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The Human Factor 2015

by ProofpointApr 23, 2015

Most advanced attacks rely as much on exploiting human flaws as on exploiting system flaws. Proofpoint developed this report, The Human Factor, to explore this under-reported aspect of enterprise threats using data gathered from the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection product deployed in customer environments, tracking threats in email attachments, social media posts, and URLs.

This paper uses original field research to provide insight on who is clicking, and what they are clicking

Protecting Your Organization from Insider Threats

by Lockheed MartinSep 01, 2015

When it comes to sensitive data, your employees may be sharing more than you think. Information that falls into the wrong hands - whether unintentional or with malicious intent, can cause significant harm to a company. Implementing and enforcing some proactive measures can dramatically reduce the threat of sensitive data walking out the door.

This white paper discusses: Current risk factors - How sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands What you stand to lose from insider

Application Security Webinar Series

by Rogue Wave SoftwareAug 28, 2015

In this three-part series you will hear from security experts as they address:

• How to ensure your code is bulletproof
• How to ensure your processes are secure
• Questions from your peers on how to best manage your application security.

Five Threat Intelligence Traps to Avoid

by SymantecAug 24, 2015

Recent high-profile data breaches impacting organizations in all industries including retailers, health care organizations and government agencies have shown just how challenging today's cyberthreat landscape has become. Fortunately, threat intelligence, the act of collecting and interpreting threat information from various data sources to identify adversaries and their tools, tactics, and procedures, is available to help enterprises stay ahead of emerging threats. Learn how to use threat and

When to Partner with a Managed Security Services Provider

by Dell SecureWorksAug 24, 2015

The information technology landscape is ever changing, which makes securing and monitoring IT networks more challenging. Today's threat actors are more organized and extremely well-funded. They have the time and the resources to study their targets and plan their attacks. It's no longer a matter of "if" but "when" an attack will occur.

From a security perspective, most large and small organizations struggle to fully understand their cyber vulnerability footprint in relation to their

Which Assessment is Right for Me?

by Dell SecureWorksAug 24, 2015

A Guide to Technical Testing

The best offense is a good defense when it comes to your network's security. Understanding the common cyber security tests and assessments that your organization can perform to evaluate their security posture is the first step in that process. This white paper as an informational guide to help you determine your organizational goals in meeting or exceeding compliance, mitigating risk or heightening security resiliency and details the corresponding

Common Pitfalls and Tips to Meeting PCI DSS Compliance

by Dell SecureWorksAug 24, 2015

Avoid the typical pitfalls complying with PCI DSS.

Maintaining a compliant PCI DSS network environment is an everyday battle. While compliance is assessed and attested to on an annual basis, there are daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly acts that must also be carried out in order to meet specific requirements. With these tasks come common pitfalls, whether technical or procedural that can affect an entities ability to maintain a complaint in-scope network. Based on Dell

Featuring Gartner Research: Increasing Security and Productivity Through Insider Intelligence

by SpectorSoft CorporationAug 21, 2015

You may have a silent threat lurking within your organization, that you're completely unaware of. On average, it takes 32 days to detect an insider threat, and an additional 17 days to respond. By then it may be too late because the significant damage is done and the financial impacts may have already crippled you. The average number of known insider attacks is 3.8 incidents per organization per year.

To Learn more about increasing security and productivity through insider

Next-Generation Endpoint Security For Dummies

by Bit9Aug 19, 2015

Learn how all organizations are targeted in the advanced threat environment. You discover how endpoints (desktops, laptops, servers, fixed-function and point-of-sale devices), can serve as entry points for adversaries seeking to exploit your enterprise. You also find out more about the nature of advanced threats and how they operate within the cyber kill chain to infiltrate and exploit your organization's information assets.

Discover how current endpoint security strategies are

SAS Cybersecurity: Understand network patterns to find threats fast

by SASAug 18, 2015

This solution brief describes how SAS® Cybersecurity helps organizations detect threats and preserve their bottom line and reputation. The solution uses high-performance analytics to swiftly detect network and system anomalies and prioritize investigations so the most critical events can be acted upon first. Built on an integrated platform, the solution uses and complements existing infrastructure. With nearly 40 years of using behavioral analytics to solve complex business problems, SAS is



Bit9 + Carbon Black provides the most complete solution against advanced threats that target organizations' endpoints and servers, making it easier to see--and immediately stop--those threats. The company enables organizations to arm their endpoints by combining continuous, real-time visibility into what's happening on every computer; real-time signature-less threat detection; incident response that combines a recorded history with live remediation; and prevention that is proactive and customizable.

Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks focuses exclusively on security services to protect thousands of customers around the world. Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers worldwide innovative technology and business solutions they trust and value. Recognized as an industry leader by top analysts, Dell SecureWorks provides world-class information security services to help organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce security costs.


Proofpoint Inc. (NASDAQ:PFPT) is a leading security-as-a-service provider that focuses on cloud-based solutions for threat protection, compliance, archiving & governance and secure communications. Organizations around the world depend on Proofpoint's expertise, patented technologies and on-demand delivery system to protect against phishing, malware and spam, safeguard privacy, encrypt sensitive information, and archive and govern messages and critical enterprise information.

Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave Software, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise class C++ components and infrastructure that enable organizations to build and deploy high performance applications. Only Rogue Wave provides the most complete C++ technology stack including C++ components, UI components, run-time infrastructure, and services. Today, thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen Rogue Wave.

SpectorSoft Corporation

SpectorSoft creates solutions that protect businesses by identifying data theft, employee fraud, data breaches, and compliance violations in real-time. By monitoring and alerting on employee activity and system events, SpectorSoft solutions uniquely provide you with detailed, timely, and actionable information to lower risk, ensure compliance and increase security.

Over 36,000 global companies, from the small business to the Fortune 50 leverage SpectorSoft's visibility into digital activity. Please visit www.spectorsoft.com for more information.


Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world.