Strategy: Apple iOS 6: 6 Features You Need to Know

Jan 10, 2013


Breaking Down iOS 6 And iPhone 5 For Enterprise

Every fall, gadget junkies and IT pros alike wait with bated breath to hear what the big mobile players have in store. For end users, questions tend to be along the lines of: Will it have a longer-life battery and a bigger screen? Will it have a better camera? Will it be able to anticipate where I'm going and tell me what I should do while I'm there?

Enterprise IT, on the other hand, tends to view new device releases with apprehension, because, let's face it, the days of certifying new hardware and software in the lab before turning it loose on your network are over. Nowadays, end users do testing in real time. So we wait and wonder: What new risk is this OS going to present? What information is it going to collect from my executive users? What happens if the device goes missing or is stolen? Will it work with my MDM system? What can we do to limit exposure?

Recently, companies that are using iOS devices went through this exercise with Apple's iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Here's what you need to know to keep your users productive and your data safe. (S6221212)

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