Buyer's Guide: MDM

Nov 14, 2011


Buyer's Guide to Mobile Device Management

Smartphones and tablets running a variety of operating systems are flooding the enterprise. Users expect access to critical resources such as email and business applications, and will store sensitive information on the same machine they give to a restless five-year-old.

While platforms from RIM and Microsoft are designed with enterprise management needs in mind, consumer-centric Apple iOS and Google Android devices are just as likely to be in the hands of employees. Enter mobile device management (MDM). The products put client software on users’ phones and tablets to help IT get a handle on mobile devices. Key features include the ability to encrypt data, remotely wipe a device if it’s lost or stolen, and perform inventory tracking and software updates.

This buyer’s guide discusses the similarities and differences among MDM products, outlines essential features and provides guidance on choosing products that match their feature requirements. Included with the report are detailed tables that highlight features from 10 vendors. The tables were created based on vendor responses to our questionnaire. We’ve also included the full questionnaire and response from each vendor. (R3311111)

Research Report