Presidio Networked Solutions

About This Company:

Presidio Networked Solutions is the largest subsidiary of Presidio, Incorporated, which is one of the fastest growing and most skillful Value Added Solutions Providers (VASP) focused on advanced technologies for enterprise, commercial and government customers. Presidio Networked Solutions comprehensive portfolio consists of unified communications, wireless, security, optical, telepresence, storage, managed and hosted services as well as supporting network, systems and Microsoft infrastructure solutions. Financing options are available for all of these solutions including leasing capital or operating per FASB-13.

Presidio Networked Solutions represents leading technology innovators such as Cisco, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Nortel and Sun. The company has a particularly strong relationship with Cisco, ranking as the eighth largest Cisco partner and third largest Cisco Unified Communications reseller in the country. Working with its partners, Presidio Networked Solutions addresses the complete technology lifecycle planning, designing, integrating, operating and optimizing of networking and system solutions.

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