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Content tagged with Productivity/Collaboration Apps
posted in October 2006
Smartphone Frustrations Revealed
Commentary  |  10/31/2006
We asked you what your smartphone experiences were, and wow did you have a lot to complain about! Nobody's denying that a smartphone is a good productivity tool--in theory. But in reality, the smartphone manufacturers and operating system makers have their work cut out for them. If they want proof, I have over 50 complaints sitting in my in-box that I've compiled into a list. The most common complaints are included here, so read on.
Kodak Raises the Bar in Production Document Imaging
News  |  10/30/2006
Billions of loans, insurance claims and other transactions are still handled on paper. With no end of paperwork in sight, Kodak has introduced a new top-of-the-line document scanner for production imaging environments.
The Internet Governance Forum: Will Theory Lead To Action?
Commentary  |  10/30/2006
The first meeting of the United Nations' Internet Governance Forum, or IGF, began yesterday in Athens and is promoting a very worthy agenda. Some of the critical issues to be discussed include: Who has access to the Internet? Who has control? What are the best ways to combat spam, phishing, and child pornography? How can we protect freedom of speech online--especially in cou
Do You Use Vista Or Does Vista Use You, Continued
Commentary  |  10/30/2006
In the last episode of the ongoing soap opera, "As The EULA Turns," Microsoft was trying to explain what the End User License Agreement for Windows Vista really meant when it said you couldn't run Vista in a virtual machine. Today we hear Microsoft say, "No, when the EULA says you can only move Vista from one machine to another once, it actually means 10 times."
Lost In The Shuffle
Commentary  |  10/26/2006
There's a human tendency to root for the underdog--to hope that the losers who start at the bottom of the heap, who have the odds stacked against them, can fight their way to the top and stand tall in victory while the credits roll. Thus, the popularity of Rocky, the Mets, and, yeah, Firefox. However, most of the time, things don't work the way they do in the movies
Google Warns Not To 'Google' On Yahoo
Commentary  |  10/25/2006
If you use "google" as a verb, GoogleTM would like to correct your grammar. GoogleTM, you see, has become so successful that its trademarked name is in danger of becoming a generic term for searching online. As a post today on the Google blog points out, zipper, baby oil, brassiere, trampoline, thermos, cellophane, escalator, elevator, and dry
AmberPoint Takes Duo Approach To SOA Policy Governance
News  |  10/24/2006
AmberPoint has introduced a version of its SOA management software that decouples governance and execution of policies, a move that's becoming necessary as infrastructure vendors add the ability to execute rules in their products.
Oracle, An Expanding Universe
Commentary  |  10/24/2006
Oracle has added 482 features to the beta 11g version of its database. It's a reflection of that enduring Oracle philosophy that its database is the center of the universe and everything revolves around it.
No SP3 For XP? Ehnhnhnhnh. Thank You For Playing, Microsoft
Commentary  |  10/24/2006
Since Microsoft last released a roll-up of fixes for Windows XP Service Pack 2 in 2004, the pace of changes to the operating system has accelerated beyond any expectation. Windows Update on the XP machine closest to where I'm sitting shows 101 updates have been applied since it went into service on July 15, 2005. That's a huge number.
Business Objects Provides Data Quality Platform For Siebel CRM
News  |  10/23/2006
Business Objects launches a version of its data quality platform that has been tightly integrated with Oracle's Siebel customer-relationship management applications.
The Internet Explorer 7 Glass Is Definitely Half Empty
Commentary  |  10/20/2006
The news that Microsoft has finally released a newer, perhaps less risky version of Internet Explorer should bring a song to my lips and a spring to my step. But my heart is heavy. Why? Because of the nine PCs within my reach, only two will run the newer, safer IE. The other seven run Microsoft operating systems that Microsoft has stopped supporting and won't release a version of IE7 for.
Pentaho Integrates Google Maps In BI Dashboard
News  |  10/19/2006
Pentaho, a maker of open source business intelligence software, integrates Goolge's mapping service into its BI dashboard.
Microsoft Answers Brussels
Commentary  |  10/19/2006
It might be official now: The days of triumphant Windows releases are gone. Instead, Microsoft's next operating system is limping toward the starting line.
Open Text, Permabit Unveil Litigation Management Products
News  |  10/19/2006
Open Text Corp. and Permabit Inc. have released software for managing documents and other information that must be kept to meet legal requirements.
