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Driving Your Cloud Strategy with Private Network Solutions

by Level 3 CommunicationsNov 01, 2015

There is no understating the impact of security and network connectivity on today's cloud environments. Yes, clouds can scale, expedite processing, and reduce costs, but they also incur risks associated with multi-tenancy, availability, and access control. How users connect to the cloud is vital because not only are security risks non-negotiable, but performance, flexibility, and reliability are critical as well, which leads to a heavy emphasis on combining strong security with private network

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The Challenges Behind Multi-Cloud Management

by CarpathiaAug 18, 2015

Take a closer look at the emerging trend of multi-cloud, and discover tips for how you can spend less time managing IT resources and more time on critical business activities with comprehensive tools for multi-cloud management.

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Enterprise File Sync and Share in the Present Day

by ThruJun 24, 2015

This white paper provides an introduction to the world of present-day enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) solutions that go beyond simple photo and video sharing of the early 2000s to now deliver secure sharing and synchronization of large files and content globally without compromising enterprise critical capabilities or requirements.

If you are a CIO, an IT Director or an IT manager looking for a way to solve the proliferation of a mix of consumer-grade file sharing solutions

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SaaS As Innovation Driver?

by InformationWeekJun 23, 2015

Software as a service is the clear No. 1 way enterprises consume cloud. InformationWeek's SaaS Innovation Survey reveals three tips to get the most from SaaS: Make it a popularity contest. Have an escape plan. And remember that identity is the new perimeter.

Forrester Report: 21st Century Threats Demand 21st Century Security Approaches

by Trend MicroJun 23, 2015

In this golden age of hacking, a combination of legacy and new technology systems and processes, traditional approaches to information security, and the explosion of growth in data collection is pushing enterprises to a breaking point. Data protection is paramount, yet security leaders continue to face challenges adapting to today's threats, protecting their data, and articulating the value of security investments. Read this Forrester Consulting's in-depth survey of IT professionals to help

Intelligence-driven Incident Response

by RaytheonJun 22, 2015

Cybersecurity teams today are swamped with disparate point tools, manual processes, and minimal access to critical enterprise data.? This existing situation hinders analysts' ability to quickly develop the real-time actionable intelligence that’s necessary for fast, effective cyber incident response.
It’s time to change that to better address today’s advanced threats. In this webinar, top cybersecurity experts will discuss how incident responders can make faster,

Using Foundation IP in Low-Power 40nm IoT Designs

by Synopsys Inc.Jun 22, 2015

With foundries close to qualifying eFlash at 40nm, the 40nm node will soon become the preferred node for chips targeting Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Processes such as TSMC?s 40ULP technology offer expanded threshold voltages (VT), long channel lengths and innovative circuits like multi-bit flip flops to reduce power.This webinar will provide details on how foundation IP?logic libraries and embedded memories--can help designers of IoT applications take advantage of the power

Assessing, Analyzing and Addressing Cybersecurity Threats Cost-Effectively

by CenturyLinkJun 19, 2015

Banks face constantly evolving cyber security threats, driving the need for vigilance, deep threat assessments and associated risk analysis of critical IT and network infrastructures.?? Leveraging a services provider, with dedicated and experienced managed security and analytics capabilities, helps banks cover their own resource gaps and build a secure, compliant environment in which to operate. Attend this webinar and: Explore the constantly evolving cyber security landscape and the challenges

Is Your Organization Ready for the Future?

by Open TextJun 19, 2015

The emergence of new form factors in consumer technology promises to embed digital intelligence throughout the fabric of daily life. Within a relatively short time, consumers will have access to incredible new capabilities that will redefine the customer experience. For financial institutions, these next-generation technologies carry the risk of making legacy channels obsolete. Fortunately, organizations can take a few simple steps to prepare themselves to deliver information and services

The New CISO's Tool Kit

by VeracodeJun 19, 2015

Over the past few years, the view of the CISO as a high-level tactical asset has begun to change. This is in part due to high-profile breaches like Target and Sony, but also because CISOs have evolved their role to help enterprises innovate rather than holding back innovation.

The New CISO's Tool Kit provides insight into how to speak a language business leaders understand, information on becoming the CISO of the future, tips for creating contingency plans for when new vulnerabilities

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