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Content tagged with Executive Insights & Innovation
posted in July 2009
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Too Many Collaboration Platforms
Commentary  |  7/31/2009
Chatting in the lounge of our Global CIO virtual event this week, one CIO raised his concern about having too many collaboration platforms. A wiki here, e-mail alerts there, a SharePoint group there, and pretty soon the discussion's fragmented, and IT has a bunch more platforms to support.
HTC Lowers Revenue Forecast
News  |  7/31/2009
The smartphone maker is feeling the heat from a downward trend in handset pricing and from China's delay in rolling out its 3G network.
iPhone Smackdown: TechCrunch's Arrington Versus Forrester's Colony
Commentary  |  7/31/2009
I hate to dive into the traffic-trolling antics of TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, but I will (and not just because I'm chasing clicks, too). In his post about why he's abandoning the iPhone, he's apparently coming around to the view I've espoused for years. Namely, there are better options out there. He's opting for an Android; I say Blackberry's better.
Google's Global Dominance
Commentary  |  7/31/2009
While Google's search share of 60% in the U.S. will certainly be tough for Microsoft and Yahoo to attack, the challenge in many other major countries around the world will be even more daunting: Google's worldwide search share is 67%, according to ComScore.
Can Wal-Mart Sell The Power Of The Sun?
Commentary  |  7/31/2009
I'm a huge fan of Wal-Mart and its passionate commitment to customers and its ability to do things at an unmatched scale and with unmatched efficiency. Even so, I'm not buying an investment advisor's frothy analysis of how Wal-Mart is looking to harness the power of the sun to become one of the country's largest producers - and sellers - of electrical power.
Memory Chip Market Recovering
News  |  7/30/2009
Rising demand and limited supply will boost prices for DDR3 DRAM chips in the second half of the year, iSuppli says.
Nintendo Profits Tumble
News  |  7/30/2009
The lack of blockbuster Wii video-game titles caused Nintendo's profits to plummet 60% in its first quarter.
Alcatel-Lucent Reports $19.7 Million Profit
News  |  7/30/2009
The communications equipment supplier's stock rose on news of its first profit in more than two years.
Down To Business: Are Some CIOs Wearing Too Many Hats?
Commentary  |  7/30/2009
There's no right or wrong approach to setting CIOs' responsibilities, but anecdotal evidence suggests we could be stretching them too thin.
Windows 7 Boosts Momentum For Microsoft And CEO Ballmer
Commentary  |  7/30/2009
With Microsoft's Windows franchise generating more than $10 billion in operating profit in fiscal 2009 despite the Vista disaster, Windows 7 has become a make-or-break product for Microsoft. So the optimism that CIOs and others have begun expressing for Windows 7 and CEO Steve Ballmer could very well signal a reversal in the giant company's stumbling fortunes.
Global CIO: IBM's Game-Changing Plunge Into Predictive Analytics
Commentary  |  7/29/2009
Why IBM's plan to buy SPSS will greatly accelerate the evolution of not only IBM but also that of the entire IT industry.
Microsoft, Yahoo Deal Fraught With Risk
News  |  7/29/2009
Shareholders punish Yahoo over pact's terms while pundits say a host of issues could derail alliance.
The Top 50 Global Enterprise App Vendors
Commentary  |  7/29/2009
Quick: in 2008, in the category of global enterprise apps, whose revenue was almost twice that of its rival's - SAP or Oracle? And if I offered to bet you a year's salary that Sage Group generated more revenue from global enterprise apps than did Microsoft and combined in 2008, would you take the bet? AMR's list of the Top 50 app vendors offers the answers.
Ericsson Nortel Deal May Face Patent Hurdles
News  |  7/29/2009
RIM and Nortel pensioners group continue to complain about the deal; now the value of LTE intellectual property is at issue.
Microsoft, Yahoo Finally Ink Search Pact
News  |  7/29/2009
Microsoft's search tools will appear on Yahoo's sites while Yahoo takes on sales role.
SuccessFactors Up, Salesforce Down In Analysts' Forecasts
Commentary  |  7/28/2009
Maybe it's the law of big numbers, maybe it's marketing, maybe it's execution - but longtime SaaS poster-child just had one analyst cut his rating estimates for the $1.2 billion company, while another analyst boosted his ratings and estimates for up-and-coming SaaS provider SuccessFactors. Which way are the clouds blowing?
Graphics Chip Sales Point To PC Market Recovery
News  |  7/28/2009
Shipments rose 31% in the second quarter, an indication that computer makers are preparing for a robust back-to-school season.
