IT Pro Impact: Top 5 Mobile Security Threats for 2012

Nov 29, 2011


Good News, Bad News

2012 is the year mobility will go mainstream in enterprises, thanks to the new tablets, smartphones and ultralight laptops grabbing headlines on an almost daily basis. Naturally, this means IT organizations are undergoing some, let’s say, creative destruction, as employees and executives demand the ability to leverage these devices in innovative ways. And forget uniformity--almost 80% of the 323 respondents to our latest InformationWeek Mobile Device Management and Security Survey say tablets will grow in importance, and that means supporting Apple iOS and Google Android. Meanwhile, the same media outlets that are pushing the latest and greatest gadgets are also chattering about the risks attached to these devices—we’re talking more and nastier malware, data theft and some slick fraud schemes.  

Clearly, IT must make tough decisions about which threats are real and which you can ignore, or at least, not lie awake worrying about.

One decision has already been made for you: Mobility is here to stay, and saying "no" to the business under the guise of security will only encourage users to bypass any controls you do have in place. With 2011 winding down, let’s examine the top five threats that we see preventing businesses from reaping all the benefits of mobility and how you should deal with them in 2012. (S3961212)

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