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Content tagged with Enterprise Architecture
posted in July 2007
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Poll Results on BPMN Portability
Commentary  |  7/31/2007
There's no denying that BPMN is gaining traction in the marketplace. I see it in my training. I see it in BPMS and BPA vendors getting on board. But what's amazing about this is that it's happening without a standard way to store and interchange BPMN between tools. It almost boggles the mind that the creators of BPMN "forgot" about this when they started, and its current owners place model interchange far down the priority list...
Business Objects Tackles Product- and Region-Specific Data Quality Problems
News  |  7/31/2007
New Universal Data Cleansing option extends data quality initiatives beyond customer information.
TIBCO Takes the Open-Source Route to Integrating Mashups and Composite Apps
News  |  7/31/2007
After helping to set the standards of the OpenAjax Alliance Hub, TIBCO is taking its own PageBus publish-and-subscribe message bus open source. It's an important integration tool as developers envision componentized Ajax applications.
My Custom Linux Distribution Chooser
Commentary  |  7/30/2007
A couple of columns back I talked about how many people are daunted by the sheer number of Linux distributions out there. I argued that the total number of distributions that you need to consider are actually fairly small, and that it probably wouldn't be too tough to create a road map or chooser. Here's my first attempt at doing exactly that.
A New Marketplace Greets EMC Documentum 6
Commentary  |  7/30/2007
At first blush, EMC Documentum 6 is a substantial upgrade to D5, consolidating many of the firm's acquisitions into a much more unified and standardized product set, and also boosting some areas, such as BPM and transactional document management capabilities... But the market has changed, and favors the buyer now far more than the vendor. Documentum was once the dominant and obvious choice for major ECM implementations, but today there is much more serious competition.
EMC Documentum 6 Upgrade Makes it Easier on IT
News  |  7/30/2007
If content management is to spread "enterprisewide," development can't complex, cumbersome process. With SOA improvements, Eclipse standardization and configuration enhancements, EMC streamlines with IT in mind.
Kimball University: Keep to the Grain in Dimensional Modeling
News  |  7/29/2007
When developing fact tables, aggregated data is NOT the place to start. To avoid "mixed granularity" woes including bad and overlapping data, stick to rich, expressive, atomic-level data that's closely connected to the original source and collection process.
Linux Distro Of The Week: 64 Studio
Commentary  |  7/27/2007
In 1989, a company called New England Digital demonstrated a $100,000+ all-digital audio workstation suite. Things are a bit cheaper now.
Packet Sniffing for Web Analytics: Not Dead Yet
Commentary  |  7/27/2007
You could be excused for thinking that packet sniffing-based data collection for Web Analytics was long gone. Like log file analysis, packet sniffing fell out of favor with the advent of page tag-based data collection. Proponents argue that packet sniffing is superior because data collection becomes "hands off" once the collection appliance is installed between the router and network switch. There are no tags to maintain, nor log files to administer. On the other hand...
Pegasystems Improves on Process Localization, Testing and Data Encryption
News  |  7/26/2007
SmartBPM Suite upgrade focuses on global process deployment and security challenges.
Data Discovery: A Tool for Information Management
Commentary  |  7/26/2007
We all need to understand better how to establish cost-effective information management strategies. As part of this effort, we need to identify methods and technologies that can automate and improve data processing... The silos of data generated over the last decade continue to grow and to challenge organizations as they look to gain a consistent view of their operations... Data discovery is one way to identify data that should be assimilated into a common definition...
What Do We Really Want From Linux?
Commentary  |  7/26/2007
In my last blog post about the real-world cost of Linux, I was struck by the contrast between my words and fellow InformationWeek blogger Alexander Wolfe's take on all this. He's lamented the broad variety of distributions out there, and
LucidEra Unveils New Tools For On-Demand Forecast-To-Billing Application
News  |  7/25/2007
LucidSnapshots provide quick access to sales opportunities in the pipeline and customer acquisition trends and win rates.
CDI, PIM and MDM: Confusion Prevails
Commentary  |  7/25/2007
A comment on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Hubs from our own Brain Food Blogger served, inadvertently, to highlight the confusion that prevails in the CDI/PIM/MDM space. That's particularly unfortunate, because one simple mathematical equation could set the confusion to rest. First, here's the equation: {CDI, PIM} Subset {MDM}. In other words, customer data integration and product information management are both subsets of master data management.
