Best Practices: Behind the BYOD 8 Ball? 10 Steps to Catch Up

Mar 15, 2013


It’s Never Too Late for a Plan

There's been a lot of back-and-forth on whether bring-your-own-device programs are here to stay or poised to give way to COPE (corporate-owned, personally enabled).

Industry consultant and blogger Dave Michels recently posted a column decrying the fact that companies tend to treat BYOD as a "destination" while not spelling out a policy that clearly defines end user limits and responsibilities. Michels concluded that "BYOD in its current form will not last. It is too chaotic and the liabilities are too great."

While his points are valid, multiple InformationWeek surveys disagree. In particular, our 2012 State of Mobile Security Survey found that 62% of organizations already allow employees to use personal mobile devices for work, and an additional 24% are developing such a policy. The train has clearly left the station.

We work with clients to develop mobile policies, and correctly done, they can deliver a program that meets employees' desire to use a wider range of mobile devices to improve their productivity while simultaneously protecting corporate systems and data. Here's what we've learned from developing these programs successfully. (S6510213)

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