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SentinelOne Achieves NSS Recommended Rating

by SentinelOneApr 25, 2017

In the first-ever public test of its kind, SentinelOne earns NSS Labs' coveted 'Recommended' rating scoring a 99.79% in effectiveness and achieving the highest ROI out of 15 competing endpoint protection solutions.

Get Your Endpoint Protection Out of the 90's

by SentinelOneApr 25, 2017

Whether you're an executive at a large corporation or the owner of a small business, you know how important it is that the tools and technology that you use remain up to date. Technology is evolving so fast, so why isn't your cybersecurity?

Looking Beyond AV: Solving the Endpoint Protection Problem

by SentinelOneApr 25, 2017

There has been a noticeable decline in the effectiveness of traditional antivirus since 2012, but now it has become a serious problem.

Read this whitepaper to find out why modern malware techniques are simply too advanced for AV and why it's only going to get worse in the future.

Ransomware is Here: What you can do about it

by SentinelOneApr 25, 2017

As of late, ransomware has been getting a lot of press and the attention of the world, and for good reason. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise for the past few years and are not expected to go away any time soon.

We all know that ransomware takes part of your system and doesn't give it back until the attackers have been payed, but what does that mean? How often does paying the ransom, actually pay off?

In this whitepaper, we go into details of what ransomware means, where it

Election Security in an Information Age

by AnomaliApr 24, 2017

Over the last two years, there have been an increasing number of information security attacks on political organizations, government institutions, and political operatives. Learn more about governments interfering with foreign politics in this special report.

How UEBA Reduces the Threat of Insider Data Leakage

by VeriatoApr 24, 2017

While organizations invest significant resources to stop hackers from getting company data, the greatest risk to organizational data security are the so-called insiders.

How UEBA Mitigates IP Theft by Departing Employees

by VeriatoApr 24, 2017

An introduction to the benefits of User and Entity Behavior Analytics in assessing employee behavior.

An Operational Model for Breach Analytics and Intelligence

by AnomaliJun 03, 2016

There are a myriad of methodologies and models for managing threats and threat hunting by threat analysis. Culture wars inside organizations over which model provides the right approach for the security organization and provide business value create friction amongst security team members. We also see an ever growing number of data breaches that indicate the need for a shift to a single unifying methodology and model that incorporates the elements of all to slow the growing number of data

Information Sharing Defeats Data Security Threats

by AnomaliApr 21, 2017

Threat information sharing is now an important part of a cyber security threat awareness program. Those businesses serving the same vertical business market can benefit from the knowledge of all that participate. The US federal government has encouraged the formation of ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers) for specific industries and ISAOs (Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations), which are not associated with particular sectors.

This paper discusses in detail:

Machine-Learning-Based Analysis and Objectivity: An Uneasy Pairing

by BluVectorApr 21, 2017

Laypeople assume machine learning to be smart, impartial and reliable. While it can be true, it isn't a given.

Machine learning has been embraced in cybersecurity and other fields. The benefits of discovering patterns and trends traditionally done by humans is well understood. But with any hyped technology, like machine learning, the pitfalls aren't so well known. Read this research report to look past the hype and learn the hurdles machine learning must overcome in order to live up to



Anomali delivers earlier detection and identification of adversaries in your organizations network by making it possible to correlate tens of millions of threat indicators against your real time network activity logs. Anomali's approach enables detection at every point along the kill chain, making it impossible to mitigate threats before material damage to your organization has occurred.


BluVector helps security teams respond to malicious threats up to 80% faster than current approaches. As a leader in Network Security Monitoring & Analytics, BluVector applies supervised machine learning so security teams can detect and respond to advanced security threats at digital speed.


SentinelOne is a startup formed by an elite team of cyber security engineers and defense experts that joined forces to reinvent endpoint protection. With decades of collective experience, SentinelOne founders honed their expertise while working for Intel, McAfee, Checkpoint, IBM, and elite units in the Israel Defense Forces. They came together in 2013 to build a new security architecture that could defeat today's advanced threats and nation state malware.


Veriato develops intelligent, powerful solutions that provide companies with visibility into, and understanding of, the human behaviors and activities occurring within their firewall, making them more secure and productive. We provide world-class software and support that enables our customers to protect their most valuable assets, reduce their risk, and gain unparalleled visibility into their operations.