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Content tagged with Mobile Applications
posted in August 2007
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Is Yahoo Working On A Cell Phone?
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
Earlier this week Michael Arrington at TechCrunch dropped a bombshell that has yet to be explained: Yahoo is supposedly working on a cell phone.
Why Is Wall Street Punishing Clearwire?
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
It would be unethical of me to offer stock tips in this space, so I'll just phrase this as a question: Why is Wall Street hammering Clearwire Corp.? After reaching a high of $33.30 on July 19, the share price for the WiMax network startup has declined 37%. And on Tuesday the stock dropped 7% "on no news whatsoever," as The Motley Fool put it.
Six Questions About The Google Phone
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
We're all waiting for the big news next week: Will Google finally announce the Google Phone? Well, I am ready for the Google Phone. In fact, I know exactly what I want to do with it when I first get my hands on one, assuming there actually will be a Google Phone. Here is my list of questions.
iPhone Impresses Europeans. Almost.
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
Not all of them, obviously, but during my tip to London this week anyone within sight of my iPhone sidled up next to me quickly for a demonstration of how it worked. There were lots of oohs and aahs, quickly followed by bahs.
When Will Anyone Actually Watch Mobile TV?
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
With his post today, my colleague Eric Zeman raised a great question: Is anyone actually watching mobile TV? If by that he meant people watching video on their iPods, yes, I see many iPod users watching video. If, however, he meant people watching V CAST and other mobile TV services that stream over cellular networks...
Verizon Wireless Quietly Rolling Out More V CAST TV Markets
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
Verizon Wireless launched its MediaFLO-based V CAST mobile TV services back in early March to two dozen or so markets across the United States. Today, Verizon added Corpus Christi, Texas, to the list of markets, which has swelled over the past few months to 37.
Gear6 Aims To Speed Storage Access
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
For most applications, the storage industry is fairly adept at delivering requisite performance. All, that is, except for large data set processing. Think: Financial market modeling, or digital image rendering, or seismic analysis for the gas and oil industry. For these applications, thousands of servers churn away for days before the job is finished. And when there's a lot of data fetching, the speed of the storage system is critical, and in most cases, currently inadequate. Gear6 thinks it ca
Microsoft Spooning BlackBerry? I Think Not
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
The ripple effects in the mobile and wireless market continue to spread, in ever more Byzantine ways. Today Reuters reports that "Research in Motion Ltd shares rose more than 3 percent on Thursday on renewed market speculation that Microsoft Corp could be interested in buying the BlackBerry maker." This according to one analyst would be "in response to Google's recent announcement that it is interested in ma
Jaxtr's New Twist on VoIP
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
Given the recent failure of SunRocket, and Vonage's lack of profits and patent problems, you might find it odd to see VCs pouring money into yet another VoIP company.
To Dream the Impossible Wi-Fi Dream
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
The efforts in certain cities to provide free Wi-fi access to all reminds me of the efforts to provide universal health care coverage in this country: Everyone agrees that it's a great idea; everyone knows that it would be beneficial to many; but a combination of politics and finances keep stalling those efforts. The latest Quixotic attempt to provide free Wi-fi access came in Chicago. The city wanted to create a citywide wireless Internet network but after less than two years of trying to get
Why An OS X-Based iPod Matters
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
Last week, we wrote about reports that the upcoming new line of iPods would be based on OS X. Even as I wrote that, I was thinking, "So what? Why should the average iPod user care?" My colleague Antone Gonsalves provides the answer.
Symbian Gains Market Share Thanks To Japan
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
Symbian reported a huge jump in the number of mobile phones shipping with its operating system on board. It claims the 52% increase is due to larger sales volumes in Japan.
Small and Medium Sized Businesses Embrace Linux Abroad
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
Are SMBs in Europe and Australia more inclined to ask for Linux on the desktop than IT buyers in the US? What can you learn from this recent trend overseas?
Nokia Parties Up London
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
After the day-long confab called Go Play, Nokia hosted 400 journalists, analysts, customers and staffers at a big old bash at London's Ministry of Sound night club. Maroon 5 was rocking the house, and so were the beat mixers.
Google To Follow Apple into the Cell Phone Market?
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
By Paul Korzeniowski Cell phones seem to be primary currency in todays high tech market. Now that the Apple iPhone buzz is dying down, reports are that Google, is about to become the next industry heavyweight to jump into the market. These vendors seem to think that cell phones are a good way to connect with the young, hip buyers who dictate which products are cool and which are pass
Convergys to Deploy PCI Compliance Solution
News  |  8/30/2007
Convergys to help assure PCI compliance with Opsware and Solidcore
End Nigh For Muni Wi-Fi?
