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Content tagged with Executive Insights & Innovation
posted in April 2009
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IBM Will Flex Financial Muscle In Cloud, Analytics, Outsourcing
Commentary  |  4/30/2009
Flexing its considerable financial muscle in strategic categories, IBM says it "will leverage our cash position to be opportunistic to accelerate our progress" in cloud computing and business analytics, while also reporting a whopping 50% jump in signings for long-term strategic-outsourcing deals in the financial-services sector.
Verizon Seeks Extension For Alltel Spinoff
News  |  4/30/2009
The company says it needs more time to divest in wireless assets it obtained from Alltel because of difficulties related to the economic climate.
IBM CIO's Strategy: Run, Transform, Innovate
Commentary  |  4/30/2009
Like other CIOs, IBM's Mark Hennessy knows that a dollar saved on data center operations is a dollar earned for business-technology innovation. IBM has moved the dial on its IT budget 10 percentage points toward innovation in recent years, and Hennessy says there are still more operational efficiencies to be gained.
Riverbed Revenue Jumps 21% As It Sasses Cisco
Commentary  |  4/30/2009
Sparked by strong revenue growth in services and 500 new customers, Riverbed Technology reported revenue grew 21% in the first quarter to $88.5 million, and that it expects second-quarter revenue to be up by 13%-15% year over year. Emboldened by that success, Riverbed execs also told analysts they're beating Cisco "nine out of 10 times" even as Cisco and others offer discounts of 80% or more.
Global CIO: How Avnet Is Rethinking IT To Enable Global Business
Commentary  |  4/29/2009
A broader move from regional to global IT teams lets the company remain responsive to regional market needs while gaining the benefits of its global scale.
Down To Business: Are Execs Twittering Their Time Away?
Commentary  |  4/29/2009
Clearly, the rules of social networking engagement are still evolving. Either these tools are shedding light on business issues, or they're just a distraction.
Going On A Job Interview? Here's Some Help
Commentary  |  4/29/2009
Job interviews rank up there with root canal for most people. Wouldn't you want to know in advance the trickiest question your prospective employer might ask on your job interview?
Acer Could Replace Dell As World's No. 2 PC Maker
News  |  4/29/2009
Despite reporting disappointing first-quarter financial results and lowering its netbook shipment forecast, Acer is still growing while Dell's performance is suffering.
CIO Profiles: Dom Nessi, Deputy Executive Director And CIO, Los Angeles World Airports
Features  |  4/29/2009
Nessi advises would-be CIOs to "embrace a variety of aspects of the CIO position, not just the technical side."
CIO At The CIA Recognized As IT Leader, Change Agent
Commentary  |  4/29/2009
For the second time in three weeks, the understandably low-key CIO of the CIA, Al Tarasiuk, has been in the public eye, this time in recognition for being named as a top IT leader and change agent at an industry event.
Global CIO: Upheaval In The IT Industry: The End Of The World As We Knew It
Commentary  |  4/28/2009
The old model where hardware was hardware and software was software is gone, finished, and not to be seen again.
Sun CEO Schwartz To Staff: We've Fueled Entire Industries
Commentary  |  4/28/2009
In a memo to employees announcing the Oracle deal, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz makes every effort to emphasize the high value Oracle is placing on Sun's people. And, perhaps releasing his inner publicist, Schwartz also says Sun has "fueled entire industries with our people," driven the discovery of new drugs, and "transformed social media."
Apple Hires Former AMD Graphics Expert
News  |  4/28/2009
Bob Drebin's hire could indicate that Apple is expanding its role in the development of graphics technology for its products.
CIOs and Risk: Not Me, Must Be The Other Guy/Gal!
Commentary  |  4/28/2009
My parents used to love telling me how, when I was a lad of about two or three years old, I would gleefully throw my two older brothers under the bus whenever my mom or dad inquired about a broken lamp or a spilled soda.
Richard Stallman Slams SaaS
Commentary  |  4/28/2009
If you're known by the enemies you keep, then Software as a Service received a boost the other day when it was bashed by Richard Stallman, the free-software GNUru. Stallman is such a control freak about his particular vision of software "freedom" that he says the following about SaaS: "You must not use it!"
Q & A: Gen. Colin Powell On Leadership In Times Of Change
News  |  4/28/2009
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell speaks with InformationWeek about "commander's risk," cybersecurity, H1-B visas, Facebook, and his most immediate concerns for the United States.
Satyam Installs SAP And Its Employees Get Well-Deserved Praise
Commentary  |  4/27/2009
Most of Satyam's 40,000 employees, who had nothing to do with the financial fraud that nearly destroyed the company earlier this year, have spent the past three months dutifully serving their customers and fulfilling their professional obligations. So it was nice to see a big client lavish praise on Satyam's employees upon completion of a complex SAP project vital to India's security and national defense.
