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Content tagged with Mobile Devices
posted in August 2007
Six Questions About The Google Phone
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
We're all waiting for the big news next week: Will Google finally announce the Google Phone? Well, I am ready for the Google Phone. In fact, I know exactly what I want to do with it when I first get my hands on one, assuming there actually will be a Google Phone. Here is my list of questions.
When Will Anyone Actually Watch Mobile TV?
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
With his post today, my colleague Eric Zeman raised a great question: Is anyone actually watching mobile TV? If by that he meant people watching video on their iPods, yes, I see many iPod users watching video. If, however, he meant people watching V CAST and other mobile TV services that stream over cellular networks...
Letting Crazy People Set Intellectual-Property Policy
Commentary  |  8/31/2007
Three stories in the news this week demonstrate that intellectual-property policy is set by crazy people. NBC is threatening to dump iTunes unless Apple violates the laws of nature. An organization of science fiction writers is sending willy-nilly takedown notices for property it doesn't control. And Viacom pirated a YouTube video, and then sent down a takedown notice against the video's real author.
Why An OS X-Based iPod Matters
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
Last week, we wrote about reports that the upcoming new line of iPods would be based on OS X. Even as I wrote that, I was thinking, "So what? Why should the average iPod user care?" My colleague Antone Gonsalves provides the answer.
Google To Follow Apple into the Cell Phone Market?
Commentary  |  8/30/2007
By Paul Korzeniowski Cell phones seem to be primary currency in todays high tech market. Now that the Apple iPhone buzz is dying down, reports are that Google, is about to become the next industry heavyweight to jump into the market. These vendors seem to think that cell phones are a good way to connect with the young, hip buyers who dictate which products are cool and which are pass
Will Google Announce A Linux-Powered Mobile Phone OS Next Week?
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
The Google Phone rumors are now in overdrive. Last week I blogged that Google could be preparing to launch the Google Phone in India. Since then more clues have floated to the surface.
Reports: Apple Announcing iPods Sept. 5, Mockup Photos Available
Commentary  |  8/29/2007
Looks like Apple is launching a new line of iPods next Wednesday, and bloggers are posting speculative mockup photos. They include a square nano -- nicknamed the "phatty" -- and another one that looks a lot like an iPhone. Read on for links to the photos, and more discussion of the announcement.
Coming to Your Cell Phone: Ink-free Printing
Commentary  |  8/28/2007
Remember the tantalizing promise of the paperless office? I'll believe it when I take delivery of the personal jetpack I've been waiting for since childhood*. But the idea of an inkless printer is almost as close as my next mobile phone.
Did Apple Hurt Its Loyal Customers? Or Bravely Resist Software Bloat?
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
Computer users complain continuously about software bloat, so you'd think we'd applaud a vendor's efforts to simplify and slim down a popular application. That's what Apple did with iMovie '08 -- but it's got some of Apple's most loyal users squawking that Apple turned a once-powerful application into crippleware.
Mobile Control For Small Fleets
Commentary  |  8/27/2007
Lots of smaller companies have trucks, too. That's where Alltel's new FieldMasterPro service comes in. Designed for Windows Mobile smartphones, the subscription-based service helps smaller companies better manage their field service organizations.
Is The Google Phone Ready To Launch In India In Two Weeks?
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
A few weeks ago I blogged that Google was working on a cell phone but, in typical fashion, refused to comment. Now Rediff claims the Google Phone is set to launch in India in as soon as two weeks.
UBS Claims iPhone On Pace To Beat Apple's Forecast
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Just in case you were curious, it looks like the iPhone is on pace to beat Apple's internal sales estimate of 730,000 units this quarter. That's a heck of a lot of iPhones.
The iPhone Has Been Unlocked: Apple, AT&T, Deal With It
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
A few weeks ago I asked if it was possible to unlock an iPhone. According to the guys at Engadget, the iPhone has been successfully unlocked. The jig is up.
