Fundamentals: Backing Up Android And iOS Devices

Jun 14, 2012


Backing Up Android And iOS Devices

Smartphones and tablets present new backup challenges for IT. First, IT has to wrestle with a broad category of products that run on a variety of operating systems, which complicates centralized management and backups. Second, many of these mobile devices are owned by the employee, not the company, which limits IT’s control. At the same time, these employee-owned devices access corporate applications and data, and IT has an obligation to protect that data.

The result is that IT has to assemble a set of policies and technologies that rely on a variety of products and services, including cloud-based backup, file synchronization and mobile device management. A growing number of cloud backup and file synchronization services offer administrative controls that allow IT to enforce policies, provision and deprovision users, and monitor content such as Office files.

At present, backup isn’t a significant feature in mobile device management products, but that’s likely to change over time as more and more end users bring personal mobile devices into the workplace. At the same time, mobile device management helps ensure that data will be safe from prying eyes in the event that a device gets lost or stolen. (S5060612)

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