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Powered by innovative technology, Kontiki pioneered the enterprise video platform and enterprise content delivery network markets, providing superior cloud-based content delivery across the enterprise. The Kontiki Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) enables enterprises to distribute high quality video content to every employee without impacting the network. The technology employs a centrally managed peer- assisted delivery model which moves the network load from the WAN to the LAN. This results in significant improvement over a traditional hardware solution.

Kontiki's video solutions enable consumer-grade video engagement with enterprise-grade control over video delivery for the world's largest companies, including American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Nationwide and Nestle, serving nearly 1.5 million users worldwide. Kontiki offers organizations the unique ability to globally deliver video on demand or live broadcasts to 100 percent of their employees, regardless of location, and to the full range of today's business devices.

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