Practical Analysis: Not Just Another Analyst Play

InformationWeek Analytics offers something you can't get anywhere else.
You rely on InformationWeek for the news and perspective provided on our Web site and the business technology analysis presented in these (redesigned) pages. But one thing you may not know us for--yet--is our analyst group. InformationWeek Analytics is in its second year, and if you've ever followed a link in a magazine story's Dig Deeper box, or downloaded a report featured in the top right corner of the home page, you've seen some of the in-depth work of our Analytics team.

In each issue, I'll share viewpoints related to those InformationWeek Analytics reports, either recently published or in progress. I'll do my best to bring out our unique point of view, and draw some conclusions based on our surveys and the expertise of our writers. At this point, you're probably thinking one of two things: "InformationWeek Analytics--cool idea" or "Great, just what we need--another analyst firm." I've heard both reactions, and trust me, I get it, and in fact we've gotten it from the outset.

InformationWeek Analytics isn't just another analyst play. We recognize the value provided by Gartner, Forrester, and their kin, and we aren't looking to replicate it. There's no need because we can offer two main things they can't.

First, our analysts work with the latest IT innovations every day. Most of our reports are written by integrator partners and IT professionals, providing insights that come only with hands-on experience. In some cases, our writers have spent years specializing in implementing the technologies they're analyzing for us. We think you'll agree that when it comes to really understanding evolving technologies, it helps to have gotten your hands dirty.

Second, we have you. Now before you label me an insufferable suck-up and turn the page, let me explain. Many of you, as InformationWeek subscribers, have given us permission to contact you. So if we want to know your views on virtualization or cloud computing or BI trends, we simply ask. Turns out, your opinions are so valuable that we're frequently asked by other analyst firms if they can work with us to do research with you. (We generally decline, preferring to do our own research and not bombard you from multiple survey fronts.)

Informationweek Analytics
The breadth and depth of the InformationWeek audience is unparalleled. You collectively are the voice of business technology in North America. So while others can tell you about market size, or do their best to place vendors in the right magic quadrant or wave, we'll tell you what your peers think about new technologies and IT practices. Our expert analysts provide practical advice for assessing and implementing new technologies. We don't grade vendors; instead, we assess the architectures of their offerings, to help you decide who should be on your short list.

At a time when every business technology investment must be scrutinized, there's going to be a lot to talk about.

Art Wittmann is director of InformationWeek Analytics, a portfolio of decision-support tools and analyst reports. You can write to him at [email protected]. Register to see all reports at