Research: 4G: Carriers, IT Pros Square Off

Dec 20, 2012


Research: 4G: Carriers, IT Pros Square Off

Mobile broadband is becoming prevalent, a core component of the communications fabric that is transforming how businesses operate and how people live their lives.

Accelerating adoption are highly capable smartphones and tablets, as well as the ­increased use of cloud computing in all forms. It would be a communications nirvana, but IT faces serious challenges, including mobile OS fragmentation, high costs, uneven ­reliability and spotty coverage.

To help better understand where the market stands, we performed a two-part survey, one with IT managers responsible for overseeing mobile services and one with operators who provide mobiles services. We wanted to understand what IT loves about mobile broadband as well as the areas where operators could do better.

We report on that in detail. For the most part, IT is happy with 4G capabilities and costs, but just barely, and unless costs come down and capacity and coverage improve on a steady basis, IT will run into difficulties as it fields bandwidth-hungry applications. Future expansion of capacity to meet market demands will rely heavily on new spectrum becoming available, a process that fortunately is happening, although more slowly and with greater complexity than many in the industry would like. (R6031113)

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