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Content tagged with Productivity/Collaboration Apps
posted in March 2006
From Jill Carroll To InformationWeek's Own Tom Claburn: Journalists Just Doing Their Jobs
Commentary  |  3/31/2006
I feel like I should know Jill Carroll. She grew up down the street from me, went to the same Michigan middle school and high school as I did, and swam for the same neighborhood swim club. But I didn't know her. She's quite a bit--ahem--younger than I am.
Microsoft Security Flaws Create A New Market
Commentary  |  3/30/2006
It's happened again: Someone other than Microsoft has ridden in on their white horse and delivered a patch designed to protect Microsoft customers while Redmond readies its next regularly scheduled download of fixes. Russian programmer Ilfak Guilfanov, senior developer with Belgian software maker DataRescue, opened the barn doors in January when he issued an unauthorized piece of workaround code to help companies
Kawasaki Expands Use of Click Commerce Solution Worldwide
News  |  3/30/2006
The powersports equipment manufacturer intends to increase sales of Kawasaki accessories around the world.
Justice Department Spreads Subpoenas
Commentary  |  3/29/2006
Search engines aren't the only companies being sent subpoenas. As part of its campaign to demonstrate the futility of Internet filtering, the U.S. Department of Justice has subpoenaed at least 34 Internet companies and software makers. The story is now posted on I discovered this thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request I filed with the Department of Justice. The DOJ complied, though r
Maybe It's Just That Nobody Gives A Cr-- Uh, Darn
Commentary  |  3/29/2006
Nonprofits and political organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, are campaigning against America Online's plan to give preferential treatment to some E-mail newsletters and other bulk mail, provided that the senders are willing to pay a fee. Bennet Haselton, of the political group, posted an explanation on Slashdot. It's thoughtful--but demonstrates why Peacefire and the EFF are missing the
Oracle's Wookey Talks Up Fusion, Open Source
Commentary  |  3/27/2006
Most customers won't make the jump to Oracle Corp.'s Fusion applications for years, but the software maker says it has begun working with companies to make the transition. Along with the transition, Oracle's focus has been on delivering industry-specific features, similar to tools from Microsoft Business Solutions and SAP AG. Click here to download or listen to the podcast.
Process Management Grows Up: Q&A With Gartner's Jim Sinur
News  |  3/27/2006
VP and distinguished analyst Sinur outlines a BPM maturity model and talks about what it takes to get to the next level of process performance.
Three No-Cost Ways To Get Started With BPM
News  |  3/27/2006
Several business process management vendors now offer free, downloadable tools that let you model processes, analyze expected performance improvement and create most, if not all, of an actual executable design.
Microsoft SQL Server Runs With Largest Databases
Commentary  |  3/24/2006
Microsoft's SQL Server keeps showing up in unexpected places. One of them is the list of entrants for Winter Corp.'s 2005 TopTen largest databases.
Problems Pile Up For Upcoming Vista, Office Upgrades
Commentary  |  3/23/2006
Problems continue to pile up for Microsoft as it tries to push out the latest versions of its major products: Windows and Office. Microsoft said earlier this week that it won't ship Windows Vista in time for the winter holiday season. Meanwhile, Office has its own problems. For years, users have complained that Office is too bloated; Microsoft is reacting to those complaints by piling on new features that
Workscape Promotes Enterprise Compensation Management
News  |  3/22/2006
New release brings more providers into pay for performance.
What Is Location Intelligence?
News  |  3/22/2006
Improve processes and performance through contextual information about location.
Coming Soon: Your Next ERP System
News  |  3/22/2006
Companies face crucial choices in enterprise software, and not just enterprise applications.
March Madness Means Internet Madness
Commentary  |  3/22/2006
So who's watching March Madness basketball on their computers? Apparently millions. CBS SportsLine, which is offering games on-demand for free, said some 4 million visitors hit the site in the first four days. That resulted in more than 14 million live video streams being served up. It believes that's more than any live event in Internet history.
Microsoft's Going Broader, Google's Going Deeper--And Some Mobile Services May Not Go At All
Commentary  |  3/21/2006
The possibilities are endless, and I think Google's really onto something here. It's their core business proposition--search--but with a twist. We'll see what the rest of this year brings along these lines; I've got to believe other themed sites aren't long behind.
Summary: Harvard Business Review On Decision-Making
Features  |  3/21/2006
BI practitioners may find a recent edition of the Harvard Business Review indispensable.
