Enterprise Buyer's Guide: Tablets

Jan 20, 2012


Rebooting the Tablet Market in 2012

Until recently, the tablet market has in essence been the iPad market. But Google's rapid software development cycles, open licensing and recruitment of a plethora of smartphone-turned-tablet OEMs has allowed Android products to chip away at Apple's lead. As the year's first big trade event, the Consumer Electronics Show, fades into the rear-view mirror, it’s clear 2012 will bring yet more upheaval in the tablet landscape, including one or more iPad updates, a bevy of high-end Android plays, a new generation of small-form-factor budget devices (think Kindles) and even the entrance of the Wintel duopoly into the market.

We'll examine the state of enterprise-worthy tablets by analyzing the specs and features of six representative products with a focus on enterprise readiness and provide a comprehensive table of features.

Although the iPad sets the standard--meaning that the data sheets end up having a lot in common--we’ll highlight the differences, particularly in features enterprise buyers and IT pros care most about. We'll also place these products in the context of the overall tablet ecosystem and outline technology changes, both recently announced at CES 2012 and reasonably presumed based on existing industry trends, that tablet buyers should expect in the coming year. (R4080212)

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