Returned Merchandise? NetGear Takes Charge of a Troublesome Process
News  |  7/24/2007
Network equipment maker streamlines a cumbersome, paper-intensive task that vexes many manufacturers.
Blindness To Perceptions Of Average User Is Real Linux Handicap
Commentary  |  7/23/2007
I've beaten up on Linux in a couple of recent posts, arguing that there are too many distros and that it's a myth that Linux is technically superior to Windows. From the 300+ responses I received, a new thread emerges: Linux supporters seem more interested in preaching to the converted than in doing the hard work Optimizes the Customer Experience, One Segment at a Time
News  |  7/23/2007
On its path to leadership among online agencies, the "Orbitz of auto insurance" takes a fine-grained approach to improving customer satisfaction and driving more clickthroughs.
What's Linux Gonna Cost You?
Commentary  |  7/23/2007
If there's one thing about Linux that everyone, even detractors, must admit is a good thing, it's the price tag. Linux is free -- free to download, free to run on as many PCs as you like, free to modify as needed and redistribute under similar conditions. This doesn't mean it's not going to cost you anything, though.
Offshore 101 for SMEs
Commentary  |  7/23/2007
As a small or mid-sized enterprise, you simply do not have the kind of leverage on offshore service providers as the GEs and Citis. But just because you aren't spending $20 million annually on offshore services doesn't mean that you have no options... Fortunately, there are ways to get the kind of attention and service you need even if you're a relatively "low-ticket" spender.
Linux For Writers
Commentary  |  7/23/2007
Mitch Wagner's post about writer's tools for the Mac got me thinking about whether or not similar things exist for Linux. Like Mitch, I'm also an aspiring fiction writer (emphasis on the "aspiring") and after some digging I found entire distributions devoted to writers and writing.
The BI Gap in Moore's Law, SOA and DB Performance
Commentary  |  7/23/2007
Here is the rub. SOA and the standards that go around it were not invented for BI. It's one thing to ship a url or a 141-digit credit card transaction string or even 50k of XML around the network, but SOAP was not designed to handle shipping a 10 GB result set from one service to another. The whole idea of loosely coupled begs the question, "Where is the data?"
Do the Right Thing: Gain the Customer Experience Advantage Over CRM
News  |  7/22/2007
Rather than bridging gaps between business units and creating a single customer view, CRM has too often created yet another silo with incomplete information. Customer experience management ensures that customer information is consistent across channels and that next steps are guided by segment- or event customer-specific strategies. Here's how to move toward a more holistic approach.
Open Sources, Open Notebook: Why Oracle Should Worry
Commentary  |  7/20/2007
Will open source databases make incursions into Oracle? Not likely. That's the view that extends far outside the circular towers of the Oracle campus. Consider, then, the experience of Jason Weiss, software architect at national florist supplier FTD. He thinks Oracle should be worried. Actually, he said, "terrified."
Whole Lotta Shaking Going On at Visual Sciences
Commentary  |  7/20/2007
If you're a Visual Sciences customer (i.e., HBX and Visual Site analytics, Publish CMS, or the former Atomz Search), you'd have to be a bit concerned by yesterday's report that the company is actively considering "unsolicited inquiries" to be acquired... the company's earnings failed to meet its earlier guidance, despite top-line revenue growth.
Analyst's View on HP NeoView 2.0: The Enterprise Data Warehouse, Reconfigured
News  |  7/19/2007
HP's new appliance is aimed at enterprise data warehouse deployments with mixed BI-query workloads.
Read Gartner's Take on Customer Data Hubs
Commentary  |  7/19/2007
One indication that the customer data integration (CDI) space isn't a very mature is that there are only 11 vendors in Gartner's just-released Magic Quadrant. Another indication is that just two vendors, IBM and Oracle, are in the "leaders" quadrant. Two other vendors, Initiate Systems and Siperian, are within striking distance in the "visionaries" quadrant, but most vendors are stuck down in the lower-left, "niche player" quadrant.
Are There Really Too Many Linux Distros?
Commentary  |  7/18/2007
How are Linux distributions like digital cameras? It sounds like a joke on the order of, "What's the difference between a compulsive gambler and a revolving door?" (Answer: The revolving door knows when to stop.) But the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized that Linux distros are as varied as digital cameras, and for some of the same reasons.
