IT Pro Impact: iPad vs. Nexus vs. Surface Tablet Shootout

Dec 07, 2012


iPad vs. Nexus vs. Surface Tablet Shootout

Google and Microsoft have finally given enterprise IT some realistic alternatives to ­Apple’s iPad — and by “realistic” we mean “good enough that you won’t have end user rebellion if you decide to standardize on Android or Windows tablets rather than iPads.”

Google may have had to scramble to adapt Android to the larger screen, hampered by clunky OEM hardware and tepid developer support for the big screen. Microsoft, which initially dismissed the tablet concept as a toy to the PC’s workhorse, like Google, has been playing catch-up ever since. But far from ceding the market, both have fought back and close 2012 with new products that not only match most of the iPad’s best features but ­explore new functional ground.

While Apple’s iPad remains the tablet to beat, the choice just got a lot more difficult.

We take a look from an IT pro’s perspective at new products on the top three platforms: Apple’s new Mini and refreshed iPad, Google’s Nexus duo and Microsoft’s Surface. We break down the hardware, highlight software differences, and outline the pros and cons of each device, with an eye toward the needs of enterprise users and the IT teams that support them. (S6091112)

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