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A Cybersecurity Checklist for SaaS Applications

by Arctic Wolf NetworksNov 09, 2018

Today's digital perimeters grant authorized users anytime/anywhere access to sensitive business data. Because of this, SaaS-heavy IT environments introduce a higher complexity to threat detection and response efforts.

This checklist helps identify some of the core security-related SaaS activities that companies should continuously monitor and associates them to the types of incidents that may potentially be detected. Download it today!

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10 Emerging Threats to Today's Enterprise Applications

by Black Duck by SynopsysNov 08, 2018

Cyberattacks to today?s enterprises often begin by exploiting a new or recently discovered software vulnerability. What are some of these emerging application vulnerabilities, and how are attackers using them to crack security and expose critical business data? In this Dark Reading webinar, application security experts offer a look at some of the latest and most potentially damaging threats to current enterprise apps, and how those threats can expose your organization to data compromise and

The Insider Threat: Real Defense for Real Businesses

by Wombat Security TechnologiesNov 07, 2018

Insider data leaks, whether malicious or accidental, can be caused by anyone: the extra-helpful customer service rep, the highly privileged IT admin or the jet-setting CFO. How do you detect and mitigate insider data leaks and reduce the potential for such incidents in the first place? In this webinar, learn how cybersecurity professionals can address the insider threat without shutting down business.

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Microsoft Teams; Securing the Network Edge

by OracleNov 07, 2018

As Microsoft Teams grows in adoption, security will naturally become a more critical factor. But now Oracle and Microsoft have entered into a partnership incorporating Oracle?s Communications portfolio with Microsoft Teams, offering new opportunities for secure team collaboration.

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10 Best Practices That Could Reshape Your IT Security Department

by Dark ReadingNov 06, 2018

This is Dark Reading's November Tech Digest, explores ten best practices that could reshape IT security departments.

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The Network of the Future is Powered by AI

by Mist SystemsNov 01, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to reshape the way IT organizations deploy and manage infrastructure and how users consume those services. On the networking front, AI allows networks to be more predictive and intelligent, with the ability to automatically make recommendations and implement policies to save time and money and reduce downtime. The IT department at Dartmouth College is on the leading edge of this movement, realizing that students learn best using a network architecture that

Lambda Architecture with In-Memory Technology

by DellOct 31, 2018

Envision a future in which executives have immediate access to streaming data detailing the inner workings of their business, where they can mine large data stores for valuable insights providing a competitive advantage. The path to achieving this vision isn?t always clear, but this webinar series can help.

The time of the traditional data warehouse is coming to an end. Designed to meet business intelligence needs of an earlier era traditional data warehouses can?t handle the

2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report

by Illusive NetworksOct 31, 2018

Is the number of cyber incidents trending up or down? What threats are top-of-mind? How are MSSPs and threat intelligence being utilized? What are the biggest obstacles to better cyber defense? How are organizations addressing the risks introduced by new tech trends? What are the hottest cybersecurity technologies being considered?

To better understand the perceptions and priorities of security decision-makers and practitioners, CyberEdge has released it's fifth annual Cyberthreat Defense

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SOC Evolution: How and Why to Update Your Security Operations Center

by ThreatConnectOct 30, 2018

The average security operations center (SOC) is overwhelmed by threat alerts, hard-pressed to prioritize one threat over another, and too understaffed to properly investigate threats anyway. However, some organizations are rethinking and retooling their SOCs, to reduce alert fatigue and increase the agility of their security response. In this webinar, learn the benefits of updating your security operations center and get recommendations on how to implement the essential tools and practices of a

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The IT Pro's Guide to DIY Antivirus Testing

by BarklyOct 28, 2018

Don't just take a vendor's word for it, learn how to conduct your own DIY antivirus testing to successfully evaluate security products without taking on the risk of running real malware.

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