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Content tagged with Executive Insights & Innovation
posted in May 2009
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AMD Poised To Launch 6-Core Istanbul
Commentary  |  5/30/2009
AMD will take Opteron to the next level on June 1, when it formally unveils its 6-core Istanbul processor. The exciting angle for users of high-powered servers (and also viewed from a data-center consolidation perspective) is that Istanbul in 4-socket servers will deliver 24 physical cores. (And you can add virtualization on top of that.) When you add the AMD launch to Intel news last week about its 8-core Nehalem-EX, I'd say we have a have a processing-power revolution on our hands comparable t
Kraft's BPO Guru Says Global Mega Deals Do Not Work
Commentary  |  5/29/2009
A deep debate over outsourcing dogma could be in the works following a statement by Kraft's SVP of shared services that "there is very little truly global scale advantage" in BPO deals and that the best approach is regional best-of-breeds involving regional pairs, such as North America and Asia-Pacific. The interview with AMR's Phil Fersht is a must-read for anyone involved in outsourcing strategy.
Global CIO: Sam Palmisano's Grand Strategy For IBM Revealed In $5B Global Financing Plan
Commentary  |  5/29/2009
The company is offering billions to help customers "mind the gap" until so-called stimulus money begins to flow around the globe. And it expects much of that funding will be used to purchase its very own products and services.
Telecom Magnate Carlos Slim's Rise To Power
News  |  5/29/2009
The wealthy and powerful Slim, a mystery in American telecom circles, is revealed in a lengthy profile in The New Yorker.
Cool-er Kindle Competitor Stokes Ebook Mania
Commentary  |  5/28/2009
I'm not a big fan of David Pogue (this video is one reason, though mainly it's because he has a larger audience than I), but I took notice when he reviewed the latest Kindle alternative. What does it all mean? Ebooks are real, and they'll eventually replace print, but for now I'm ticked there are no good portable PDF readers for smartphones.
Apple, Dell, And P&G Head AMR's Supply Chain Top 25 List
Commentary  |  5/28/2009
AMR Research released its list of the top 25 supply chains in the manufacturing and retail sectors and said a distinguishing characteristic of all 25 is that they place an intensely customer-centric focus on everything from operations to innovation.
Down To Business: Is IT Innovation Dead?
Commentary  |  5/28/2009
Even in a tech economy dominated by vendor consolidation and customer cost cutting, plenty of innovation is still happening.
From Layoffs To Ripoffs: Wicked New Threats From Ex-Employees
Commentary  |  5/27/2009
Most companies are "ill-prepared for an onslaught which could prove calamitous" and face "the greatest security threat of our times" from laid-off workers who are "extremely dangerous," say members of a global security-response team. In these dark days, stealing data's old hat; the new threats include tampering with billing systems, changing customer orders, and altering design documents.
Greylock Headquarters Moving To California
News  |  5/27/2009
The company's decision to shift its venture capital headquarters from Boston to Silicon Valley is calling into question the Boston/Cambridge area's entrepreneurial spirit.
Apple Awaits Tax Break In Plans For $1 Billion Data Center
News  |  5/27/2009
The company is eyeing North Carolina for an East Coast data center to serve its growing Internet operations.
Google Arms Developers With Free Phones, Web Tools
News  |  5/27/2009
Google CEO Eric Schmidt heralds the maturation of the Internet application programming model as the fulfillment of a decades-old dream.
VMware Invests $20 Million In Terremark Cloud Services
News  |  5/27/2009
The virtualization giant will own 5% of Terremark, which produces cloud and managed IT services for large companies and government agencies.
Salesforce Says New-Business Signings Dropped In Q1
Commentary  |  5/27/2009's first-quarter new-business signings came in slightly below last year's as customers took longer to sign, opted for smaller deals, and pulled back on add-ons and upgrades. And while Salesforce is still growing nicely, CEO Marc Benioff was more restrained in the comments he made to analysts than he had been after the previous two quarters.
