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Content tagged with Cloud posted in October 2009
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RightScale Refreshes Cloud Management Platform
News  |  10/30/2009
It has expanded its line of server templates suitable for configuring a workload to be sent to Amazon's EC2 public cloud.
Q&A: CIO Ross Philo On 'Post Office' In Your Home
News  |  10/30/2009
In a tough business environment, the U.S. Postal Service is delivering new capabilities for home PCs and smartphones and new services for high-volume mailers, says its top IT executive.
Amazon Serves Up MySQL
Commentary  |  10/30/2009
Amazon's newest cloud offering: MySQL 5.1 in the cloud, also known as Amazon RDS. And there's worry that it'll turn out to be a bad thing for MySQL in the long run, although that might not hold true for other open source repurposed in the same way.
Benioff Discloses All In 'Behind the Cloud' Except...
Commentary  |  10/29/2009
Five copies of "Behind the Cloud" have arrived at my desk, two intended for fellow IW staffers and three for me, an embarrassment of riches. It's Marc Benioff's book on how was created and built into a successful company. I am reading it avidly… but some disclosures will apparently have to wait for the sequel.
TV Web Site Opts For Cloud Servers
News  |  10/29/2009
To handle extreme spikes in Web traffic, a popular television show's servers were ditched in favor of Rackspace cloud hosting.
Is The Desktop PC Doomed?
News  |  10/29/2009
The rise of Web-based apps, virtualization, and a crop of powerful mobile devices have the traditional PC desktop on the run.
Catbird Monitoring VMs In Amazon EC2
News  |  10/29/2009
A version of Catbird's vSecurity Cloud Edition is available as an app in Amazon's EC2-approved catalog of application services.
Four Possible Reasons Why L.A. Chose Google Over Microsoft
Commentary  |  10/28/2009
The Los Angeles City Council has chosen Google over Microsoft for 30,000 city employees' email accounts. What better place than Tinseltown for this tech industry drama to play out, with one councilman even delivering a choice line about whether cloud computing could push the city off the edge of a cliff (a drama AND an action film). But we're still waiting for an ending that answers this question: Why Google over Microsoft?
Innovation, Not Cost, New Cloud Battle Cry
Commentary  |  10/28/2009
Maybe folks are simply trying to talk themselves out of the recession (which would be a good thing in itself), but it seems like the conversation around cloud computing is shifting from cost-cutting to unleashing innovation.
Google's 'Gov Cloud' Wins $7.2 Million Los Angeles Contract
News  |  10/28/2009
The City of Los Angeles plans to replace its Novell GroupWise e-mail system with Google Apps, partly using anti-trust settlement money paid by Microsoft.
Cisco To Acquire ScanSafe
News  |  10/27/2009
The market for tech companies is heating up again, as Cisco strengthens its position in Web and mobile security.
Amazon Offers MySQL Cloud Service, Cuts Server Fees
News  |  10/27/2009
In a preemptive strike at Microsoft, Amazon Web Services offers a relational database in the cloud, high-memory configurations, and cuts hourly fees for its Windows and Linux servers.
Global CIO: Why Are Microsoft, Oracle, And HP Bashing IBM?
Commentary  |  10/26/2009
Mark Hurd, Larry Ellison, and Steve Ballmer have all recently taken some fairly empty shots at IBM. But if Big Blue is such a loser, why do those three CEOs keep talking about it?
Is Cloud Bigger Than The Advent Of The Personal Computer?
Commentary  |  10/26/2009
Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, says "the cloud" is a phenomenon that is bigger than the advent of the PC. I think he's almost got it right. Cloud is bigger than the PC Revolution, but it's big in part because it incorporates and extends the PC revolution to Internet server clusters. The cloud owes more to the PC than Eric acknowledges.
White House Uses Open Source To Open Government
News  |  10/26/2009
The site now runs the open source Drupal content management system, which includes social networking tools that can be used for communications and participatory government.
SAP NetWeaver BPM: A 1.0 Product With Promise
News  |  10/26/2009
It's not the best business process management system on the market, but can it be the best system for SAP customers?
