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5 Myths Holding Your Security Program Back

by Digital GuardianJun 30, 2015

Security industry legend Dan Geer argues there are five misconceptions common to many data protection programs that are hurting your overall program's effectiveness.

What's Inside Dan Geer debunks five common myths preventing effective data security. Tips on how security teams can redirect their resources to focus on proactive data protection. How to simplify your security strategy by focusing on keeping sensitive data safe.

Data Protection Security Audit Checklist

by Digital GuardianJun 30, 2015

This checklist is based on Digital Guardian's experience with a range of customers who've been required to meet stringent client data protection security audits.

What's Inside The 12 most common questions in a client data protection audit What the client is really looking for with each question Guidance on your "audit readiness"

How to be Ready for a Client Data Security Audit

by Digital GuardianJun 30, 2015

Learn how a Managed Security Program can help you quickly and cost efficiently demonstrate to your corporate clients that you can secure their sensitive data--without requiring additional IT resources.

What's Inside What is a Managed Security Program? How Digital Guardian can help you meet the 12 common questions in a client data security audit The 5 ways our Managed Security Program is different

The Quick Guide to Managed Security Services for Midsize Businesses

by Digital GuardianJun 30, 2015

According to PwC's Global State of Information Security Survey 2015, midsize business are now a primary target for cybercriminals. Read this e-book to learn why it matters for your company.

What's Inside Three reasons why midsize businesses should care about data protection What should a midsize company with stretched it do? Five things to look for in a data protection managed security program

LightCyber Magna Financial Benefits: Comparison vs. Legacy SIEM and Analytics Platforms

by LightCyberJul 01, 2015

Are relevant and critical alerts getting buried under hundreds of false alerts? In the highly publicized Target example, two relevant alerts were fired but missed among the hundreds of other alerts received that same day. This new white paper shows how Active Breach Detection solutions like LightCyber Magna produce alerts only upon confirmed attack behavior, not low accuracy "indicators of compromise" or "technical artifacts". It demonstrates how LightCyber provides highly cost-effective and

Flip the Odds: Using Active Breach Detection Against Advanced Attackers

by LightCyberJul 01, 2015

Advanced attacks like breaches against Target, Home Depot, and Sony have proven today's attackers have the odds stacked in their favor. Attackers can launch unlimited intrusion attempts, consequence-free, until they find a successful technique to circumvent a target company's prevention systems. This paper shows by using a new class of tools called Active Breach Detection, which automatically profiling typical user and device behavior, you can detect anomalous attack behavior that deviates from

The New Defense Against Targeted Attacks: Introducing Active Breach Detection

by LightCyberJul 01, 2015

Organizations are spending millions on securing their network with a multitude of security solutions such as firewalls, anti-viruses and intrusion detection systems to name just a few. This paper explains why traditional solutions are still failing at detecting all attacks and breaches and what can be done to close this detection gap. It reviews the attack phases, and posits that the majority of security investments are devoted at prevention, which can't be 100% effective. Beating the hacker

Multivariate Attack Detection: Core Engine for the Detection of Advanced Attackers

by LightCyberJul 01, 2015

The detection of advanced attackers within live production networks poses a significant challenge. Many legacy security vendors are attempting to shift their focus to this broadly-recognized problem, but most are ill-suited to the task. This white paper shows how Multivariate Attack Detection utilizes the broadest set of inputs across network and endpoint, builds profiles of users and devices, and then detects active attackers based on the anomalies their activity by-necessity introduces (not

Bridging the Cybersecurity Governance Gap

by Fidelis CybersecurityJun 30, 2015

Cybersecurity has come to the forefront of risk oversight for board members and C-suite executives, according to results from the survey, Defining the Gap: The Cybersecurity Governance Survey, there are 3 gaps in the knowledge, visibility and trust between those who serve on organizations' as Board of Directors and IT security professionals , this info-graphic will provide a view of the gaps, and guidance on building trust and success between boards and Senior IT Security.

Defining the Gap: The Cybersecurity Governance Study

by Fidelis CybersecurityJun 30, 2015

In its survey, "Defining the Gap: The Cybersecurity Governance Survey," sponsored by Fidelis Cybersecurity, the Ponemon Institute examined the awareness, attitudes and practices of board members and IT security professionals to better understand how the two groups work together to improve cybersecurity. The data revealed gaps in the knowledge, visibility and trust between the two groups. Download the full report now to understand just how wide those gaps truly are.


Digital Guardian

At Digital Guardian, we believe your data is your business. We protect your company's sensitive information like it's our own so you can minimize risk without diminishing returns. For over 10 years we've enabled data-rich organizations to prevent data loss by securing their endpoint devices. Digital Guardian is security's most technologically advanced endpoint agent providing transformative data visibility and control where you're most vulnerable. The only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.

Fidelis Cybersecurity

Fidelis Cybersecurity provides organizations with a robust, comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and expertise to combat today's sophisticated advanced threats and prevent data breaches. Our commercial enterprise and government customers around the globe can face advanced threats with confidence through use of our Network Defense and Forensics Services - delivered by an elite team of security professionals with decades of hands-on experience - and our award-winning Fidelis XPS Advanced Threat Defense Products, which provide visibility and control over the entire threat life cycle.


LightCyber is leading the industry in developing a new category of IT security infrastructure called Active Breach Detection systems, which hunt down the attackers that circumvent your legacy threat prevention systems. Active Breach Detection (ABD) systems dramatically reduce attack dwell time, limiting or eliminating the damage caused by attacks, and increase security operations efficiency with highly accurate, true positive alerts. ABD solutions employ significantly different attack detection methods compared to legacy threat prevention architectures developed for the last 25 years.