Intel Nehalem-EX Launch Raises Multicore Ante
Commentary  |  5/27/2009
Forget four cores -- even though it's the sweet spot of the market. I write that only half in jest, because with announcements from Intel (an 8-core Nehalem) and AMD (6-core Istanbul), the lid has been ripped off the supposed upper limit on cores and threads. Consider that a Nehalem-EX with 8 physical cores and 2 threads per core for 16 total logical threads. In a four-socket server configuration, this can deliver 64 logical cores. [Update: This number has been corrected to 64 logical cor
New Amazon Cloud Service Says Forget Internet, Go Snail-Mail
Commentary  |  5/26/2009
If it's true that everyone likes newspapers and sausages but no one wants to see either one being made, then perhaps we'll have to add Amazon Web Services into that mix: for uploading very large data files, a new AWS service lets clients bypass the Internet and transfer the data to AWS the old-fashioned way: a physical package moving through the physical world. Who knew?
Global CIO: How Do You Match Up Against 50 Of The World's Top CIOs?
Commentary  |  5/26/2009
The global economic downturn is accelerating the evolution of the CIO position, requiring CIOs to be more business-driven, customer-focused, and accountable for growth.
Meet 50 Of The Top CIOs In The World: The Global CIO 50
Commentary  |  5/26/2009
Who are the very best at this daunting profession? What are their priorities, and their achievements? What companies are they from, and which industries? Come check out our list - the Global CIO 50 - featuring profiles of some of the world's top CIOs, including 10 from India, eight from China, five from Brazil, and top IT execs from many other countries.
Interop Raises CIO-Level Interest In Cloud, Virtualization: Video
Commentary  |  5/25/2009
While last week's Interop event in Las Vegas showcased a wide range of innovative enterprise technologies including mobility, WAN optimization, security, storage, smartphones, data center infrastructure, servers, and more, the biggest CIO-level activity was centered around cloud computing, whose acceptance and potential are growing rapidly, and virtualization, which has already become a cornerstone in 21st-century enterprise IT strategy.
Remembering And Honoring Our Heroes On Memorial Day
Commentary  |  5/22/2009
As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day in honor of America's warriors who have sacrificed so much to keep the rest of us safe, I wanted to share a story about a small American city building a small but lovely memorial to three of its sons who gave their lives in military service to America and in so doing won this country's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor.
The Transparency Shuffle: Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check Your Actions Can't Cash
Commentary  |  5/22/2009
The White House for months has made grandiose promises of complete transparency into how it's spending taxpayer money, but the reality is proving to be much more murky and unclear. Before making such sweeping commitments, perhaps President Obama should have spoken with some CIOs who know full well the importance of underpromising and overdelivering.
The Global CIO 50: IT Leaders Changing the Business World
Features  |  5/21/2009
These leaders and their teams are ready to take on the world -- and the perception that tech's more about cost than innovation.
President Clinton Data On Hard Drive Lost By National Archives
News  |  5/21/2009
The drive contains snapshots of the hard drives of departing administration officials, information that had been stored on 113 4-mm tape cartridges.
Google Gives Ground On Book Scan Agreement
News  |  5/21/2009
The company is trying to appease critics with provisions to strengthen library-preservation efforts and improve public access to books.
Does Red Hat Need Hardware White Knight After Oracle-Sun?
Commentary  |  5/21/2009
With its acquisition of Sun giving Oracle contol of the Solaris operating system, Red Hat and its Enterprise Linux might well become the less-favored stepchild in the expanded - and extended - Oracle family. And with the old hardware/software distinctions in the industry being erased, Red Hat is a likely takeover target, perhaps by a hardware company, predicts one financial analyst.
CIO Profiles: Phil Fasano, Senior VP And CIO, Kaiser Permanente
Features  |  5/21/2009
Kaiser's IT capabilities make real a difference in people's health, Fasano says.
Is Cisco Looking To Acquire Citrix For Virtualization Play?
Commentary  |  5/21/2009
With cloud computing going mainstream and virtualization a core element in IT strategy, Cisco could be interested in acquiring virtualization stalwart Citrix, say the folks at Motley Fool. And in a time when Cisco is warming to the "unified" approach, a Citrix buy would give Cisco the ability "to build an entire data center on its own platforms."