Analysis: On SOA & BPM: Q&A With Systinet's Tom Erickson
News  |  3/21/2006
Systinet president Tom Erickson offers seasoned views of the integration and process management market.
Field Report: Meineke Car Care Centers
News  |  3/20/2006
Meineke Car Care Centers has more than 900 locations in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and South America. Finding the best locations to attract customers is a challenge when there is intense competition for prime real estate, especially when your stores require good road access and visibility from major intersections.
Has Google's Privacy Policy Protected Us From Government Surveillance?
Commentary  |  3/20/2006
The District Court ruling that Google doesn’t have to turn over any search records to the Bush administration isn’t just a victory for Web surfers who don’t like the thought of being tracked by the government. It's a victory for anyone who stores data and doesn’t want to be h
Will Rich Internet Apps Catch the Bus?
News  |  3/20/2006
Rich Internet applications (RIA) have been the buzz in the applications development community as organizations look for ways to break out of primitive modes of Web services and applications and make better use of the power resident on the client side of most architectural implementations.
Field Report: Global Travel Exchange (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)
News  |  3/20/2006
Imagine competing in a cutthroat business with ever-tightening margins but little control over your costly distribution system. That's the frustrating situation for many suppliers in the travel and tourism industry.
Bill Gates On Blogging, Enterprise Data Search, And Why Client-Server Apps Still Matter
Commentary  |  3/20/2006
It's decision time again for people who buy, manage, and use Microsoft's Office applications suite. Three years after introducing Office 2003, Microsoft is readying an upgrade in the form of Office 2007, a collection of about 15 desktop applications, five server applications, and middleware called Windows SharePoint Services that runs in the Windows Server operating system and ties those applications together with added functionality. I grabbed the chance last week to sit down with Microsoft cha
SOA and BPM are Perfect Together: BEA Deal Fits Combo Trend
News  |  3/14/2006
BEA System's March announcement that it had acquired business process management (BPM) vendor Fuego came as little surprise. For starters, BEA last year acquired portal vendor Plumtree, which was using Fuego's technology.
Loosen Up!
News  |  3/14/2006
Service-oriented architecture holds great promise for reducing the cost and complexity of integrating business systems. But without an enterprise service bus, SOAs may not stretch to meet scalability requirements and could hamper IT with the kind of coding and confusion that plagued early point-to-point Web services implementations. ESB also is critical to how SOAs support business process management and the whole chain of strategic objectives that endeavor to make business change less difficult
There's More To Social Networking Than Hype
Commentary  |  3/14/2006
I must confess to some skepticism about social networking. Like many caught up in the hype, I joined a social networking service last year. I then proceeded to not use it. I'm probably not the ideal candidate for social networking. I'm not in sales. I don't research companies to invest in. And I'm not currently looking for a job. What's more, as a journalist, it's usually fairly easy to get access to people. I'm not about to start paying to
In Focus: Q&A With Open Text CEO John Shackleton
News  |  3/14/2006
Shackleton discusses the plan for improved profitability, which includes sticking with the company's strengths and focusing on compliance.
Cisco Enters The Ring On Net Neutrality
Commentary  |  3/14/2006
Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers has joined the carrier echo on network neutrality. Blocking and impairing is bad, freedom to manage crowded networks and create quality-of-service agreements with content providers is good (and different from the first). Don't legislate against hypotheticals.
Location, Location, Location
News  |  3/13/2006
The three principles of real estate success also apply to data. Geospatial tools combined with databases and BI software deliver "location intelligence" so you can better position branch sites and distribution centers, as well as improved logistics and planning for transportation and service delivery.
Four ESBs That Won't Cramp Your Style
News  |  3/13/2006
An enterprise service bus should require minimal tech expertise and coding, yet in our lab test of eight ESBs, four products has us tied up in knots. The leaders on our shortlist excelled at mediation, transformation and orchestration.
Softscape Suite Sweetens Human Capital Management
News  |  3/10/2006
Package includes advances in managing talent and HR processes.
How Low Can You Go?
News  |  3/10/2006
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance costs declining.
The Stripper And Bill Gates
Commentary  |  3/10/2006
Reading over the recent blog entry by InformationWeek Editor-in-Chief Rob Preston, I found myself thinking of a certain ex-stripper from Texas, and wondering who's got more business sense--the stripper or Bill Gates?