Obama Promises Massive Commitment To Scientific Research
News  |  4/27/2009
Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Microsoft strategy officer Craig Mundie among those named to help the administration shape its science policy.
Apple 'Pretty Messed Up' When Steve Jobs Returned
News  |  4/27/2009
Jobs' comments made to the SEC during his stock backdating deposition reveal the lengths the co-founder had to go to reset Apple's direction.
Twitter Backlash Bubbles Up
Commentary  |  4/27/2009
I was going to weigh in with yet another opinion about whether microposts reminiscent of that 1970s ad -- "if u cn rd ths msg, u cn gt a gd jb" -- presage the post-literate future or are instead our decade's pet-rock moment. However, what's more interesting is the brewing battle over whether Twitter backlash is for real or just a made-up story attempting to throw cold water on the popular Web 2.0 time-suck.
Infosys, Wipro, And Tata All Seek To Hire More Non-Indians
Commentary  |  4/26/2009
Infosys, Wipro, and Tata are all looking to hire more non-Indian workers to allay protectionist concerns and to recast their image as creators of jobs rather than relocators of jobs, and Wipro's plans include a second U.S.-based development center. But an ill-advised comment from the head of HR at Infosys could make this effort much more contentious than it needed to be.
Amazon Says CIO Interest In Its Cloud Services Is Surging
Commentary  |  4/25/2009
Amazon says CIO interest is rising rapidly in its enterprise-caliber Amazon Web Services, and that commitment for the new business starts at "the very highest levels of the company."
VMware Lands Two Customer Deals Over $20 Million Each
Commentary  |  4/24/2009
Despite overall slumping revenue from first-quarter enterprise license deals, VMware said it booked two of the largest such deals in its history with a major outsourcing vendor and another in the defense sector. The company also released some stats on the number of virtual machines some of its biggest clients are now managing.
Federal CIO Vivek Kundra Sees Potential Of Cloud Computing
Commentary  |  4/24/2009
Cloud computing has a supporter in Federal CIO Vivek Kundra, who told me in an April 23 interview that he saw potential for big savings with the cloud approach. In fact, the fed's information portal,, is being moved to a cloud-computing infrastructure within weeks.
Down To Business: Get Serious About Going Green
Commentary  |  4/24/2009
InformationWeek takes steps toward making the planet greener. For the first 5,000 times our May 4 issue gets downloaded on PDF, a Douglas fir will be planted.
IBM CFO: We Had 62 Unix Competitive Displacements In Q1
Commentary  |  4/23/2009
Earlier this week, IBM reported declines in many parts of its hardware business. But in spite of the broad hardware downturn, CFO Mark Loughridge said IBM convinced 62 CIOs to rip and replace Unix systems in the quarter, and that Linux MIPS were up more than 50%.
Global CIO: Have CIOs Become More Risk Averse?
Commentary  |  4/23/2009
While it appears to be true, the reasons are less related to the economy than one might think.
Oracle Purchase Of Sun Yields New Competitive Advantages
Commentary  |  4/23/2009
Oracle's grab for Sun is "an astounding move" that will enhance Oracle's ability to compete against Microsoft, VMware, IBM, and others, a new analyst report says. The three gems are infrastructure, channel-partner ecosystem, and the missing ingredients to offer robust cloud and virtualization solutions.
CIO Profiles: Mark Greenlaw, VP And CIO Of Cognizant
Features  |  4/23/2009
Cloud computing will have a huge impact on the IT services industry over the next five years, Greenlaw predicts.
Steve Ballmer Has 'No Idea' Why Oracle Is Buying Sun
News  |  4/23/2009
Microsoft chief questions rival's $7.4 billion bid for "hardware company."
IBM CFO Tells Analysts Oracle Plus Sun Changes 'Nothing'
Commentary  |  4/23/2009
Asked during a quarterly presentation to financial analysts for his reaction to Sun's decision to be acquired by Oracle after discussions with IBM broke down, IBM CFO Mark Loughridge offered a mild variation of "fuhgeddaboudit" by saying that in the ongoing competition for CIOs' decisions and dollars, the Oracle-Sun combination changes "nothing."
MySQL Manager: In Oracle We Must Trust
News  |  4/22/2009
Black humor about the Oracle Sun deal rippled through the MySQL Conference & Expo, but MySQL manager Karen Padin stood up for Oracle.
JC Penney CEO And CIO Put IT At Heart Of New Strategy
Commentary  |  4/22/2009
Retailer JC Penney's CEO and CIO are telling analysts and shareholders at today's annual meeting that IT has moved front and center in the company's strategy. The company is pushing traditional IT infrastructure management to third parties and is focusing its 1,100-member IT team on exciting, delighting, and extracting revenue from customers.
