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3 Steps to Securing Enterprise Data on Cloud Platforms

by ReliaQuest LLCAug 14, 2018

Improve security and monitoring of AWS, Azure & Google Cloud.

The Log Parsing Challenge

by ReliaQuest LLCAug 14, 2018

Learn how to drive consistent security and unexpected value with log parsing

Overly Managed Security

by ReliaQuest LLCAug 14, 2018

In today's world of cybersecurity threats, the biggest challenge of all may be rethinking our approach.

Application Logging Challenges

by ReliaQuest LLCAug 14, 2018

Best practices for logging hosted /3rd party apps to get full visibility into security environments.

5 Approaches to Consistently Evolving Security

by ReliaQuest LLCAug 14, 2018

Best practices to drive security consistency in an inconsistent world.

10 Emerging Threats Every Enterprise Should Know About

by Dark ReadingAug 13, 2018

This Dark Reading's August Tech Digest explores ten emerging security threats to enterprise data.

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Security Analytics For Dummies

by SecuronixAug 08, 2018

Automation technology driven by security analytics and artificial intelligence has started to take over basic security tasks. This book explores the basics of security analytics and the need for action around advanced cyber threats.

2018 Cloud Security Report

by SecuronixAug 08, 2018

As companies move to the cloud, cybersecurity professionals are increasingly concerned. In this report learn more about the latest cloud cybersecurity trends and discover the most effective techniques to make your cloud secure and resilient.

2018 GDPR Compliance Report

by SecuronixAug 08, 2018

GDPR is the most sweeping change in data privacy regulation in decades. Explore the latest GDPR compliance trends, and learn from the struggles and best practices of other companies.

Next Gen SIEM – 7 Requirements to Look For

by SecuronixAug 08, 2018

Legacy SIEM struggles with alert flood and false positives; problems solved by next generation SIEM solutions with automated machine learning and behavior analytics. Learn what other features you need in a next generation SIEM solution.


Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a security dashboard for IT professionals who don't have the time or the luxury of combing wirefeeds, multiple bug feeds, or vendor Websites to find out what's new or how well it works. Here, readers will get the latest on the security industry from our crack reporting team, hear directly from trusted voices and links to the best security content across the Web.

ReliaQuest LLC

SECURITY IS ALL WE DO. From our earliest days, we've been laser-focused on delivering operational excellence in cybersecurity. No managed services engagements. No consulting models. No value-added products or services. Just a commitment to help Make Security Possible for enterprise leaders looking to unlock the true potential in their data.


Securonix is redefining the next generation of cyber-threat detection using the power of machine learning and big data. Our purpose-built security analytics solution uses machine learning to track and create baselines of user, account, and system behavior and detects the most advanced insider threats, cyber threats, and fraud activities in real time. Securonix extends threat detection with threat-hunting and automated incident response. SOC analysts can hunt across data sources, and respond with pre-built, automated playbooks. Globally, customers use Securonix to address their insider threat, cyber threat, cloud security, fraud, and application security monitoring requirements.

Securonix security analytics delivers real-time threat analysis and detection, log search, threat hunting and attack investigation via Spotter, and comprehensive case/workflow management for end-to-end security management. The solution also provides out-of-the-box integrations with existing security products. Securonix Data Lake, Next-Gen SIEM and UEBA products are offered as on-premise enterprise software or delivered via the cloud.

Securonix is architected on a Hadoop big data infrastructure stack that optimizes data ingestion, context enrichment, real-time processing, and storage across separate components enabling efficient mass-scaling for large enterprises. This architecture is coupled with a new UI that realizes massive improvements in large deployments, and allows you to ingest and analyze large amounts of machine data in real-time. Securonix's Hadoop stack allows for a Google-like search at massive scale. With Hadoop clustering, SOC analysts can perform data analysis at internet-scale instantaneously, and also leverage log-searching for over 600 different commercial security, network, and application products.

Securonix is privately funded by Volition Capital. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.