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Whaling: Anatomy of an Email Attack

by mimecastMay 17, 2017

Email impersonation attacks are a growing concern for organizations of any size. These scams have led to more than $2.3 billion in losses over the last three years.

Download this E-book to learn the facts about these damaging and costly threats and how you can stop them.

Mimecast Catches Threats That Other Email Security Systems Miss

by mimecastMay 18, 2017

Not all email security systems perform the same. Lots of false negatives get let through. That's what Mimecast found in its new email security risk assessment (ESRA), an inspection of incumbent email security systems to uncover the number, type and severity of threats getting into organizations. Download our report of ESRA tests to see the threats that Mimecast catches and other email security systems miss.

DDoS Newest Minions

by F5May 16, 2017

The latest evolution of cyber weaponry is brought to you by the default passwords in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. That includes just about every conceivable modern electronic device--from home thermostats, lighting systems, refrigerators, cars, and water meters, to personal fitness devices, toasters, bicycle helmets, toys, and even shoes and clothing.

In this report, we look at the growth of IoT devices as DDoS attack tools, who is on the hunt for these devices, how they're using

Hunt for IoT

by F5May 16, 2017

How in the world do Death Star-sized botnets come about? Attackers don't possess such immense power on their own; they must commandeer it. That means they're perpetually on the hunt for vulnerable IoT devices that they can compromise. This report uncovers who exactly is involved in the IoT hunt and what concerned enterprises can do to deal with the threat.

TLS Telemetry Report: Tracking Global Internet Encryption Trends

by F5May 16, 2017

In just four short years, a healthy dose of paranoia about individual privacy as well as emerging support for encryption by browsers, social media sites, webmail, and SaaS applications have pushed encryption estimates from almost non-existent (in the low single digits before 2013) to just over 50% by the end of 2016. That's quite a victory for data privacy, but just how much of a victory?

How Threat Intelligence Can Be the Game Changer for Your Security Program

by F5May 16, 2017

Cyber security has evolved in ways we never could have imagined. We have more specialized and powerful tools and services today than ever before, security budgets are slowly inching upward, and there are even glimmers of support from management. Yet, with the pace of technological change, the growing "professionalization" of cyber crime, and ever growing compliance requirements, it's understandable why we often feel like we're fighting a losing battle. The good news is, it isn't a losing battle.

Demystifying the Threat Landscape

by F5May 16, 2017

In a time of changing and ever-present cyber attacks, it's crucial for every business to know where their risks lie. If you're an IT security professional, you need to understand your potential cyber enemy and the current threat landscape so you can anticipate risk, determine your likelihood of being hacked, and the resulting impact when (not if) if happens. The mission of F5 Labs is to transform global threat data into actionable intelligence, guiding you through the who, what, when, why, how

Solution Snapshot Report: BMC SecOps Solutions

by BMC SoftwareMay 16, 2017

When security and operations teams collaborate, business is more effectively protected. Learn how you can provide cross-functional visibility, real-time system information, and automation to help reduce risk. Learn about:

- How organizations are being proactive with their security strategy
- Questions every security and operations leader must be able to answer
- Best practices, technology, and solutions for security and compliance

How to Effectively Close the SecOps Gap

by BMC SoftwareMay 16, 2017

Competing priorities and lack of integration between security and operations teams creates gaps in the security posture that leave businesses susceptible to increased risk and cyber attacks-- commonly known as the SecOps gap. Businesses must align the priorities of the security and operations teams to reduce risk and scale operations -- enabling them to work more effectively together.

Download this whitepaper and learn how:

- Agile execution can be used to meet business

Gartner Predicts 2017: Threat and Vulnerability Management

by BMC SoftwareMay 16, 2017

Find out what Gartner sees coming on the front lines of cybersecurity in 2017

Gartner analysts have good news for enterprise security managers: there are better ways available to manage threats and vulnerabilities. Learn about new approaches that can protect your business more effectively in 2017, including:

- Adopting a threat-centric approach based on leveraging threat intelligence to direct and prioritize patching and vulnerability management

- Committing to implementing


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