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Zetta, Inc. provides on-demand enterprise data protection and archiving solutions. It delivers immediate and offsite data protection with better data integrity, availability and security than costly on-premise storage products. Zetta provides a native full file system view that is mountable and enables instant recovery and restore. Additionally, data is encrypted at rest and 7 year version history with file hashing supports compliance and legal hold requirements. The enterprise-class architecture includes RAIN-6 N+3, which guarantees availability and integrity even in the event of multiple complete node failure from any cause. Zetta's enterprise customers come from industries such as legal services, education, business services, financial services, media and entertainment, as well as software and technology. Zetta's executives include entrepreneurs and technology visionaries from companies such as Netscape, VeriSign, Symantec, EqualLogic, and Shutterfly. The company is backed by Sigma Partners and Foundation Capital.

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