Google Sells 5% AOL Stake To Time Warner
News  |  7/28/2009
The search giant is taking a $717 million loss on the $1 billion it paid in 2005 for the share.
Cardinal Health's New CIO On Board Of Firm IBM Is Buying
Commentary  |  7/28/2009
It's been quite a week for former Motorola CIO Patty Morrison: first she's named CIO of $91 billion Cardinal Health, and then a couple of days later IBM agrees to acquire SPSS, on whose board she sits, for $1.2 billion. And third, tomorrow Morrison will be a featured speaker at our online Global CIO Summit virtual event: "Driving Business Value and Customer Value in the Global Economy."
IBM To Acquire SPSS For $1.2 Billion
News  |  7/28/2009
Big Blue also revealed a separate deal to buy out security and compliance vendor Ounce Labs for an undisclosed sum.
Enterprises Iffy On Windows 7 Migration
Commentary  |  7/28/2009
Being a big fan of Windows 7, I was surprised to find that there's no mad rush by enterprises to migrate to the new operating system, and that Microsoft's ending of support for XP is the biggest factor in pushing businesses to upgrade. These are the early results of a just-completed InformationWeek Analytics survey on Windows 7, of which I'll offer a partial peek, if you click
Bank Of America To Shut 600 Branches Due To Surge In Online And Mobile Banking
Commentary  |  7/28/2009
After two decades of aggressive expansion in the bricks-and-mortar side of its retail-banking business, Bank of America is reportedly set to close about 10% of its 6,100 nationwide branches as more and more consumers handle their banking needs online and with mobile devices rather than visiting their local branch. My only question is, why have they waited so long?
GM Prepares For New CIO
News  |  7/27/2009
Ralph Szygenda's incoming successor, Terry Kline, will have to prove he's a tough negotiator with IT providers, at a time when the troubled automaker is at its most vulnerable.
What Not To Be: 'Black Hole Cost Center'
Commentary  |  7/27/2009
As the CFO office's liaison for IT--associate VP of IT finance, to be exact--Bill Miller of Nationwide Insurance sees one of his jobs as making sure IT isn't seen as a "black hole cost center."
Hear 12 Top CIO Strategies At Our Online Global CIO Summit
Commentary  |  7/27/2009
Want to hear a dozen of the world's top CIOs discuss global strategies, top priorities, and board-level issues? Join us online this Wednesday, July 29, for the Global CIO Summit virtual event for a day-long program that lets you attend the panel discussions, ask questions, meet and network with peers. Click ahead to register and for more info on speakers and the agenda.
Global CIO: An Open Letter To Cisco CEO John Chambers
Commentary  |  7/27/2009
Cisco's aggressive moves outside its traditional networking markets hold a lot of potential for it and its customers. But with so much going on, CIOs want and need to know: What business is Cisco in today?
Amazon Profits Fall Despite Revenue Increase
News  |  7/27/2009
Despite a weak economy, Amazon has managed to outpace the e-commerce market as a whole.
Cardinal Health CIO Davids Replaced By Ex-Motorola CIO
Commentary  |  7/27/2009
Cardinal Health CIO Jody Davids is stepping down from the $91 billion company according to her own plan and will be replaced next week by former Motorola CIO Patty Morrison. Two interesting details around this transition: Morrison will not inherit the other half of Davids' former job - EVP of corporate shared services - and will report to the CEO, which was not the case for Davids.
Wolfe's Den Vlog: Build A Liquid-Cooled Intel Core i7 PC
Commentary  |  7/26/2009
A liquid-cooled PC is like the Hummer of computers, which is why I've always wanted to build one. (Plus, it provides ample thermal support for overclocking.) This latest project came about because I wanted to top my last two quad-core builds -- 2008's QX9770 and 2007's QX6850 box -- and also because I wa
Verizon Added Fewer Subscribers In 2Q Than AT&T
News  |  7/24/2009
The company is still the largest U.S. carrier with 87.7 million subscribers, but the iPhone and prepaid services may be drawing customers away.
AT&T CEO: iPhone Won't Be Exclusive Forever
News  |  7/24/2009
Having the iPhone on multiple carriers is likely the only way Apple can significantly grow its user base in the United States.
Business Travel … To A Telepresence Station
Commentary  |  7/24/2009
There's an interesting tidbit in one of our articles this week, where an IT pro talks about traveling to another city to use a Cisco telepresence station for a meeting with executives in India. Commuting to telecommute -- sounds like something we should expect more of.
Help Wanted! Rental-Car Firm Is Hiring 19 App-Dev Managers
Commentary  |  7/24/2009
Bucking the rotten employment news that's become commonplace these days, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group is looking to hire 19 applications-development specialists and managers by Sept. 1. The company is planning a face-to-face job fair and is also accepting applications online.
