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3 Inflection Points for Rapid Innovation

by Alcatel-LucentAug 24, 2015

Enterprises often overestimate the resources, time, effort, cost, and risk involved in evolving their IT infrastructures and networks. Learn how to leverage self-integrating, open source technologies that will free you from under the strain of high costs while enabling greater automation and agility. Read this whitepaper to see how to get free from high costs while gaining agility and automation.

Data Center Interconnect Trends and Requirements

by Alcatel-LucentAug 24, 2015

The preferred solution for bandwidth and latency concerns in the enterprise data center interconnect (DC) market has been to deploy WDM optical equipment to meet bandwidth and latency requirements. As the DC is being redefined, other solutions are now becoming available. Read this whitepaper to learn about the new approaches that will meet current and future DCI needs.

Enhancing Application Delivery & Load Balancing on Amazon Web Services with Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager

by BrocadeAug 19, 2015

Your business demands more than the basic load balancing solution offered by Amazon Web Services. Boost application performance by adding a sophisticated Brocade vDAC to seamlessly integrate with any application deployed on AWS-improve user experience, scalability, and control.

The Total Cost of Ownership of Secure and Scalable Networking Infrastructures for the Enterprise

by BrocadeAug 19, 2015

The New IP is enabling open, agile networks that unlock new possibilities for your organization. And you can make it happen on your own terms. This white paper explains how the Brocade Virtualized Application Delivery Controller provides a strategic way to reduce TCO.

Resilience in the Era of Enterprise Cloud Computing

by IBMOct 10, 2014

The veritable explosion of cloud-based IT and business solutions combined with rising demand for mobility and social connection has brought with it a world of new resilience and continuity challenges. Today IT is expected to deliver "always-on, always-available" service and assure the continuous accessibility of systems and data for an increasingly demanding user community. Resiliency strategies must address the evolving nature of IT, specifically the impact of three disruptive technologies:

Redefining Networks for Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security

by IBMOct 10, 2014

This paper explores the implications of cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, social business and the evolving IT security landscape on data center and enterprise networks and the changes that organizations will need to make in order to capitalize on these technology forces.

Build Confidence in your Resiliency Program Through Functional Validation

by IBMAug 18, 2015

Every organization must put a plan in place for recoverability after an outage, but testing your enterprise resilience without full business and IT validation is ineffective. Read this whitepaper to learn how to put a plan in place for full functional validation, and get details on the importance of validating resiliency in a live environment; learn why small-scale recovery "simulations" are inadequate and misleading; understand why validating resilience demands involvement from IT and the

2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management

by IBMAug 18, 2015

This research report from the Ponemon Institute analyzes the impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of a data breach. Read this report to learn how involving your BCM team in the up-front planning and remediation of a data breach can help reduce the incidence and costs to your enterprise.

Key technical support considerations for smart IT infrastructures

by IBMAug 18, 2015

This white paper discusses the different support challenges that can confront you when implementing a smarter infrastructure that includes new solutions like cloud initiatives, virtualized environments and other new breeds of computer models.

Gartner Magic Quadrant on Disaster Recovery as a Service

by IBMAug 18, 2015

Among providers of disaster recovery as a service there is wide variance in experience and service quality, together with other key differentiating factors. Data center managers should use this Magic Quadrant to help them evaluate providers of DRaaS services.



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