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About This Company:

The ever increasing demand for software development, primarily driven by Internet business growth, when coupled with the ever present shortage of IT professionals has left many organizations unable to fully resource critical application development projects. In the end, many businesses are missing a window of opportunity in their markets, either moving more slowly than they would like or not moving forward at all on critical business initiatives. Intelliun Corporation is focused on delivering enabling software technology that breaks the software development bottleneck. Founded in 1998 by Iyad Jabri, Intelliun targets an unaddressed and underserved segment of the software market with an innovative approach to Model-Driven Development (MDD). Introduced in 2000, The Virtual Enterprise (VE) is a comprehensive platform for the rapid development of agile business solutions MDD. Built on top of J2EE, VE offers a portable execution stack for the delivery of highly scalable business applications and Web services.

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