How CIO Szygenda Helped GM Get Out Of The Fortune-Telling Business
Commentary  |  7/23/2009
As General Motors CIO Ralph Szygenda winds down his legendary career, he'll be remembered for many things: shifting the focus of his team from IT systems to cars and customers; consolidating a near-endless array of systems, applications, networks, and processes; using arbitrage to create a flexible network of third-party IT services; and more. But to me, the biggest impact he had was in helping make GM relevant again by changing it from a mediocre fortune-teller to a real-time global business.
GM CIO Ralph Szygenda To Retire; New CIO Named
News  |  7/23/2009
CEO Fritz Henderson announced Szygenda's resignation as part of a management shake-up at the troubled automaker. Terry Kline, one of Szygenda's direct reports, will take over as CIO.
Verizon Proposes Roaming Rule Change
News  |  7/23/2009
The wireless carrier said it would support a law requiring it to provide competitors with roaming agreements under certain circumstances.
Qualcomm's Earnings Marred By $208 Million Antitrust Fine
News  |  7/23/2009
The mobile chipmaker reported a $737 million third-quarter profit and raised its revenue forecast for 2009.
Oracle Acquires GoldenGate To Bolster Data Integration
Commentary  |  7/23/2009
Oracle has added real-time data-integration capabilities with the acquisition of privately held GoldenGate Software, enhancing its ability to ensure that vital business applications aren't disrupted during migrations and upgrades. The announcement confirms reports that we wrote about five weeks ago here in Global CIO.
EMC's 2Q Revenue Up, Profits Down
News  |  7/23/2009
Along with earnings, the company also disclosed more information about its $2.1 billion acquisition of deduplication specialist Data Domain.
Analysis: Apple Sees iPhone Success, But Challenges Coming
News  |  7/23/2009
Apple shipped 5.2 million handsets last quarter, but the next quarter will see high-profile alternatives and no new iPhone model to goose sales.
Amazon Expands E-Commerce Push With $850 Million Zappos Buy
News  |  7/23/2009
Under Amazon, will operate as a separate online retail brand.
LG Electronics 2Q Shows Strength On Handset, LCD TV Sales
News  |  7/23/2009
In its second quarter results announced Wednesday, LG said its company-wide operating profit rose 32%.
eBay 2Q Profits Down; PayPal A Bright Spot
News  |  7/23/2009
The online auction company's online payment business units, PayPal and Bill Me Later, reported an increase of 11% year-to-year.
Apple's Investment Star Wanes As iPhone Its Only Growth Area
Commentary  |  7/23/2009
For five straight years, Apple's stock price has performed magnificently as Steve Jobs' company has created a series of brilliant products. But a Wall Street Journal columnist argues that with declining revenue for both iPods and Mac computers, Apple must now pin all its hopes on the iPhone's ability to slug it out in an "industry of mutual assured destruction."
Wells Fargo Tech Exec Discusses Wachovia Integration
News  |  7/22/2009
Much of the IT integration work still lies ahead in the closely watched acquisition.
RIM Eager To Bid For Nortel Assets, But Thwarted
News  |  7/22/2009
The Blackberry maker says it is prepared to offer more than what Nokia Siemens Networks bid for Nortel's wireless business, including CDMA and LTE assets.
Hilton Hotels CIO Tim Harvey Exits; Hilton Was #2 On IW500
Commentary  |  7/22/2009
Hilton EVP and CIO Tim Harvey has left the company one year after Hilton was recognized as #2 in the InformationWeek 500 ranking. Hilton didn't give a reason for Harvey's departure, which follows a decade-long tenure marked by promotions and industry recognition. Did the recent addition of responsibility for corporate shared services dilute Harvey's ability to focus on CIO leadership?
AMD Losses Lessen In 2Q
News  |  7/22/2009
The chip maker's 11th consecutive quarterly loss reflects intense competition from Intel and effects of the economic recession.
Apple Reports Higher 3Q Profit, Revenue
News  |  7/22/2009
The iPhone maker beat Wall Street estimates, but iPod sales slid 7% from a year ago.
Giant Telescope Will Redefine The Real End-To-End Visibility
Commentary  |  7/21/2009
A group seeking to build the largest and "most capable and advanced telescope ever constructed" hopes to open this stunning 30-meter window into the past by 2018 in Hawaii. Astronomers believe the massive telescope will let them "study light from the earliest stars and galaxies" and "test many of the fundamental laws of physics." And that's end-to-end visibility you can believe in.
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