Fundamentals: 5 Options for Mobile App Development

Mar 22, 2012


Fundamentals: 5 Options for Mobile App Development

So you want to write a mobile application. Great idea, but that’s just the first step. You now have to decide what platforms to target and what tools to use. We discuss picking a platform in our overview on development for the Big Four: Android, BlackBerry, iOS and ­Windows. Or, if you find that HTML5 is adequately supported on your target devices, it alone may meet your needs. In this report, we’ll help you decide whether developing with HTML5, going native or crafting a mix of the two will best serve the business.

One thing you can’t do is sit on the sidelines. Our InformationWeek 2012 Alternative ­Application Delivery Survey of 483 business technology professionals shows that, among those delivering business applications for non-PC clients, 45% will provide 26% or more of their apps in an “alternative” manner. If your business doesn’t have a mobility plan for your applications and services, you’ll be left behind. (S4640312)

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