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
The news this week -- EarthLink's retrenching, Chicago's decision to shelve (not "review," not "delay for more research," but "shelve" as in can, eighty-six, disavow all knowledge of) its prospective citywide network, and of course the usual posturing out of San Francisco -- would seem to indicate that it's difficult to divine signs of vit
EarthLink Muni Wi-Fi Head is History
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
As I reported earlier today, EarthLink CEO Rolla Huff says that his company is "not exiting" the municipal wireless business but will not invest in future projects unless the costs, and the risk, are spread across multiple stakeholders. That's a hollow claim. For evidence, take a look at this SEC filing, in which EarthLink spells out the "Costs Associated with Exit or Disposal Activities." At the bo
Will Google Announce A Linux-Powered Mobile Phone OS Next Week?
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
The Google Phone rumors are now in overdrive. Last week I blogged that Google could be preparing to launch the Google Phone in India. Since then more clues have floated to the surface.
iWork's Play for the Small Biz Desktop
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
"Productivity suite" used to mean one thing and one thing only: Microsoft Office. Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. Love it or hate it, most of us use Office daily to grind out bargeloads of documents, spreadsheets, email, and presentations.
Angry Blogger Sends A Love Letter To Sprint
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has written what has to be one of the most scathing blog posts of 2007. The target of his ire: Everyone's favorite wireless carrier, Sprint.
Demo: Using The Nokia Music Store
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
I had the opportunity to take the new Nokia Music Store for a test drive. Will it be an iTunes challenger or an also-ran?
Ovi Smokes! Nokia Breaks It Down
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
Today in London, Nokia unveiled a number of new handsets as well as revamped media services under the new brand name Ovi.
How To Optimize Your Mobile Website For Search
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
Welcome to Take 5, a regular feature on Over The Air where I inteview an industry insider about a pressing mobile or wireless topic. Today's guest, David Harper, is the founder of Winksite, a mobile application designed to make it easier to build mobile Websites. In this edition of Take 5, David and I discussed mobile search op
Does Privacy Matter?
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
Donald Leka, CEO of New York-based TransMedia, maker of the Glide online media sharing and storage service, believes consumers care about privacy.
5 Keys To Social Networking Success
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
Investors are flocking to fund social networking startups. How can you identify a good investment? Here are five key characteristics, backed up with real-world examples.
Is Unlocking The iPhone Really Going To Change Anything?
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
The last five days or so have seen a spate of announcements from basement-dwelling geeks all around the planet who claim to have unlocked the iPhone. Some have used hardware and software mods, others have just used software. What does
Refurbished Equipment Redux
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
We raised some questions about the quality of refurbished devices in the Over the Air blog recently. True to form, a tidy little survey shows up after we publish saying that refurbed units just aren't that good.
Coming to Your Cell Phone: Ink-free Printing
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
Remember the tantalizing promise of the paperless office? I'll believe it when I take delivery of the personal jetpack I've been waiting for since childhood*. But the idea of an inkless printer is almost as close as my next mobile phone.
Six Sigma and Lean Meet BPM: Q&A With Software AG's Bruce Williams
News  |  8/27/2007
There are plenty of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing practitioners out there, but all too often they worked in isolation, unable to penetrate the IT domain and hard-pressed to measure and replicate success. Bruce Williams, general manager of business process management solutions at Software AG, says there's a big opportunity for companies to connect their Six Sigma or Lean initiatives with the data-gathering, execution and closed-loop-improvement advantages of BPM.
Where's the Beef in Acer's Gateway PC Buy?
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
Like the Wendy's customer asked way back when: where's the beef in today's $710 million takeover of Gateway by Taiwanese computer maker Acer? Sure, the deal makes Acer the number 3 PC-maker in the world, pushing past mainland China's Lenovo (which got that big by swallowing IBM's PC business). I just don't think it's likely to have an immediate impact on small and midsize computer buyers.
Mobile Control For Small Fleets
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
Lots of smaller companies have trucks, too. That's where Alltel's new FieldMasterPro service comes in. Designed for Windows Mobile smartphones, the subscription-based service helps smaller companies better manage their field service organizations.
Alltel Lets Managers Be Puppet Masters
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
For the SMB on a budget, the new FieldMasterPro service from Alltel lets managers simplify scheduling and dispatch on Windows Mobile smartphones. It's perfect for control freaks!
Kimball University: Educate Management to Sustain Data Warehouse/BI Success
News  |  8/27/2007
Data warehousing and business intelligence success cannot be taken for granted. You must create an ongoing education and communication program to maintain your success and extend it across the organization.
