Moneta Corporation

About This Company:

Moneta, a consumer online payment method, enables financial institutions to establish a brand presence and new revenue streams in the e-Commerce marketplace. Moneta partners with financial institutions offering a bank-branded online checkout process in much the same way they brand credit cards. Banks offering Moneta may capture alternative payments revenue historically dominated by PayPal and Bill Me Later. Moneta provides banks a share of transaction fees for each bank-referred user, thus delivering new revenue opportunities from the growing e-Commerce community. Moneta partners with banks, merchants and businesses to deliver online payment services for consumers to pay online merchants directly from their checking, money market accounts or traditional credit cards. Moneta is free to consumers, who may enroll multiple accounts with Moneta without the need to escrow funds into a third party bank account. Moneta is easily implemented with no hardware or software requirements. Visit www.monetacorp.

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