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Unlock the Benefits of Predictive Maintenance with Edge Computing

by Intel | DellJan 09, 2017

Predictive maintenance solutions help manufacturers reduce downtime, improve equipment effectiveness, lower maintenance costs, and increase return on assets. This paper looks at how these technologies can provide managers with greater visibility into their production processes, which in turn can help them gain an advantage over the competition.

Leveraging Splunk for Complete And Seamless Network Visibility

by Napatech A/SOct 25, 2016

Splunk is the leading software platform for machine data, enabling customers to gain real-time operational intelligence by collecting data from security, network and server assets throughout the corporate infrastructure. The Napatech Pandion is a cost-effective, highly reliable network recorder that guarantees 100% data capture and retrieval on demand in high-speed networks. The Splunk/Pandion integration data packets are continuously captured and matched to Splunk event to indicate anomalies or

SQL Server 2005 Migration Checklist

by Veeam SoftwareOct 26, 2016

Learnhow to achieve the ideal SQL Server migration timing, splitting 99 percent of time on planning and one percent on execution. What you need to script and document from your current instance, and which settings you should change after your SQL migration

Security for the Internet of Radios - How to Protect the Enterprise from Radio Frequency Threats

by BastilleOct 21, 2016

We all know Wi-Fi uses radio to communicate, but so do the other 99 plus protocols that make up the world of mobile, cellular and the Internet of Things (IoT). All these new radio enabled devices bring with them new invisible threats. Enterprises will need to be able to react to new threats entering their environments through the Internet of Radios. This guide will introduce a new technology that is giving corporations new situational awareness, helping to prevent data ex filtration, and saving

Security for the Internet of Things: What's in your airspace

by BastilleOct 21, 2016

Internet of Things vulnerabilities in the Enterprise - Where are they? What are they? Threats are becoming more complex as criminals look for new ways to use technology in their quest for valuable data. As the number of connected devices grows to more than 50 billion by 2020, the IoT will provide an unprecedented expansion of new threat vectors and Enterprise companies need to be able to respond. This guide will take you through:

- What are IoT vulnerabilities in the enterprise

Item-Level Recovery for Tier-1 business applications with Veeam Backup & Replication

by Veeam SoftwareOct 20, 2016

Read this white paper to learn details on specific application workloads and how you can utilize Veeam to perform item-level recovery.

Data Protection in Hyper-Converged, Converged, and Hybrid Environments

by Veeam SoftwareOct 19, 2016

In this essentials guide, you'll learn about the difference between these environments and things to take into consideration when thinking about data protection in converged, hyper-converged and hybrid environments.

Veeam Availability Suite and SAP on Oracle Deployment Guide

by Veeam SoftwareOct 19, 2016

Get a deep dive into useful backup, recovery and data-protection techniques for SAP with Veeam and native tools, including: a number of custom scripts and commands using SAP BR* tools, techniques for higher levels of Availability during SAP installations.

Workload Automation: Accelerate Digital Services Delivery

by BMC SoftwareMay 11, 2016

This paper discusses the obstacles IT organizations face in developing and managing application batch work and how a workload automation solution can remove these barriers while decreasing the time and costs of delivering digital services. It also presents the requirements that such a solution should meet to be effective.

CIO eBook: Workload Automation is Key to Business Agility

by BMC SoftwareMay 11, 2016

Your ability to develop and execute application tasks quickly and accurately can help your business take advantage of new opportunities. This eBook will help you learn about: The critical role of batch workloads in today's enterprises How to ensure the key services are a top priority for shared resources The benefits realized by companies using workload automation software



Launched in 2014, Bastille is the leader in enterprise threat detection through software-defined radio. Bastille provides full visibility into the known and unknown mobile, wireless and Internet of Things devices inside an enterprise's corporate airspace-together known as the Internet of Radios. Through its patented software-defined radio and machine learning technology, Bastille senses, identifies and localizes threats, providing security teams the ability to accurately quantify risk and mitigate airborne threats that could pose a danger to network infrastructure. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @bastillenet.

BMC Software

Business runs on IT. IT runs on BMC Software. Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster, and stronger. That's why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMC Software across both distributed and mainframe environments. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. For the four fiscal quarters ended September 30, 2008, BMC revenue was approximately $1.83 billion. Visit for more information.

Intel | Dell

Intel's partnerships with IoT leaders such as Dell are bringing transformational change to industries worldwide. With best-of-breed solutions for smart factories, these partners are helping manufacturers unlock operational efficiency, optimize production, and increase worker safety.

Napatech A/S

Napatech is the world leader in data delivery solutions for network management and security applications. As data volume and complexity grow, organizations must monitor, compile and analyze all the information flowing through their networks. Our products use patented technology to capture and process data at high speed and high volume with guaranteed performance, enabling real-time visibility. We deliver data faster, more efficiently and on demand for the most advanced enterprise, cloud and government networks. Now and in the future, we enable our customers' applications to be smarter than the networks they need to manage and protect.