Global CIO: Hewlett-Packard CEO Hurd's Strategy: The Infrastructure Company
Commentary  |  10/25/2009
Promising that HP can combine massive scale and innovation, CEO Hurd says it will separate itself from IBM and others by having a complete end-to-end line of hardware, software, and services.
Adobe, Salesforce Put Flash In Cloud
News  |  10/23/2009 and Adobe Systems are teaming up to put interactive, rich user interface applications in the cloud ahead of Microsoft's Azure launch.
Google Inks Jaguar Land Rover Apps Deal
News  |  10/23/2009
The automaker has purchased 15,000 seats for Google Apps, incuding Gmail.
Practical Analysis: Data Center Wars Escalate As Cisco Retrenches
Commentary  |  10/22/2009
Data center virtualization cries out for new servers and networking. Cisco overengineered its first offerings; round two is looking better.
Alternative IT
Commentary  |  10/22/2009
Cloud Computing. SaaS. They're such over-used marketing words that they've become the butt of jokes (Larry Ellison on YouTube, anyone?). But hopefully the hype machine hasn't generated too much noise to drown out the fact that there have been some significant, permanent changes in how CIOs view software. At InformationWeek, we call it Alternative IT.
Nvidia Launches 3D Rendering For Cloud Computing Providers
News  |  10/21/2009
The server delivers photo-quality 3D images to any broadband-connected PC running a web browser.
Avoid Trap Of Proprietary Cloud Tooling: Use Simple API
Commentary  |  10/21/2009
What's the first thing you should do if you're thinking of developing software for cloud computing? At ZendCon, Zend Technologies user group yesterday, three members of a five member panel answered the same way: adopt Simple Cloud API, the open source cloud services interface.
CIA Invests In Social Media Monitoring Technology
News  |  10/21/2009
Investment arm In-Q-Tel is funding Visible Technologies, making its online brand analysis capabilities available to U.S. intelligence agencies.
A 'Bill Of Rights' For SaaS Customers
Commentary  |  10/21/2009
Analyst R "Ray" Wang is a tireless and well-respected customer advocate in the world of enterprise software. Now Wang is bringing his advocacy over to the SaaS side with his recently published "Customer Bill of Rights" for SaaS. I share with you some of the highlights.
Google, Workday Outages Show SaaS Isn't Perfect
News  |  10/21/2009
Software-as-a-service lets CIOs pay only for what they need, but CIOs need to make sure they get the system performance they've paid for.
Government Technologist: Energy's $32 Million Cloud Experiment
Commentary  |  10/21/2009
The Department of Energy has embarked on an ambitious project to see how cloud computing can be used by scientists at its national labs. Is it taking on too much, too soon?
Q&A: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer On Sharepoint 2010
News  |  10/20/2009
The Microsoft CEO lays out the company's Internet-facing strategy for its enterprise collaboration tool, SharePoint 2010.
Microsoft Unveils SharePoint 2010
News  |  10/20/2009
CEO Steve Ballmer calls the enterprise collaboration suite the biggest and most important SharePoint release to date.
T-Mobile Data Loss Falsely Reflects on Cloud Computing
Commentary  |  10/19/2009
Hopefully you don't have a T-Mobile Sidekick. If you do, you'll be disheartened to learn that your contact data could be gone after a SANS upgrade that went sideways... So, let's see, data was lost. It was remote data. So, cloud computing failed again, correct?... We need to get smarter here.
How Did T-Mobile Suddenly Recover Unrecoverable Data?
Commentary  |  10/15/2009
Microsoft today said it had recovered most of affected Sidekick customers' lost data. But this past weekend, like a doctor issuing a terminal prognosis, T-Mobile told affected customers that their data "almost certainly has been lost." So, what changed between then and now?
Photo Gallery: Google's Scenic Oregon Data Center
News  |  10/15/2009
One of Google's newest data centers is nestled among the mountains, canyons, and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge.
NASA's Next Mission: The Tweetup
News  |  10/14/2009
The space agency plans to host 100 Twitter users at Kennedy Space Center for next month's launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
Benioff, Dell Link Arms: Here Comes Hybrid Cloud
Commentary  |  10/14/2009
Marc Benioff set aside his duties as master of ceremonies at the death of software Tuesday and announced on-demand applications and on-premises applications could work together. His venue was a Yerba Buena Center theater in San Francisco next to Oracle OpenWorld. He still took a swipe at enterprise software, but his talk was titled, "The Best of Both Worlds."