CTIA Endorses Phone Charger Standard
News  |  4/22/2009
The wireless industry consortium is endorsing a plan to use MicroUSB as a universal charging interface, and this could lead to 50% fewer chargers being manufactured.
Podcast: AMD Loss Obscures Aggressive Chip Plans
Commentary  |  4/22/2009
AMD's persistent economic challenges -- it just reported a first quarter loss -- have obscured its very real technology story. The scrappy chipmaker remains on track with an aggressive Opteron server-chip roadmap, which will see its six-core Istanbul processor fielded in the next several months, and its 8- and 12-core designs coming in 2010. I talked about Operton recently with Vlad Rozanovich, who heads up AMD's enterprise sales efforts in the United States. Read on to access the podcast.
Ubuntu CEO Sees Shift In Service Models
News  |  4/22/2009
Mark Shuttleworth says he's pleased with "Jaunty Jackalope" but is really excited about how his operating system has become a catalyst for IT services and other market changes.
Oracle Purchase Of Sun A Monster Step Backward, CIO Says
Commentary  |  4/21/2009
The CIO at Case Western Reserve University, which uses Sun's MySQL open-source database as well as Oracle databases, says the Oracle takeover of Sun is "a monster step backward for those of us who are committed to sustaining open source," according to The Wall Street Journal.
Stephen Hawking Hospitalized, Family Hopeful
News  |  4/21/2009
The world-renowned physics professor has been fighting a chest infection for a couple of weeks and had to cancel an appearance in Arizona because of it.
Sunlit Oracle Could Become Formidable Hardware Vendor
News  |  4/21/2009
Industry analysts predict the Oracle-Sun combo will shift the balance of power in the data center software and hardware sector.
CIO Will Advise Feds On $20 Billion Health IT Bill
Commentary  |  4/21/2009
John Glaser, CIO at Partners Healthcare, will be heading down to D.C. the week of May 4, to begin a six month stint helping to hammer out details of the federal government's $20 billion stimulus programs for health IT.
Is IBM Looking To Acquire SAP To Match Oracle/Sun?
Commentary  |  4/21/2009
Facing the prospect of all-Oracle stacks featuring Sun servers running Solaris OS on top of an Oracle database with all reporting through Hyperion, IBM might be considering a bid for SAP, a securities analyst speculates. He even cites a 2006 comment from SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner that only three companies would make ideal matches for SAP: Google, Microsoft, and IBM.
Sun's Deep Tech Bench Is Biggest Asset For Oracle
Commentary  |  4/21/2009
The most interesting omission I've seen in all the nattering about Oracle's planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems is discussion of whether the technical talent at Sun will mesh better with their new masters than they would have had the acquiring party been IBM. My counterintuitive answer is, yes.
Hospital CIOs: 'Impossible' To Balance Cuts, EHR Funding
Commentary  |  4/21/2009
Most hospital CIOs are facing a second round of 2009 IT budget cuts but must somehow begin funding electronic health records projects or face penalties in the form of reduced government subsidies. Two-thirds of CIOs say that balancing act is impossible.
Federal CTO Chopra Completes Obama's Tech Triad
News  |  4/20/2009
Three of the nation's tech leaders must work together to implement change and overcome hurdles.
Oracle's Alternatives Dim Without Sun
News  |  4/20/2009
By becoming a systems vendor, Oracle will move from being a software company to one that packages solutions "from database to disk."
Oracle Plus Sun Could Trigger Huge Growth In India
Commentary  |  4/20/2009
The CIO of a major Indian bank already doing significant business with both companies says Oracle's acquisition of Sun "will bring a lot of value" to his company, and the CIO of an Indian retail chain expects the acquisition to lower his costs for bundled solutions by up to 15%.
Samsung Sees Strong Smartphone Growth
News  |  4/20/2009
The cell phone manufacturer sees smartphone sales hitting 500 million in 2012, and it also has high hopes for touch-screen interfaces.
Oracle To Acquire Sun Microsystems For $7.4 Billion
News  |  4/20/2009
Larry Ellison swoops in to buy out the server and software maker in the wake of Sun's failed talks with IBM.
Google Says Foreclosure Searches Up 42%, Bankruptcy 53%
Commentary  |  4/20/2009
Noting that its search engines have become a reflection of the state of the economy, a Google exec said year-over-year searches on foreclosures are up 42%, bankruptcy 53%, and unemployment more than 100%. But the aggregate search data also reveal areas of growth and opportunity, he said.
Intel Speaks Truth To Healthcare (Plus, Video On Their $250-Million Alliance With GE)
Commentary  |  4/19/2009
My latest video takes you behind the scenes at Intel's announcement of its $250-million healthcare alliance with GE. But what interested me even more than the launch product (a monitoring system for seniors) was the bold language by Intel CEO Paul Otellini and GE chairman Jeff Immelt, neither of whom minced words in saying the U.S. healthcare system is broken.
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