Educational Publisher Puts Process Management to the Test
News  |  10/18/2006
To speed test development in response to federal regulation, Harcourt Assessment is using BPM technology to integrate stand-alone applications and streamline the publishing process.
What Do You Need Most To Run Vista? Microsoft's Permission
Commentary  |  10/18/2006
For years the joke has been, "It's Bill Gates' world, we just live in it." Microsoft has published the End User Licensing Agreement for Windows Vista, and it's not a joke anymore. It's just how things are going to be. Get over it.
Firefox 2.0: You'll Like It If It's The Kind Of Thing You Like
Commentary  |  10/16/2006
I've been using Firefox 2.0 since Release Candidate 1 came out a couple of weeks ago, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. There are no major new capabilities to the browser, but there's a couple of nifty new minor features. Combine that with Firefox's improved stability, and that means existing Firefox users will want to upgrade right away, as soon as the version hits final release. However, because there are no big new capabilities, I don't think the new version will win Firefox much new market
Spamhaus Needs New Lawyers
Commentary  |  10/15/2006
In case you haven't been following the news, a United States federal judge for the Northern District of Illinois recently issued a proposed order that instructs ICANN to place a hold on the domain name of The Spamhaus Project, a nonprofit firm based in England. The international political ramifications of such an order, should it be enforced, are obviously quite severe and are the cause of much valid concern. But while the judge is stretching the bounds of reason and temperance with this order,
The Spamhaus-e360Insight Case Isn't Just One Bad Decision, It's Several
Commentary  |  10/15/2006
A federal court ruling last month in favor of an "e-mail bulk marketer" appears to be a spectacularly bad decision. But it's hardly the only one in the case. Spamhaus sparkplug Steve Linford made another when he decided not to defend against the suit. But the judge may make the worst decision of all if he follows through on a proposal to order ICANN to pull Spamhaus' domain name to force Spamhaus to comply.
What Does Microsoft Think Vista Is Good For?
Commentary  |  10/13/2006
I installed Microsoft's Windows Vista RC1 Beta a couple of weeks ago and started a list of things about it that really impressed me. The graphics are really whizzy, for one thing: That Aero 3-D interface is very pretty. And...well, it's only been a couple of weeks. I'm sure my list will get longer. But in the meantime, I got a chance this week to see what's on Microsoft's list when Mike Sievert, corporate vice president of Windows client marketing at Microsoft,
Put Lotus Notes on a Stick
News  |  10/12/2006
IBM announced yesterday the new version of Lotus Notes allows users to copy their Lotus Notes desktop to small USB devices.
The Spreadsheet: 1979-2006. May It Rest In Peace?
Commentary  |  10/12/2006
Remember VisiCalc? For those too young to remember the dawning of the PC age in the late '70s and early '80s, VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet app for personal computers and credited with turning the PC from an expensive toy into a serious business tool. But the PC spreadsheet as a key app to drive value in many businesses may have reached its limits, according to a study to be released next week.
No ERP For Benioff, He's Thinking Bigger
Commentary  |  10/11/2006 CEO Marc Benioff seemed almost resigned to the question asked by the press this week at the company's Dreamforce '06 user conference: When would the on-demand CRM application vendor expand by offering on-demand ERP apps, such as financial or supply chain management software, through either acquisitions or internal development? Benioff, with a touch of exasperation in his voice, said it's never been in the company's DNA to offer such apps. Such efforts to "be all things to all peo
Is It Time For A Browser Free-For-All?
Commentary  |  10/10/2006
In brainstorming about a browser article this week, I threw out to my colleague that nearly all businesses will just go with Internet Explorer 7 for simplicity and lock out other options such as the new Firefox browser, also due this month. But will they? Or better question, can they, even if they wanted to?
Layer 7 Unveils An All-In-One XML Appliance
News  |  10/10/2006
Layer 7 Technologies has unveiled an XML appliance that contains the capabilities of four products, which can be licensed on an as needed basis by the customer.
Mercury's Latest Tools Broaden Capabilities In SOA Management, Testing
News  |  10/10/2006
Mercury Interactive Corp., a maker of business technology optimization software, is reaching deeper into the lifecycle of distributed components within a service-oriented architecture.
Governance Gauge: Beware the Weaknesses in Content Compliance
News  |  10/10/2006
A study conducted by the Business Performance Management Forum reveals enterprise compliance weaknesses.
Dashboard: BEA Unites Products, Upgrades BPM Suite
News  |  10/10/2006
Reflecting a trend among infrastructure vendors, BEA Systems has rolled out a software platform for building service-oriented architectures.