Apple, The BlackBerry, And Vendors' Obligations To Serve The Enterprise
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Blogger Anil Dash picks up the discussion about why enterprise applications are a chore to use, and what Apple can and should do about it. He says Apple doesn't have a moral obligation to the enterprise, but rather a social obligation.
Palm, It's About The Experience And Your Experience Is Out Of Date
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
The mobile blogosphere has been abuzz this week with the now notorious open letter from Engadget to Palm. Like my fellow blogger, Eric Zeman, I agreed with a lot of what the letter had to say. But I also think that the letter didn't focus enough on the one key ingredient missing from Palm's mobile strategy: A great u
Reports: Apple To Unveil New iPods In September, Including 'Fatboy Nano'
Commentary  |  8/24/2007
Apple plans in September to launch up to four new iPods, including a full-screen video model and one nicknamed the "Fatboy Nano," according to reports on Apple Web magazines and blogs. The new hardware will include upgrades to the video iPod. Most or all of the products will use NAND flash for storage, and be based on Mac OS X.
New App Lets You Navigate The iPhone With Voice
Commentary  |  8/23/2007
VoiceSignal has a new application that lets users navigate through their iPhone's menus with voice commands. Does it really work?
It's IT's Job  Not Mine
Commentary  |  8/23/2007
The employees in your company are all over the place, on the road, working in coffee shops, from home, in the airport, at a client's site  you name it. But you, Mr. IT manager, don't have to worry. They know what they're doing, right? They listen to you when you tell them how to be careful and how to keep their machines and devices secure and virus-free, correct? Wrong! And guess what? It's all your fault.
Does Apple Have A Moral Obligation To Serve The Enterprise Market?
Commentary  |  8/23/2007
Blogger Anil Dash very nearly declares that Apple does. His essay is part of a blog conversation in which IT managers take a beating for deploying technology that's downright painful to use, as opposed the tools that delight the user, like the Mac and iPhone.
If iPhones are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have iPhones
Commentary  |  8/21/2007
In Vermont and other states where AT&T coverage is spotty or nonexistent, owning and using an iPhone is an act of defiance. Winooski badass John Canning is a case in point.
The 300-Page Massive iPhone Bill
Commentary  |  8/17/2007
If you haven't already seen it, check out this video of the massive, 300-page iPhone bill. Pittsburgh-area blogger Justine Ezarik received her first iPhone bill in a box. It seems AT&T listed all the items called "Data Transfer" individually on the bill. Even though most of these items weren't charged, it added up to a whopper of a bill delivered in a box. That's customer service. Ezarik isn't the only person to report issues with her iPho
Video: Steve Jobs Demoes The Macintosh In 1984
Commentary  |  8/17/2007
This clunky-looking little Macintosh is a recognizable ancestor to the more sophisticated machines today. It's simple, versatile, and playful. I'm impressed by how Apple's central philosophy hasn't changed in 23 years. They build machines that work, and are fun to use.
Mac OS X 'Leopard' Hacked To Run On Generic Wintel Hardware
Commentary  |  8/15/2007
The bloggers at Profit42 posted instructions that they claim will get the upcoming version of Mac OS X, code-named "Leopard," running on generic Wintel hardware. Two catches: It's illegal to do, and they won't tell you where to get the software, because that would be illegal, too.
Was Journalist A Jerk For Asking Apple About 'Intel Inside'?
Commentary  |  8/15/2007
You can tell it's August because people are finding the weirdest issues to get worked up about. For example, Apple fans are getting their knickers in a twist about whether a journalist was out of line in asking Steve Jobs about why Apple didn't participate in the "Intel Inside" marketing campaign.
Imagine John Lennon On iTunes
Commentary  |  8/14/2007
It's easy if you try... Now Lennon and Beatles fans can wake up from their Number 9 Dream and sing out in unison: "All we are saying... is do you take checks or cash?"
Get Skype On Your iPhone
Commentary  |  8/14/2007
Do you want Skype on your iPhone? Well, you're in luck. Shape Services has launched a version of Skype for the iPhone, no hacking required.
Why No 'Intel Inside' Stickers On Macs?
