Cypress Software Systems, LP

About This Company:

Cypress Software Systems, LP is a leading developer of automated credit application decision support technology. Headquartered in North Richland Hills, Texas, Cypress provides community and regional banks, finance companies and credit unions with loan application decision and tracking tools. Clients, nationwide and in 16 countries, use the company's Mark IV and BizMark products, to quickly and consistently process consumer and small commercial loan applications.

Cypress Mark IV offers a flexible, risk-based processing approach that includes tracking consumer loan applications from point of entry to point of decision. Cypress BizMark loan automation software processes commercial loan requests within a customer relationship management environment. Both products may be licensed in the bundled Cypress Suite and are offered in either an application service provider (ASP) or traditional business model. The company's AppMark software is an ASP-only consumer lending solution for community banks with assets of $250 million or less.

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