Compliance, Governance, and Ovesight Council (CGOC)

About This Company:

Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council Building Domain Expertise Since 2004 The CGOC (Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council) is a community of experts in information governance. Its charter is to create a forum in which legal and compliance executives can get the insight, interaction, and information they need to make good business decisions. Established in 2004, it fills the critical practitioners' gap between EDRM and The Sedona Conference. CGOC provides corporate litigation, discovery, and records management leaders and practitioners with educational seminars, benchmarking surveys, group workshops, an annual Summit and retreat, white papers by expert faculty, a professional networking web site, and regional working groups. Founded by PSS Systems, an IBM Company CGOC was founded by Deidre Paknad, President and CEO of PSS Systems, the leading provider of legal holds and retention management software.

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