Origami, Or Microsoft Bob 2006
Commentary  |  3/9/2006
The most interesting thing about Origami is how Microsoft manipulated bloggers and journalists into hyping it. Far from the Transformer gadget hinted at (Eight toys in one! Changes from iPod to camcorder to computer and back!), the device is just a small Tablet PC. And Microsoft's only actual new product is a software suite intended to further dumb down Windows XP's user interface.
The Changing Face of Customer Relationship Management
News  |  3/9/2006
As companies review their CRM strategies, the next generation of products is emerging.
Supply Chain Improvement: Take It from the Top
News  |  3/9/2006
Operational initiatives start with top-level performance scorecards.
ICANN's (Not So) Evil Twin?
Commentary  |  3/9/2006
Good things come to those who wait -- or who just take months to stumble across a "good thing." Case in point: This interview with Stanford University Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, posted last November on the Foreign Policy Web site.
Metastorm CEO Forecasts 60 Percent Growth In 2006
News  |  3/7/2006
Metastorm CEO Bob Farrell talked recently with Business Intelligence Pipeline about his company's philosophy on BPM, and where he sees the larger market heading.
Google's Slip-pery Slope
Commentary  |  3/7/2006
Google in many ways has positioned itself as the industry's anti-Microsoft. Since its inception, it hasn't been given to preannouncing products or features years in advance, then watching as the starstruck masses hung on every move related to those (oft-delayed) products. Its corporate credo of "Don't Be Evil" comes off as the antithesis to the evil empire in Redmond (though recent events in China raise questions
Ch-Ch-Changes At CA
Commentary  |  3/7/2006
This week's cover story on CA portrays the company formerly known as Computer Associates as a work in progress, transitioning from brute force to a kinder, more innovative machine. Yet it also shows customer opinion often lags behind major shifts in the way vendors do business.
SAP Calls Nucleus Report 'Junk Science'
Commentary  |  3/7/2006
Since we got our hands on a Nucleus Research report that claims SAP customers are 20% less profitable than their peers, we've had a chance to talk to SAP about it. "Their research is like comparing apples to rotten oranges," says SAP spokesperson Bill Wohl. "They [analyzed] 1/25th of a percent of SAP customers--81 out of 30K, and from that small slice they've concluded that SAP customers are less profitable."
In Focus: BEA-Fuego and the SOA/BPM Convergence
News  |  3/6/2006
BEA's acquisition of Fuego fits two of the most important trends shaping business process management.
Google, MySpace Come Crashing Back To Earth
Commentary  |  3/3/2006
Google has some maturing to do. It needs to prove to corporate America that it understands the needs of large companies and is committed to making whatever software it provides a success in the enterprise environment. That includes helping make the software secure and not shifting the total burden onto the customer.
Microsoft's Losing European Battle
Commentary  |  3/3/2006
Microsoft is escalating its 2-year-old war with Europe's trustbusters, charging in a 16-page complaint that the European Commission schemed with the software giant's rivals in trying to discredit Microsoft's compliance with the EC's 2004 antitrust decision.
Itanium And Integrity--Who Are Intel And HP Trying To Convince?
Commentary  |  3/3/2006
Itanium and Integrity won't go down from a lack of effort or commitment from its two creators and largest proponents, Intel and Hewlett-Packard. After Thursday's Webcast conference, one lingering impression was that the two companies may be trying as hard to convince themselves as the public that they haven't wasted billions of dollars in what has now become a decades-long effort to establish a new processor architecture.
What If Microsoft Repackaged The iPod?
Commentary  |  3/3/2006
With so much speculation about Microsoft's mysterious Origami Project possibly being an iPod killer (unlike this origami project), I'd be remiss if I didn't point readers to this hilarious video where someone took the time to answer the question I pose in the
RiverOne May Put i2 Back in the Game
News  |  3/2/2006
Addition of the partner relationship tool has promise for supply chain performance management.
Get Set To Pay More For High-Bandwidth Internet Use
Commentary  |  3/2/2006
Consumers seeking to download heavy-duty apps such as streaming video could find themselves paying much more for their Internet service than those who simply want to surf the Web.
Microsoft Will Stumble On Windows Vista And Office 2007
Commentary  |  3/1/2006
The thing about the story of the boy who cried wolf is that the wolf eventually showed up. Every time Microsoft updates Windows and Office, pessimists say customers won't adopt the new version. This trend goes back more than a decade. It happened with Windows 95, with Windows 98, with Windows ME, and with Windows XP. And the pessimists have been wrong every time. But this time around, it's looking like the pessimistic view is the right one. Neither Vista nor the upcoming Office 2007 offers co

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