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CrowdStrike Global Threat Intelligence Report

by CrowdStrikeFeb 04, 2016

The 2015 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report highlights that today's threats, more than ever before, are driven by geopolitical and economic events around the world. In this complex threat environment, it takes people, processes, technology AND intelligence. Intelligence is no longer a "nice-to-have"-it is a mandatory element of stopping breaches. Read this new Global Threat Report to learn about the top threat actors, attack vectors, and threat intelligence trends to help you defend your

Reducing the Cost of Incident Response

by Carbon BlackJan 27, 2016

Learn how to reduce the cost and complexity of traditional incident response by replacing reactive "after-the-fact" manual data acquisition with proactive continuous monitoring and recording of all activity on endpoints and servers. This allows responders to dramatically reduce the cost of incident response while also decreasing the dwell time of targeted threats with instant attack intervention and remediation of advanced threats.

Advanced Threat Hunting with Carbon Black

by Carbon BlackJan 27, 2016

Learn how to prioritize endpoint data collection, leverage threat intelligence and expand detection beyond the moment of compromise. Hunting for threats and malware within your environment can be a laborious task - Download this white paper and learn how Carbon Black can help with your endpoint security strategy.

Top 5 Mobile Security Questions Answered

by Lookout Mobile SecurityJan 28, 2016

The top five questions your security and IT peers have about mobile security, answered. Get details on top threats, critical gaps, and why enterprises need visibility into mobile today.

How BYOD is Changing Mobile Security Investments

by Lookout Mobile SecurityJan 28, 2016

This white paper lays out the landscape on potential threats, how the mobile ecosystem is changing, and what security investment looks like from here out.

5 Evergreen Insights: Mobile Security in a BYOD World

by Lookout Mobile SecurityJan 28, 2016

BYOD has made mobile security a much bigger challenge for enterprises. See what Forrester Consulting's national survey revealed.

Measuring Mobile Security Risk on Financial Sector Devices

by Lookout Mobile SecurityJan 28, 2016

Get exclusive analysis of iOS and Android threats and risks encountered by financial services employees and institutions, including trojans, surveillanceware, and root enablers.

The Rise of Ransomware and How to Protect Against It

by SentinelOneJan 28, 2016

Hackers are turning over big profits by holding data hostage in return for a ransom payment. Ransomware is the fastest-growing type of malware, targeting anyone from mom-and-pop shops to large government entities. Once files are encrypted, hackers are asking victims for payments ranging from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars to recover their data. This white paper explores the different types of ransomware--as well as what to do if you're infected--and how to protect against it in the future.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection Buyer's Guide

by SentinelOneJan 28, 2016

Endpoint security is not new, but what exactly is so different about next generation endpoint protection? Do you need next generation endpoint protection in addition to antivirus, advanced threat response, endpoint detection and response? This Next Generation Endpoint Protection Buyer's Guide addresses these questions as well the 6 things you need to know to make the right decision. It also includes evaluation questions to ask next-gen endpoint protection vendors to make sure the products you

Replacing Antivirus, and Doing it Right: A CISO Perspective

by SentinelOneFeb 01, 2016

As cyber threats grow in diversity and sophistication, AV-based protection offers less and less effective protection for organizations, creating a pressing need to replace existing signature-based endpoint protection software with a more advanced solution. Download this paper to get a seasoned CISO's perspective on the limitations of AV-based protection, and learn some best practices on how to plan and execute an organization-wide AV replacement project.


Carbon Black

Carbon Black leads a new era of endpoint security by enabling organizations to disrupt advanced attacks, deploy the best prevention strategies for their business, and leverage the expertise of 10,000 professionals to shift the balance of power back to security teams. Only Carbon Black continuously records and centrally retains all endpoint activity, making it easy to track an attacker's every action, instantly scope every incident, unravel entire attacks and determine root causes. Carbon Black also offers a range of prevention options so organizations can match their endpoint defense to their business needs. Carbon Black has been named #1 in endpoint protection, incident response, and market share. Forward-thinking companies choose Carbon Black to arm their endpoints, enabling security teams to: Disrupt. Defend. Unite.


CrowdStrike™ is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and pre- and post incident response services. CrowdStrike Falcon is the first true Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform for next-generation endpoint protection that detects, prevents, and responds to attacks, at any stage - even malware-free intrusions. Falcon's patented lightweight endpoint sensor can be deployed to over 100,000 endpoints in hours providing visibility into billions of events in real-time.

CrowdStrike operates on a highly scalable subscription-based business model that allows customers the flexibility to use CrowdStrike-as-a-Service to multiply their security team's effectiveness and expertise with 24/7 endpoint visibility, monitoring, and response.


SentinelOne is a startup formed by an elite team of cyber security engineers and defense experts that joined forces to reinvent endpoint protection. With decades of collective experience, SentinelOne founders honed their expertise while working for Intel, McAfee, Checkpoint, IBM, and elite units in the Israel Defense Forces. They came together in 2013 to build a new security architecture that could defeat today's advanced threats and nation state malware.