Information Malpractice: Coming Soon To A Cloud Near You?
Commentary  |  5/20/2009
Who says selling insurance is dull work? Riveting an Interop audience with his prediction of "information malpractice" and declaring that "data is the new oil" because it offers both tremendous value and tremendous liability, The Hartford's VP of cyber risk and new media markets said that cloud computing has the potential to increase enterprises' exposure on governance, security, and control.
Solving U.S. H-1B Reform Top For Indian IT Group
News  |  5/20/2009
Nasscom president Som Mittal hopes open discussions will prevent abuse and fraud in the programs predominately used to bring foreign IT workers into the U.S.
U.S. Defense Dept. Information Systems CIO Opens Up On Shared IT
News  |  5/20/2009
DISA CIO John Garing reveals much about how his team coordinates procurement, collaboration, and cloud computing within the often competing military branches.
HP To Cut More Than 6,000 Jobs
News  |  5/20/2009
The cuts follow HP's announcement of a 3.2% drop in revenue and a 17% decline in profits for the fiscal quarter ended April 30.
Interop CIO Boot Camp: CIO Jiu Jitsu And Centers Of Excellence
Commentary  |  5/20/2009
Every organization's got at least one: the defiant, abrasive, contentious, and inflexible colleague who fights your every initiative loudly and publicly. At Interop's CIO Boot Camp this week, former health-care and public-sector CIO Louis Gutierrez offered advice on how to defang these obstinate outliers and turn them into centers of excellence that can benefit the entire enterprise.
Interop CIO Boot Camp: How CIOs Can Drive Innovation
Commentary  |  5/19/2009
Interop Las Vegas this week featured a 2-day workshop for aspiring CIOs and one presenter described how CIOs can actively and effectively promote innovation within their organizations. Nationwide Financial Services CIO Emeritus Bruce Barnes says a big part of the formula is quite simple: people do what you pay them to do.
Interop: Deloitte CTO Sees Mobile Devices Winning Over PCs
News  |  5/19/2009
More than 5,000 employees last year told Deloitte's IT that they no longer access e-mail on their notebooks, but only on their smartphones, fueling Jerome Oglesby's theory.
Global CIO: An Open Letter To SAP CEO Leo Apotheker
Commentary  |  5/19/2009
SAP's plans to connect its operations and priorities more intimately with its customers are great signs, but they're also just the first steps in what's sure to be a long journey.
IP Enforcement Bill Draws Praise From U.S. Businesses
News  |  5/19/2009
Legislation would give the State Department additional resources and training for intellectual property enforcement efforts in foreign countries.
Big Fat Interop Photo Show: HP Mainstreams Unified Comm, Show Floor Shots
Commentary  |  5/19/2009
OK, so I only actually have four photos so far. But they're fresh from the morning keynotes, where HP announced its unified communications alliance with Microsoft, and VMware discussed how virtualization has become a serious enabling technology for cloud computer. I'll be tweeting (@awolfe58) and posting more photos throughout Interop. Click ahead to see the first batch.
Should Google's Outage Scare CIOs From Cloud Computing?
Commentary  |  5/18/2009
How much - or how little - should CIOs be concerned about whether Google's recent outage reveals fundamental weaknesses with the cloud computing model? Jeff Kaplan of ThinkStrategies offers a couple of sharp perspectives on why the sky's not falling (nor the clouds), and promises to keep the discussion going this week at Interop in Las Vegas.
Global CIO: Autonomy, Part II: Multivariant Testing And Killing The Hippos
Commentary  |  5/18/2009
In the second of a two-part series on Autonomy, find out how companies are putting its software to practical use.
CIOs Seek Answers To Top Technology Questions At Interop
Commentary  |  5/17/2009
Top of mind for CIOs these days are some technologies with the potential to not only attack the dreaded 80/20 ratio and lower the cost of infrastructure (LTCOI) but also trigger some transformative capabilities across the customer-driven enterprise: cloud computing, data-center strategies, SaaS, mobility, IT automation, videoconferencing, unified communications, and much more. And it's all at Interop, starting today.