Commentary  |  8/13/2007
It seemed like a stupid question -- one which deservedly got a heaping helping of ridicule from Mac bloggers: Why doesn't Apple participate in the "Intel Inside" marketing program, earning the company big wads of cash just for putting a tiny little sticker on Macs?
Those Sneaky Telecommuters. They're Not to Be Trusted!
Commentary  |  8/10/2007
I was always taught that you can't have it both ways. Take telecommuting. You can't believe in the concept of telecommuting but not put it into practice. Can you?
Apple Kicks Microsoft Where It Hurts
Commentary  |  8/9/2007
Apple's announcement this week of new iMacs, software, and services strikes at the Windows platform's core strengths. The new generation of iMacs, priced starting at $1,199, compete on price/performance with midrange PCs. And Apple rounded out its iWork suite with the Numbers spreadsheet software and other capabilities, making it a head-to-head competitor with Microsoft Office.
iPhone Hacked To Run Nintendo Games -- And More
Commentary  |  8/7/2007
The iPhone is officially a "closed" architecture, meaning only Apple, and people with Apple's blessing, can write applications for it. In reality, the platform is anything but closed, as industrious hackers have dug into its software guts and figured out how to run applications, , including Nintendo games, on it.
Is the iPhone mighty for smaller companies?
Commentary  |  8/6/2007
Is the iPhone a legitimate business tool, or just the cool toy of the moment: the grown-up equivalent of Tickle-me-Elmo? I've played around with one a bit, and I'm still not sure. It's not as good at handling email as the pathetically uncool Blackberry 8700 that has deigned to equip me with. And making a phone call is wayyyy too complicated. But the thing is undeniably beautiful, and it's by far the best portable Web experience I've seen, at least when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
New iMacs, .Mac Upgrade Rumored For Tuesday
Commentary  |  8/6/2007
What's Apple got up its sleeve for its Tuesday announcement? Apple blogs say the company plans to unveil sleeker iMacs and possibly an upgrade to the .Mac service, and that Apple plans a new flash-based video iPod next month.
Is It Possible To Unlock The iPhone?
Commentary  |  8/6/2007
One intrepid iPhone fan has posted a guide to unlocking the iPhone. Engadget claims to have spotted a process that, frankly, looks really long and more than a little scary. Does it actually work?
3 Tips For Getting More From Your Mac
Commentary  |  8/3/2007
Learn how to fix the mouse problem you didn't even know you had, find out which applications are hogging your processor cycles, and replace the Finder with an ultra-powerful alternative.
Microsoft Delays Upgraded Office For The Mac, Shoots Itself In The Foot
Commentary  |  8/3/2007
Earlier this week, I sent a very authoritative e-mail to my editors, explaining that Microsoft would likely update the Mac version of Office in the first couple of weeks of August. A day later, Microsoft announced that the update will be delayed until January. Do you ever have weeks like that?
Rant: Brilliant Journalists Prove That If You Leave Your iPod Lying Around, It'll Get Stolen
Commentary  |  8/2/2007
Demonstrating that the spirit of investigative journalism is not dead, Dateline did an expose about how, if you leave your iPod lying around unattended in public, it'll get stolen. I'm sure there's a Pulitzer Prize in this for Dateline. Because we could never have figured that out on our own.
3 Free Tools For Getting Things Done Faster On The Mac
Commentary  |  8/1/2007
These three utilities will make you more productive on the Mac. And the price is right - they're free. Namely is a simple application launcher that works from the keyboard, Document Palette makes it easer to create documents, and Visor puts the terminal window a hotkey away.
Linux Vs. Mac: Which Should You Choose?
Commentary  |  8/1/2007
In our ongoing series of head-to-head platform comparisons, we take a look at the Mac vs. Linux, asking which is the better option for people looking to switch from Windows.
KISS Me, I'm Connected
Commentary  |  8/1/2007
I keep hearing Cisco marketing jabber about "the connected life". What is this connected life of which they speak? Does anyone really know? Is it an electrical outlet in every room? Cocktail parties in the Hamptons? A reference to people with webbed toes?

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