The Zen of Virtual Maintenance

Nov 03, 2011


Server virtualization has transformed IT operations at companies large and small. Virtual machines make it easy for IT to spin up new applications and services while also consolidating physical machines. Virtualization can also improve availability, thanks to technology that lets VMs move from one physical server to another. If the load on one server becomes too great, or a server fails, VMs can be shifted on the fly.

But while virtualization has many advantages, it can also lead to chaos. The ease of virtual machine deployment means that many organizations have unused or test VMs running on production systems. These VMs consume memory, disk and power. That’s a problem by itself, but it also means critical resources may not be available in an emergency: say, when VMs on a failed machine try to move to another server. This can contribute to unplanned downtime and raise maintenance costs. Easy deployment also means business units may come knocking with more demands for applications and services.

This report offers five steps to help IT get a handle on virtual infrastructure. (S3781111)

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