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Protecting Medical Record Data Reasons for the Popularity of Medical Record Theft

by OPSWATAug 08, 2017

After a slew of data breaches in 2014, the FBI warned the healthcare industry that cyber-criminals would be directing more attention their way in 2015. The healthcare industry, valued at $3 trillion, has become an increasingly valuable target for cyber thieves, and in some cases, a much easier target to attack, due to their often less than adequate investment in cyber security. What is it about the healthcare industry that has captured the cyber criminals' interest in the last few years?

From Cost-Center to Profit Center: How Investing in Commercial Operations Drives Growth for Medtech, and 3 Strategies for Getting Started

by ZS AssociatesMay 13, 2016

In a commercial environment that becomes more complex by the day--due to factors such as increasing margin pressures, evolving customer-buying processes and the industry's increasing focus on outcomes--new technology holds promise for medtech companies to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities. However, many firms consistently fail to capture that promise. According to ZS's recent Medical Products and Services Commercial Operations Study, more than 80% of companies find it

MOHELA achieves Compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act in Record Time, resulting in Improved Customer Experience

by Open TextMay 12, 2016

MOHELA, a student loan servicing organization, is required to comply with the electronic and information technology (EIT) standards set forth in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Find out how MOHELA was able to convert one million AFP print streams into Accessible PDFs every month, comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and provide a better customer experience.

What to Do When Many Hands Make Messy Data

by ZS AssociatesMay 09, 2016

Every business needs information to run effectively. Medical device company Alere had limited information when it came to product sales. Mismatched data and manual processes prevented teams from visibility into customer data. Desperate for a change, Alere embraced a new strategy and technology in partnership with ZS. This case study, conducted with Alere Sr. Business Intelligence Director Jason Jarrett, discusses Alere's journey to a single, trusted source of information - and the dramatic

How Pharma Companies Can Prepare for a Post-Hadoop World

by ZS AssociatesMay 09, 2016

The use of big data has proven its worth in many organizations, however many are wondering - what's next? In this article, we walk through progressive big data concepts and business benefits for multiple groups within Pharma companies. Explore the business possibilities of a post-Hadoop world.

IT's Reputation: What the Data Says

by InformationWeekSep 23, 2014

IT Reputation: Give A Little, Get A LotThey say perception is reality. If so, many in-house IT departments have reason to worry. InformationWeek's IT Perception Survey seeks to quantify how IT thinks it's doing versus how the business really views IT's performance in delivering services -- and, more important, powering innovation. Some findings:>> 72% of IT respondents completely agree that IT should work closely with business executives to develop innovative applications; just 54% of

2014 US IT Salary Survey: Healthcare

by InformationWeekApr 30, 2014

Among the 1,094 healthcare IT pros responding to our InformationWeek 2014 US IT Salary Survey, 64% of staff and 65% of management say they are satisfied or very satisfied with all aspects of their jobs, including compensation and benefits. Other data points:>> 67% of management received or expect to receive a bonus in 2014; 57% of staff say the same.>> 49% of staff and 53% of managers believe a career path in IT and the potential for salary advancement are as promising today as they

Research: 2014 Healthcare IT Priorities

by InformationWeekMay 12, 2014

Government mandates and programs are top of mind for the 322 IT pros in our 2014 Healthcare IT Priorities Survey. Meeting Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria, implementing ICD-10, and working to qualify as an accountable care organization doesn't leave much time for IT organizations to help healthcare providers optimize the new technology put in place in the last few years. Other data points:
>> 30% say their organizations have no plans to use cloud computing.
>> 37% say

InformationWeek Elite 100

by InformationWeekMar 27, 2014

The Elite 100: How They Gain Digital AdvantageThe InformationWeek Elite 100 Executive Survey offers a unique glimpse into the strategy of 100 large, leading-edge IT organizations. This year's survey provides some deeper insights into exactly how and how much companies are embracing the big-picture tech trends of the day -- mobile, analytics, and cloud.For example, two-thirds of companies report widespread use of mobile apps for customers. But less than half have widespread use of mobile for

Big Love for Big Data? The Remedy for Healthcare Quality Improvements

by InformationWeekDec 19, 2013

Healthcare data is nothing new, but yet, why do healthcare improvements from quantifiable data seem almost rare today? Healthcare administrators have a wealth of data accessible to them but aren't sure how much of that data is usable or even correct. With budget cuts and stretched staff, it's a dicey proposition to ask a physician to take time to collect procedural data when she could be providing patient care. What's a healthcare provider to do?The tantalizing promise of big data is that for



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