The Drama That Didn't Happen At Oracle Open World
Commentary  |  10/14/2009
So Marc Benioff treaded onto Larry Ellison's turf at Oracle Open World yesterday and acknowledged that sometimes, customers use both Oracle and Well, unless you're completely gullible to the attention-loving drama kings of the software industry, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Cloud and traditional computing will forever coexist in an IT architecture world that is far more grey than black and white, and both Larry and Marc know it.
Hitachi Data Systems Reaches For The Cloud
Commentary  |  10/13/2009
HDS announces a move into public and private cloud storage, primarily through rebranding
Dell: IT Can Create $200 Billion In Efficiencies
News  |  10/13/2009
Virtualization could take a large chunk out of the $1.2 trillion spent on IT in North America each year, Michael Dell said at OracleWorld.
Wikipedia, Now In A Dedicated Mobile Device
News  |  10/13/2009
Thinking inside the box, Openmoko has put Wikipedia into its very own reading hardware.
T-Mobile, Microsoft Promise $100 Gift Card For Lost Data
News  |  10/12/2009
But most customers will see their data restored, the two companies hope.
Dell, Salesforce Partner In Online CRM
News  |  10/12/2009
Dell will provide system-integration services for small and medium-sized businesses using Salesforce.
Swarm: Open Source Web App Scaling
Commentary  |  10/12/2009
A new open source project called Swarm bills itself as "a transparently scalable distributed programming language." It's been written to tackle one of the thorniest problems of today's cloud-centric world: How do you create applications that can scale up and out without driving yourself nuts?
Who Do You Blame For Cloud Computing Failures?
Commentary  |  10/12/2009
Think of the one million T-Mobile Sidekick customers that may have lost important data last week. Think of the dozens of CIOs that anxiously waited for Workday to restore its SaaS service on Sept 24. Cloud computing has created a new era of accountability, and we must demand that tech vendors work harder than ever to prove their trustworthiness.
Wolfe's Den: Less Client, More Cloud For Microsoft After Windows 7
Commentary  |  10/12/2009
Intriguing evidence points to the fact that cloud computing services for both enterprises and consumers--in the form of Azure and Windows Live--will loom larger in Microsoft's future than anyone realizes.
D&B, Kalido Unveil Data Management Products
News  |  10/12/2009
Kalido adds new collaboration features between business users and IT in the latest version of Information Engine and D&B launches its first online data management application.
Univa Puts Oracle E-Business Suite In Cloud
News  |  10/9/2009
The software maker will demonstrate, at Oracle OpenWorld, how Oracle's enterprise apps can be run remotely, in the cloud.
EMC Offers Help In Oracle Virtualizaton
News  |  10/9/2009
The storage vendor is offering what it considers optimized use of tiered storage in virtual Oracle environments.
NASA Moon Bomb Stirs Up Cloud
News  |  10/9/2009
Microsoft and Google will offer looks at LCROSS lunar impact on their Web platforms.
Is Workday's 15-Hour SaaS Outage Acceptable?
Commentary  |  10/9/2009
On Sept. 24, Workday's SaaS service for human resources, financial applications and payroll was down for 15 hours. That's right, not 15 minutes, not 1.5 hours, but 15 hours. Google Gmail is down for 90 minutes, as it's as if the world has come to an end. So it begs the question: Is 15 hours' downtime for core applications such as accounting and HR acceptable?
Morgan Stanley Escapes New E-mail Trial
News  |  10/9/2009
Court says bank's evidentiary foul-up irrelevant to final outcome in Perelman case.
The Conversation With Gates And Ballmer That Sparked Microsoft's Cloud Strategy
Commentary  |  10/8/2009
Microsoft's march toward cloud computing is fascinating to watch. Next year, Microsoft will take the most successful desktop software package of all time-Office-and offer it online to businesses, somewhat similar to the Google Apps model. Microsoft's VP of Online recently shared with me some thoughts on Microsoft's strategy-and the conversation he had with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer that led to Office Web Apps 2010 and other decisions.
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