Podcast: Sybase Sees Mobile Enterprise Tornado
Commentary  |  5/17/2009
We're in the midst of a mobile enterprise tornado, Terry Stepien, president of Sybase iAnywhere, told me when we did our podcast the other day. (Actually, it's a perfect storm.) Used to be, companies would dole out smartphones to anointed employees. Now, workers are storming the IT gates, demanding corporate e-mail connectivity for their iPhones. And software vendors are partnering up with mobility shops to roll out smartphone clients for their apps. Click on to hear our podcast.
SAP's McDermott Has Crafty Plan To Beat Oracle On Deals
Commentary  |  5/15/2009
Conversation heard between two SAP sales guys dishing up garbanzo bean salad on the lunch line at Sapphire. Salesman #1: "What's with this maintenance cost controversy? I don't hear customers talk much about it." Salesman #2: "Really? I hear about it all the time. I see deals getting smaller because of it." Well, they might want to talk to big boss Bill McDermott, who is plotting how to leverage the software maintenance-costs drama in a way that only a sales mastermind could.
Steal This E-Book
Commentary  |  5/15/2009
Sick of reading about MP3 and movie piracy, and how it's killed the music business and is destroying Hollywood, too? Then let's take a break and talk about e-book piracy. The usual suspect -- Cory Doctorow -- posits that the author's real enemy is obscurity, not piracy. Wrong. It's a different "p" word: Poverty.
IBM CEO Sam Palmisano Tells Investors, 'We Got It All'
Commentary  |  5/15/2009
In a candid and often flinty presentation to investors, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano says there's a simple reason why IBM is able to predict continued strong earnings growth while other companies hedge on forecasts: "We are not like the other companies in the IT industry. We're not. We've completely transformed the IBM company." Not clear enough? Try this: "Now look: We got it all."
CIOs Have Stopped Gutting IT Budgets For 2009, WSJ Says
Commentary  |  5/14/2009
That huge sigh of relief you're hearing today could be coming from big IT vendors upon reading in The Wall Street Journal that many U.S. businesses have stopped gutting IT budgets and might even be considering spending a bit more next year. As Sunoco CIO Peter Whatnell was quoted as saying, "I think that most people have made their cuts."
Sony Reports First Annual Loss In 14 Years
News  |  5/14/2009
The company reports a net loss of $1.01 billion on revenue of $78.9 billion, prompting more cost-cutting measures.
Andy Rooney On Why $200-Million-A-Day CIO Needs More $$
Commentary  |  5/14/2009
While I'd rather chew off a couple of fingers than listen to Andy Rooney, I have to channel the daffy curmudgeon on this one: 'Didja ever wonder why the federal government needs $200 million every single day just to run its computers? And while the rest of us regular shmoes cut back, dontcha think it's a bit much for the feds to tell us that $200 million a day isn't enough, and instead they'll need $215 million a day??'
Sybase Says: Smartphone Is Your Mobile Wallet
Commentary  |  5/14/2009
Here I've been on a kick the past year saying that the Smartphone Is Your Next Computer. Turns out, while that's true -- more people are leaving lapbricks at home in favor of Blackberrys and iPhones -- there's another trend brewing. Namely, your mobile device is about to become an unwired wallet.
Accenture Said To Be Opening Lower-Priced India Subsidiary
Commentary  |  5/13/2009
Long known as a high-end provider of business and technology consulting and services, Accenture is reportedly about to open a new subsidiary in India under a separate name with rates well below the premium-level pricing Accenture has traditionally charged, according to the Economic Times of India.
Colgan Air Crew Was Crash Waiting To Happen
Commentary  |  5/13/2009
If an engineering education teaches one anything, it's that proper process begets beneficial results. The reverse case is scarily evident in the transcripts of the Colgan Air disaster, where a discombobulated crew was a disaster, waiting to happen, which did.
Verizon Adds Business Calling Plans
News  |  5/13/2009
The carrier is targeting small businesses with wireless calling plans that offer unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls, free technical support, and online management tools.
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