How to Get Rich in Software
Commentary  |  7/18/2007
From time to time, CEO's and founders and even venture capitalists ask me for my opinion about how to do this or that, and I always respond the same way: "I've never earned a dime running a software company, why would you ask me?" And it's true. I have the utmost respect for the entrepreneurs and managers who build something from nothing and have the attention span to attend to the details. I can't do that.
Too Many Linux Distros Make For Open Source Mess
Commentary  |  7/18/2007
Remember the 1980s worries about how the "forking" of Unix could hurt that operating system's chances for adoption? That was nothing compared to the mess we've got today with Linux, where upwards of 300 distributions vie for the attention of computer users seeking an alternative to Windows.
Gartner, Open Source, and Microsoft
Commentary  |  7/18/2007
I received Gartner e-mail this week marketing their up-coming open-source summit. Analysts will explain the heretofore anti-establishment open-source movement, albeit without the help of representatives of the communities that lend open source its power and vibrancy. The message contains gems that help further illuminate Gartner's perspective on open source and the larger IT world...
MicroStrategy and the BI Breadth vs. Depth Debate
Commentary  |  7/18/2007
While much of the BI market has been busy expanding its solution breadth - acquiring or developing performance management capabilities - one vendor that has stayed focus exclusively on the BI front-end has been MicroStrategy... The company maintains that there is still a lot of work to be done to solve hard problems in the traditional BI space... problems such as impact analysis and regression testing.
There's A Linux Distro For Every User -- And Vice Versa
Commentary  |  7/16/2007
One common question I get asked about Linux, typically by people who are not themselves users of the operating system, is "What kinds of people use Linux?" The conventional wisdom among non-techies is that Linux is strictly for pros or the tech-geek set. But from what I've gathered, today's Linux users actually break down into four categories.
A Closer Look at Oracle's 11g Database Release
News  |  7/16/2007
Last week's announcement of Oracle's soon-to-be released 11g database highlighted a bevy of new features and options promising improved performance, accelerated change management, higher scalability, easier administration and reduced cost. The market leader is pioneering on some fronts and following on others, but the one thing that's clear is that the still-fast-growing database market is far from commoditized. Here's a closer look at the stand-out enhancements.
The Linus Files, Part Two: Torvalds Says GPLv3 Backers Full Of "Hot Air"
Commentary  |  7/16/2007
Last week I wrote that Linux creator Linus Torvalds called advocates of the Free Software Foundation's GPLv3 license "hypocrites." A few readers complained I had not provided a complete picture of Torvald's feelings. They were right. He also thinks FSF leaders are "controlling," "condescending," and full of "hot air." And he's got more choice words for GPLv3 itself.
Get Real About Operational BI
Commentary  |  7/16/2007
There is a lot of conflicting information about the term "Operational BI." We need some research to sort out the jargon and propose a clear definition for the term... Operational BI is an oxymoron because BI is the discipline of gathering, transforming and integrating data from diverse systems, cleansing it and storing it for long-term analytical and reporting purposes with tools.
Can Oracle 11g OLAP Query Acceleration Alter BI?
Commentary  |  7/15/2007
Oracle 11g is a blockbuster release, sure to maintain the company's dominant market position. Yet despite nearly 500 technology features new in 11g, InformationWeek Editor at Large Charles Babcock leads his recounting with a regression-testing feature and hot-standby systems. Those options are great but they don't send shivers down the spines of analytics types like me. I'd love to see new OLAP features that will transform the BI market, but what does 11g offer? Let's take a closer look.
Open Source Is Dead, Long Live Open Patents?
Commentary  |  7/13/2007
I've been trying to make sense out of the new Version 3 of the General Public License and I've got to tell you, I can't yet. All I can see is that (1) in the short term, the GPLv3 has turned Microsoft's deal with Novell into a hairball Redmond is trying to cough up; (2) further out, unless the two ayatollahs of open source, Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds, kiss and make up, either Linux or
Oracle Tackles Files in the Database, Again
Commentary  |  7/13/2007
This week, Oracle announced 11g, the latest upgrade to its flagship database... Of particular interest is enhanced support for "LOBs" (Large Objects), such as documents, drawings, images, and so forth... It has long been the case that databases were ineffective at handling documents -- sometimes becoming grindingly slow -- but the performance gap has been closing over the past few years.
