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Demystifying the Dark Web

by Terbium LabsAug 26, 2016

In this white paper, learn the truth about what the dark web is-and isn't. The dark web is probably one of the most commonly occurring, least well defined terms in information security. The dark web is actually smaller than most of the mythology would have one believe. Another common myth is that the dark web is entirely used for criminal activities. While criminal activities do abound on the dark web, anonymizing overlay networks such as Tor also play an important role in protecting free speech

Security Education: Breaking Down the Obstacles

by Wombat Security TechnologiesAug 26, 2016

Discover the common obstacles IT managers and CSOs face when building a measurable security awareness plan, as well as a step-by-step plan for gaining approval of security programs within an organization.

Global Manufacturing Company Reduces Malware Infections

by Wombat Security TechnologiesAug 26, 2016

Learn how Wombat's Security Education Platform reduced malware infections by 46% and lowered remediation costs for a global manufacturing company.

A Security Officer Debate: Are Simulated Phishing Attacks an Effective Approach?

by Wombat Security TechnologiesAug 26, 2016

Read frontline observations of leading CSOs and security leaders from major vertical sectors on how they maximize the strengths and avoid the pitfalls of simulated phishing attacks.

Proactively Manage Threats in the Defense Industry

by Terbium LabsAug 26, 2016

How do companies in the defense industry better manage risk in a dynamic business environment and keep high-value data safe? Download the case study, "Proactively Challenge Cyber Threats in the Defense Industry," to learn how to track the appearance of critical sensitive data on the dark web. In this case study, protection of trade secrets and sensitive documents provided key data visualization to identify a subcontractor who leaked sensitive documents on the dark web.

Proactively Manage Threats in the Financial Industry

by Terbium LabsAug 26, 2016

How do companies in the financial industry better manage risk in a dynamic business environment and keep high-value data safe? Download the case study, "Proactively Challenge Cyber Threats in the Financial Industry," to learn how monitoring the appearance and price trends of specific Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) on the dark web helped this regional bank proactively manage data breaches.

Proactively Manage Threats in the Healthcare Industry

by Terbium LabsAug 26, 2016

How do companies in the healthcare industry better manage risk in a dynamic business environment and keep high-value data safe? Download the case study, "Proactively Challenge Cyber Threats in the Healthcare Industry." to learn how a healthcare organization utilized secure fingerprinting of patient PHI to ensure the greatest possible protection, and how their proactive monitoring provided immediate notification after a leak of their patient's sensitive health information on the dark web.

Weathering an Insecure World

by Terbium LabsAug 26, 2016

Information security is in the midst of a major shift. What had been a purely technical, defensive, IT problem is now a whole-organization risk management problem. As the industry undergoes this wholesale shift in mindset, enterprises are struggling to catch up. Gone are the days of installing a few defensive products to feel relatively secure in its perimeter and would be understood by its investors, partners, and customers to have taken adequate precautions. The sophistication of threats and

Cloud Security Software-as-a-Service Solution Primer

by OptivAug 25, 2016

There is absolutely no doubt that enterprises are adopting cloud applications using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. In fact, recent reports from two leading cloud access security broker (CASB) vendors, Netskope and Skyhigh Networks, both show an astounding average number of applications in use in the enterprise. According to the Netskope February 2016 Worldwide Cloud Report, the average enterprise now has about 917 total cloud applications in use. Skyhigh Networks reports an even higher

Cyber Threat Intelligence

by OptivAug 25, 2016

Optiv research has identified a key challenge to the impact of cyber threat intelligence: the heavily diluted term "threat intelligence" attaches to a diverse array of products, services and capabilities and is not easily adopted across the various enterprise security use cases. Our experience shows that to solve this challenge, we must understand that intelligence is the connective tissue between knowing your enemy and a security strategy that enables decision advantage to significantly reduce



Headquarters: Denver, CO

Optiv's vision is to become the most advanced, most comprehensive and most trusted partner for cyber security solutions. We provide a full suite of information security services and solutions that help define cyber security strategy, identify and remediate threats and risks, select and deploy the right technology, and achieve operational readiness to protect from malicious attack.

We serve as a client advocate, holistically addressing information security needs ranging from the program level all the way down to the project level. We help businesses, governments and educational institutions plan, build and run successful information security programs, solve focused security problems, and execute specific IT security projects.

Terbium Labs

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

At Terbium Labs, we provide proactive solutions beginning with the assumption that your critical data is always at risk. That's why we focus on data intelligence, building systems to find your sensitive information wherever it may appear on the internet. We are an elite group of information security professionals with expertise in everything from cryptography to large-scale information systems. We protect organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary, or political gain. By offering continuous, proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid breach detection, we enable companies to better manage risk and keep high-value data safe.

Wombat Security Technologies

Our customers have experienced up to a 90% reduction in successful external phishing attacks and malware infections using this four-step approach to security awareness and training: