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Intransa is the leading innovator of simple, green Video Data Management and Retention (VDMR) solutions. Launched as a spin-off from Fortune 500 member and networking pioneer 3Com, Intransa's patented technology is certified with more than 150 physical security, imaging and technology products by the StorAlliance Technology Labs. Intransa is a member of the Security Industry Association, the American Correctional Association, the National Retail Federation, the Green Grid consortium for advancing energy efficiency in computing ecosystems, and the Storage Networking Industry Association and its Green Storage Initiative. Intransa employees are also supporters and members of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International and the ASIS Physical Security Council. Intransa solutions are ideal for use in support of cameras, open NVRs, VMS and PSIM systems, or to upgrade and extend the life of existing CCTV DVRs, improving video retention capacity and quality while eliminating the risk of lost recordings.

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What Is IP SAN? | January 2008

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