Surf Communication Solutions, Ltd.

About This Company:

Surf Communication Solutions provides hardware and software 3G-H.324M compliant products, including DSP boards and voip chips with G.729 codec transcoding, resource boards and development platforms, that drive high-capacity distribution of triple play voip, video and modem & fax applications for developers of media gateway, media server and IMS equipment manufacturers in the telecom infrastructure field. DSP Chips: DSP Solution for Media over Packet Triple Play Telecom based on Texas Instruments' DSP generation. SurfRider Boards: AMC and PMC/PTMC Form Factors Supporting Voice, Video, Fax and Modem Conversion Engines for High-Capacity. Development Tools: Development platform enables convergence of VoIP + Video + Data across Wireline and Wireless networks SurfInsight: An Expert System for Decoding and Analysis of Fax and Modem Communications over PSTN or IP Networks

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