanced threats that target organizations' endpoints and servers, making it easier to see--and immediately stop--those threats. The company enables organizations to arm their endpoints by combining continuous, real-time visibility into what's happening on every computer; real-time signature-less threat detection; incident response that combines a recorded history with live remediation; and prevention that is proactive and customizable.


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