Hate Your Cell Phone? Go Ahead And Chuck It
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
On Saturday, the tiny Finnish village of Savonlinna hosted its annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships. The winner, one of 32 male contestants, flung a mobile phone 294 feet to take the gold prize.
Aggregate Knowledge Aims To Be A Mind Reader On The Web
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
Having jumped into the market for Web "discovery" technology last December, Aggregate Knowledge is getting closer to general availability of three new services. Founded by the same guys behind social networking site -- the assets of which were acquired by Cisco in March -- Aggregate Knowledge promises to help companies get the most appropriate products and content in front of Web site visitors.
There's Still Room On The Web For Small E-Tailers
Commentary  |  8/26/2007
It may seem that the giant online retailers have the search engines all locked up and that there's no way smaller companies can get noticed on the Web. But a new study suggests that most of the top 100 e-tailers still don't quite get search engine optimization (SEO), and their failings leave room for other players to gain market attention.
Microsoft Endorses A Fix For Something It Insists Isn't A Problem
Commentary  |  8/25/2007
Vista's User Account Controls prompts are something almost everybody loves to hate. Microsoft has steadfastly maintained that they're a feature that improves the product. But this week, "Microsoft has taken the very unusual step of endorsing another company's product that fixes a problem in its own operating system." The "Through the Looking Glass" saga of Vista continues.
Is The Google Phone Ready To Launch In India In Two Weeks?
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
A few weeks ago I blogged that Google was working on a cell phone but, in typical fashion, refused to comment. Now Rediff claims the Google Phone is set to launch in India in as soon as two weeks.
What Orkut Really Needs
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Google's software engineers report that they've been busy giving Orkut, the company's social networking service, a face-lift. But perhaps what the site really needs is a new name for the U.S market. It's true that short, memorable domain names are hard to come by, but if ever there was a Google product in need of re-branding, it's Orkut.
Why Waiting On An iPhone Deal In Europe Hurts Apple
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
So now France Telecom, parent company of Orange France, has gone from "Non non" to "Oui oui" on talks with Apple about becoming one of the European carriers for the red-hot iPhone once it (finally) makes its way to the Continent. Leaving aside for the moment the question of which operator(s) will get the privilege of offering the 365-Euro touch-screen wonder, here are three reasons that the long
UBS Claims iPhone On Pace To Beat Apple's Forecast
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Just in case you were curious, it looks like the iPhone is on pace to beat Apple's internal sales estimate of 730,000 units this quarter. That's a heck of a lot of iPhones.
The iPhone Has Been Unlocked: Apple, AT&T, Deal With It
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
A few weeks ago I asked if it was possible to unlock an iPhone. According to the guys at Engadget, the iPhone has been successfully unlocked. The jig is up.
Apple, The BlackBerry, And Vendors' Obligations To Serve The Enterprise
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Blogger Anil Dash picks up the discussion about why enterprise applications are a chore to use, and what Apple can and should do about it. He says Apple doesn't have a moral obligation to the enterprise, but rather a social obligation.
Enterprise Collaboration Vendor Gets $15 Million For Expansion
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Jive Software, maker of enterprise collaboration software Clearspace, has landed a $15 million investment from Sequoia Capital.
Palm, It's About The Experience And Your Experience Is Out Of Date
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
The mobile blogosphere has been abuzz this week with the now notorious open letter from Engadget to Palm. Like my fellow blogger, Eric Zeman, I agreed with a lot of what the letter had to say. But I also think that the letter didn't focus enough on the one key ingredient missing from Palm's mobile strategy: A great u
Google In Oregon: Mother Nature Meets The Data Center
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
I just got back from a week's vacation in Oregon, where the highlights included a hike up Mt. Hood, fishing in the Deschutes River canyon, and a county fair where goats competed in an obstacle course. There also was the magnificent Columbia River Gorge -- and, on the banks of the Columbia, Google's expansive new data center complex.
Move over Linux - IBM's Dumping You for Second Life
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
IT managers in companies of all sizes will need to add Linden Dollars to their budgets if they want to buy virtually from IBM at Second Life.
Blog Blasts Palm, Palm Responds
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
The other day three writers at Engadget posted an open letter to Palm. The letter essentially blasted Palm's inability to produce a truly innovative product in the last few years and laid out steps Palm could take to regain its one-time innovative status. Palm CEO Ed Colligan responded with a blog post of his own.
Mobile Technology Makes Beer Taste Better
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
There's something to be said for a pint of your favorite brew. Nothing comes as close to refreshing the soul sometimes as a beer. Heineken's distributors in Ireland work hard to make sure every sip of Heineken you take while on the Emerald Isle tastes as fresh as possible. Here's how mobile technology makes it happen.
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