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Real-Time, Unified Endpoint Protection: A New Era in Incident Response

by SentinelOneJan 28, 2016

Organizations of all types and sizes face the growing threat of advanced malware, exploits and other cyber attacks targeting sensitive information. Even when a threat is identified, the organization remains vulnerable until it can fully mitigate the threat. Given the use of disparate prevention and response tools and their lack of integration with endpoint protection solutions, mitigating cybersecurity incidents is a manual, time-consuming process that often doesn't fully eliminate the threat.

The Rise of Ransomware and How to Protect Against It

by SentinelOneJan 28, 2016

Hackers are turning over big profits by holding data hostage in return for a ransom payment. Ransomware is the fastest-growing type of malware, targeting anyone from mom-and-pop shops to large government entities. Once files are encrypted, hackers are asking victims for payments ranging from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars to recover their data. This white paper explores the different types of ransomware--as well as what to do if you're infected--and how to protect against it in the future.

Preparing for a Data Breach: A Practical Before-and-after Guide

by NuixJan 28, 2016

Data breaches are an unavoidable part of doing business today. Every company with anything worth stealing is a target. It's time to prepare for the inevitable breach and your organization's response. How well or badly your organization ends up after a data breach will come down to how prepared you were with actionable, well-documented strategies and procedures.

This ebook provides a series of helpful articles about the most essential aspects of preparing for a data breach and

Defending Data Report

by NuixJan 28, 2016

Information security has evolved from an obscure topic of conversation among techies to a center-stage concern in the C-suite. Its influence is growing in every aspect of business. Budgets reflect greater weight on security; staffing and training show new distinctions; battling potential breaches is now a collaborative effort; and the cloud continues to create conversation.

Nuix engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to conduct in-depth interviews of 28 corporate security officials and two

Fighting the Common Enemy: Addressing the Real-world Risks of Cybersecurity

by NuixJan 28, 2016

Cybersecurity is usually discussed as a threat to our personal or organizational finances. However, cybercrime can hurt us physically as well as financially and there is relatively little discussion on the risks of cyberattacks on physical infrastructure or the growing role of cybercrime in the operation and funding of terrorist groups--and the dangers are real and growing.

Whatever threats they are trying to defend against, three broad groups of individuals and organizations are

Changing the CFO Mindset on Cybersecurity

by United LexJan 26, 2016

Despite increasing cybersecurity involvement, too many CFOs still lack the cyber-savvy necessary to get ahead of threats. Read this paper to learn why.

Data Theft Prevention: The Key to Security, Growth & Innovation

by ForcepointJan 26, 2016

The specter and cost of the recent high-profile data theft cases has had a chilling effect-and it's just the beginning of a long-term trend. The lure of easy and substantial financial gain, as well as the explosion in the number of threat actors, all but guarantees that this costly trend will continue. Potentially more damaging is loss to company brand and reputation after data is stolen. Don't allow fear to stifle growth and innovation. Fixating on the latest "cool technology" or getting

2016 Security Predictions

by ForcepointJan 26, 2016

Thought leaders within the IT community are beginning to view cybersecurity not just as part and parcel of the everyday cost of doing business, but as an enabler, a direct driver of business continuity and bottom-line growth. This shift in perception has begun to have a dramatic impact on the position and role of security within organizations from a view of "security means you can't" to "security means you can." But great advances invite great risk. Are you prepared for what's next? Our

2015 Threat Report

by ForcepointJan 25, 2016

In this age of rapidly expanding data, highly-skilled threat actors and technological advancements present great opportunity and great risks. Your data, a key asset that differentiates your organization, is under constant attack. It's impractical to completely "lock it down" and yet its open use threatens your organization's very existence. The "Threat Report" by Forcepoint Security Labs provides advice, actionable intelligence and guidance in dealing with existing and emerging threats, taking

The Build vs. Buy Decision: Exploring a Third Alternative

by Impetus TechnologiesJan 11, 2016

As enterprises realize the power of real-time information, streaming analytics platforms are fast becoming a must-have technology for enterprises. This white paper explores the classic IT conundrum of build vs. buy, specifically in terms of acquiring a real-time streaming analytics platform.

Highlights: Pros and cons of doing-it-yourself against the option of buying a pre-built solution Four categories of buying options The Third Alternative: "The Best of Both Worlds" Download



Headquarters: Austin, TX

Forcepoint safeguards users, data and networks against the most determined adversaries, from accidental or malicious insider threats to outside attackers, across the entire threat lifecycle. Forcepoint protects data everywhere-in the cloud, on the road, in the office-simplifying compliance and enabling better decision-making and more efficient remediation. Forcepoint empowers organizations to concentrate on what's most important to them while automating routine security tasks. More than 22,000 organizations around the world rely on Forcepoint. Based in Austin, Texas, with worldwide sales, service, security laboratories and product development, Forcepoint is a joint venture of the Raytheon Company and Vista Equity Partners.

Impetus Technologies

Impetus is a product development, software services and solutions company. Founded in 1991, Impetus is headquartered in Los Gatos, USA with development centers in NOIDA, Indore, Gurgaon, and Bengaluru, India. With more than 1600 employees globally, Impetus is focused on creating new ways of analyzing data for businesses--helping them gain key business insights across the enterprise. We bring together a unique mix of Data Science capabilities and technology expertise across the Big Data ecosystem including Hadoop, NoSQL, NewSQL, MPP databases, machine learning, and innovative visualization.


Nuix protects, informs, and empowers society in the knowledge age. Leading organizations around the world turn to Nuix when they need fast, accurate answers for investigation, cybersecurity incident response, insider threats, litigation, regulation, privacy, risk management, and other essential challenges.


SentinelOne is a startup formed by an elite team of cyber security engineers and defense experts that joined forces to reinvent endpoint protection. With decades of collective experience, SentinelOne founders honed their expertise while working for Intel, McAfee, Checkpoint, IBM, and elite units in the Israel Defense Forces. They came together in 2013 to build a new security architecture that could defeat today's advanced threats and nation state malware.

United Lex

Headquarters: 6130 Sprint Parkway, Suite 300 Overland Park, Kansas 66211

UnitedLex is a global leader in legal and data solutions with a singular mission to improve the performance of leading corporations, law firms and academic institutions. UnitedLex provides unparalleled solutions resulting in risk mitigation, efficiency improvements and cost optimization for its clients in North America, Europe and Asia--including offerings such as Questio, a managed service that changes the traditional approach to eDiscovery and data management. UnitedLex's more than 2,000 attorneys, engineers and consultants focus on the broadly defined areas of litigation, contracting and intellectual property to drive seven and eight figure benefits to its clients. Founded in 2006, and with more than $250 million in assets and committed capital, UnitedLex deploys the right blend of service and technology in supporting the world's leading corporations and law firms. UnitedLex is committed to empowering legal leadership in the design, build and execution of a spectrum of solutions in line with their immediate and long term objectives.