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New Guide! Internet Performance for Dummies

by DynOct 06, 2015

We get it, all this talk about Internet infrastructure, cloud infrastructure optimization and Internet Performance can be overwhelming. To help untangle the web of confusion, we partnered with the pioneers of making the confusing simple, Wiley, to create the Internet Performance for Dummies guide. Here is a peek under the cover: - Implementing an Internet Performance approach for availability, speed, revenue and more - The customer experience and why the performance of your

Three Reasons To Augment APM/NPM Tools With Internet Performance Management Solutions

by DynOct 06, 2015

Application performance management (APM) and network performance management (NPM) solutions can help you identify performance problems associated with Internet connections, but they do not provide visibility into critical Internet performance metrics so you can take corrective actions. New cloud based Internet performance management (IPM) services provide valuable insights into the dynamics of the Internet so you can make better informed network planning and partnering decisions and deliver

Kill Enterprise Complexity: How IT Leaders are Simplifying Business Applications for Users

by CaprizaSep 18, 2015

Complexity kills 10% of profits, so kill enterprise complexity. Enterprises have invested millions into their business applications, but their complex UX impacts speed and productivity. Learn how IT executives at Paramount, Flex, City of LA, and others are simplifying the UX of their business applications and seeing business gains.

Simplifying business applications: Breaking the complexity into powerful minutes of productivity

by CaprizaSep 11, 2015

Enterprises have spent decades investing into powerful, customized enterprise applications, but this has ultimately come at the cost of speed and productivity. Learn how Paramount, Flex, City of LA, and others are simplifying their applications to improve productivity and create a more nimble business.

Kill Complexity: How Enterprise IT Leaders Are Making SAP Truly Run Simple

by CaprizaSep 11, 2015

With 16,000+ workflows and 300,000+ screens, its no surprise that IT leaders are looking to simplify SAP. Learn how IT executives at established enterprises like Paramount, Flex, and Del Monte are simplifying their SAP applications to improve productivity and create a more nimble business.

Ombud - How Agile Insurers are Improving the Bottom Line

by DocuSignSep 09, 2015

This Ombud report examines industry trends and demonstrates how embracing eSignature streamlines key interactions within the insurance ecosystem.

Straight Through Processing

by DocuSignSep 09, 2015

This whitepaper covers straight-through processing and how eSignatues are an ideal and effective way to manage a larger volume of documentation to accelerate transaction cycle times, reduce costs and create a better client experience.

Celent E-Signatures in Life Insurance Report

by DocuSignSep 09, 2015

Celent research has found that insurers are finally utilizing e-signatures across many functions and processes in an effort to lower costs, shorten cycle times, and improve the services they provide to both business partners and consumers.

Top 10 Reasons Insurance Companies Choose DocuSign

by DocuSignSep 09, 2015

Read the report and discover the top 10 reasons why firms choose DocuSign for their esignature solution.

Insurance Use Cases: Accelerate your Digital Enterprise Transformation

by DocuSignSep 09, 2015

Download this quick read to learn how DocuSign customers prioritize use cases to see the highest return on investment and adoption.



While companies have automated processes leading up to and following the actual signature, many still needlessly rely on pen and paper to transact business. This slows business, delays results, and creates a negative customer experience. It shouldnt be this way. It doesn't have to be this way. DocuSigns Digital Transaction Management platform helps companies keep processes 100% digital from start to finish to accelerate transactions, reduce costs, and delight customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. DocuSigns corporate responsibility program, DocuSign Impact, reflects our character in action. Through DocuSign Impact, we are committed to harnessing the power of our time, our products and our foundation to make a difference in the global communities in which our employees and customers live and work.

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