Dashboard: Engineers Call KPIs by Phone
News  |  10/10/2006
KeySpan, the largest electricity provider in New York State, is using data visualization software from Transpara to distribute metrics to engineers using advanced mobile phones.
Dashboard: EMC Lays Foundation for Automated ILM
News  |  10/10/2006
Information lifecycle management has long eluded most companies. But EMC has filled in a piece of the puzzle that could start to make ILM a reality.
If Firefox Is Actually Gaining On Internet Explorer, Automatic Update Will Fix It
Commentary  |  10/10/2006
As Microsoft's Internet Explorer and's Firefox round the clubhouse turn and head toward the release of new versions, it's interesting that Firefox continues to get press for increasing its share of the browser market from month to month (the latest story puts Firefox at 12.5%, up for the third month in a row). Maybe it's because we all love an underdog. But is Firefox's reputation as a giant ki
Death, Taxes, And Vista
Commentary  |  10/9/2006
The customer perspective on new operating systems hasn't changed in 20 years: Users adopt software after balancing the usual limitations--time, personpower, and IT budget--versus whatever benefits they're expecting compared to the previous Windows version they already have installed. When the equation is right, they move.
Unite the Processes of Innovation
News  |  10/9/2006
Generate better ideas and get faster results by bringing together the four phases of maturation: envisioning, filtering, developing, and realizing new products and services.
Change Agent: BPM With or Without SOA
News  |  10/9/2006
Both BPM and SOA talk about agility, reuse, business-IT alignment, service-level agreements and BAM. But in reality, they're quite different. BPM works today, but broad use begs for better ties to SOA.
Deleted: What's Not Up To Snuff For Wikipedia
Commentary  |  10/8/2006
Administrators at Wikipedia delete some 2,000 articles a day--that's about half the 4,000 entries added daily to the online encyclopedia. How do those administrators decide which articles stay and which ones get cut? The evaluation process begins with suggestions from volunteers as to what makes a person or organization "notable."
A Different Kind Of Feature Creep Hits Vista Performance
Commentary  |  10/8/2006
"Feature creep" is a problem familiar to corporate developers. It describes what happens to applications that never get finished because their feature set is a moving target. But Windows Vista is apparently being hit by a different kind of feature creep: Its performance is being slowed down by some of its features. And not the ones anybody seems to care much about at that.
WGA Compulsion Becomes, Er, Compulsory
Commentary  |  10/5/2006
How's Windows Genuine Advantage working for you? A correspondent of mine says WGA has forced him to reinstall Windows twice on different PCs. I haven't heard of widespread problems like this with WGA, but if there are, now's the time to get them out in the open because Microsoft has just announced that the anti-piracy controls in Windows Vista will make its current WGA efforts look indulgently permissive.
YouTube Or Not, Make Your Web Video Plans
Commentary  |  10/4/2006
You don't have to believe in YouTube's business prospects to believe there's a place for Web video in your company.
Spreadsheets Enter the 21st Century: Innovation Is Coming (Part 2)
News  |  10/4/2006
After a decade of stagnation, new advances are coming to spreadsheets. A key technology helping to bring the widely used software tool to the 21st century is extensible business reporting language.
Spreadsheets Enter the 21st Century: The Changing Market (Part 1)
News  |  10/4/2006
A new class of spreadsheet applications has surfaced to fill the void left from Microsoft's lack of innovation with Excel. Such vendors as ClusterSeven, Compassoft and Prodiance are enbling corporations to manage and control stand-alone spreadsheets more effectively and completely.
Xactly Ships Software Connectors For On-Demand Sales Force Compensation Service
News  |  10/2/2006
Xactly Corp. launches integration tools for connecting its hosted sales-force compensation applications with ERP, customer relationship management and human resource software.
KeySpan Finds The Easy Road In Taking Data To Mobile Workers
News  |  10/2/2006
New York utility KeySpan finds that the easy way to get analytics to engineers is to choose products built to run on top of its infrastructure.
Is Microsoft Playing Its Own Game Of Chicken With Zune?
Commentary  |  10/2/2006
Microsoft is said to be thinking about leaving the development of podcast management tools for its forthcoming Zune to third-party developers. My guess is that this fleeting thought has about as much life expectancy as a fox standing in the door of a henhouse thinking about becoming a vegetarian. If I were a developer, I'd read up on what Microsoft is doing to security vendors and run away from the Zune player as fast as I

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