Ubuntu Aftermath: Puncturing The Linux 'Urban Legend'
Commentary  |  7/12/2007
Most of us, even confirmed Windows users, have accepted on some level the idea that Linux really is a better operating system, on a technical level. Not me; not anymore. After my long slog preparing Ubuntu Linux's Achilles' Heel: It's Tough To Install On Laptops, I'm now filing that one in the "urban legend" folder.
An iPhone For Hackers: The OpenMoko 'LPhone'
Commentary  |  7/12/2007
You would have to be deaf (or at least real busy with wax and cotton balls) to ignore the screaming about the iPhone that's been filling the air for the past few weeks. It's a slick piece of hardware, sure, but the amount of vendor lock-in that you have to accept to use it has alienated many people. Meanwhile, another company has been quietly gearing up to offer a completely different kind of phone -- one that's a
Your IT Portfolio Could Be Bleeding Money
Commentary  |  7/12/2007
As CIOs and IT management come under pressure to invest in the future, they're finding they need an even more thorough knowledge of their existing IT portfolios, what they can do, where they fall short and their worth to the company. Yet I find that many IT managers do not have enough information - about what technologies they actually have, how well they are performing and how much they cost - to make wise decisions about budget allocations.
Oracle's 11g Launch Impresses
Commentary  |  7/11/2007
I'm just back from Oracle's 11g launch event in midtown Manhattan, and I have to say I came away impressed. The database is at the center of Oracle's world, and company president Charles Phillips strutted the vendor's stuff - with his usual low-key swagger - on topics ranging from the firm's 30th anniversary to its 47-percent marketshare ("more than IBM and Microsoft combined" he asserted) to the long list of 11g upgrades and new features.
A Tale Of Two Browsers
Commentary  |  7/11/2007
Internet Explorer and Firefox are sitting on a bench, enjoying the warm summer sun. Suddenly, Firefox sneezes, reaches for its handkerchief, grabs its cell phone, and calls its doctor. "I think I'm coming down with something," it says. "Is there something I can do to get rid of this problem?" Then IE sneezes. What does it do?
Ubuntu Linux Ain't Easy As Dell
Commentary  |  7/11/2007
It's tough to challenge conventional wisdom, especially when that challenge raises doubts about the wildly popular version of Linux called Ubuntu. But doubts are exactly what I had after finishing my Ubuntu "safari", in which I worked through numerous glitches to get laptop and desktop installs up and running.
JasperSoft Signs OEM Deal With Ingres
News  |  7/10/2007
Ingres has licensed the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite to offer reporting and data analysis to database customers.
Tibco Launches Upgrade Of Spotfire Analytics Platform
News  |  7/10/2007
Spotfire DXP 2.0 is the first product release since Tibco acquired the business intelligence vendor last month.
Microsoft, Big ECM and Big Pharma
Commentary  |  7/10/2007
This year's big Drug Information Association (DIA) conference in Atlanta concluded with something of a shock for enterprise content management (ECM) vendors. Microsoft SharePoint will now compete directly with established Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences-focused vendors EMC|Documentum and Open Text. Pharma was supposed to be sacred ground for the big ECM vendors -- one area of turf where few thought Microsoft would tread.
Linux Creator Calls GPLv3 Authors 'Hypocrites' As Open Source Debate Turns Nasty
Commentary  |  7/10/2007
Linux creator Linus Torvalds said the authors of a new software license expected to be used by thousands of open source programmers are a bunch of hypocrites and likened them to religious fanatics -- the latest sign of a growing schism in the open source community between business-minded developers like Torvalds and free software purists.
Walk the Data Governance Talk
Commentary  |  7/10/2007
Listen to a presentation from any data product or service vendor or to a speech from any data management professional and you will hear the term "governance" mentioned sooner rather than later. Pay closer attention and you will find it's typically mentioned in the context of Master Data Management (MDM) or Customer Data Integration (CDI) but seldom otherwise. Therein lies the problem.
Microsoft Vs. GPLv3: How To Trip Over Your Own Feet
Commentary  |  7/9/2007
One news article that caught my eye and which definitely got everyone talking was Microsoft claiming that the GPLv3 license doesn't apply to them vis-a-vis their partnership with Novell -- and going further to declare that they won't support any software distributed under the GPLv3 license. The whole thing has turned into
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