Google Analytics Adds Enterprise Features

Among the upgrades is an integration of Google Analytics with AdSense, Google's advertising network for Web publishers.
Google on Wednesday unveiled several new business-oriented capabilities for its Web analytics service, Google Analytics.

The new features include Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reports, a data export application programming interface (private beta), integrated reporting for AdSense publishers (private beta), multidimensional data visualizations called "Motion Charts," and interface improvements.

Google has posted several videos on YouTube that explain the function of these new features.

Advanced Segmentation provides a way to analyze subsets of online traffic data. These subsets can be predefined, like "Paid Traffic," or defined by custom criteria.

Custom Reporting allows Google Analytics users to build reports using only the data they want, in a format determined by the user.

Jeff Campbell, co-founder and VP of product development for search marketing agency Resolution Media, said in a statement that Google Analytics manages to meet enterprise requirements while still being easy to use.

Motion Charts provide a way to visualize Web traffic data over time using motion, colors, and positional representation.

A limited number of Google Analytics users are testing the Google Analytics application programming interface. The API allows companies to have programmatic access to Google Analytics data, so that Web traffic data can be used in conjunction with other applications or data sources.

Google also is integrating Google Analytics with AdSense, its advertising network for Web publishers. "By integrating your AdSense account with a new or existing Analytics account, you’ll have access to in-depth reports about user activity on your site," explains Vineesha Malkani, part of Google's AdSense publisher support group, in a blog post. "In addition to the wealth of metrics already available in Analytics such as unique visitors and visitor language, you'll now have access to granular reports that break down AdSense performance both by page and by referring site."

Google is rolling out this feature gradually. The invitation, when it is enabled, will appear to AdSense publishers at the top of their "Overview" and "Advanced Reports" pages.