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Content tagged with Executive Insights & Innovation posted in February 2010
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Global CIO: Microsoft Slams Oracle For Limiting Choice But Seeks x86 Hegemony
Commentary  |  2/28/2010
Riddle me this: Oracle's integrated systems limit competition, which is bad, but it should kill Sparc to limit Wintel competition, which is good.
Toyota Failure Proves Quality Isn't Scalable
Commentary  |  2/26/2010
There's a computer-industry lesson embedded within the bad news surrounding Toyota's unintended acceleration problem. It's out of the same playbook which in an earlier day saw GM morph from an innovator--electric starter, automatic transmission--into a lumbering behemoth. It's this: Quality is not infinitely scalable.
Server Market Data Signals Rebound
News  |  2/25/2010
Data on worldwide server sales indicates that businesses are starting to increase spending on their IT infrastructures.
Force10 Fixin' To Switch HP, Cisco Customers
Commentary  |  2/24/2010
Force10 Networks is making hay of the impending termination by Cisco of its partnership with HP. The scrappy Ethernet vendor launched a promotion on Wednesday intended to get HP resellers to push Force10 switches instead of competing Cisco and HP ProCurve gear.
Apple Says CIOs Opening Floodgates For Macs
Commentary  |  2/24/2010
"It's amazing how many CIOs are visiting Apple and are interested in the Mac," Apple COO Tim Cook said Tuesday, noting that the old enterprise fixation on standardization is giving way to a focus on creativity. Cook made those and other scintillating comments at a Goldman Sachs investors conference.
Global CIO Quick Take: Cisco TelePresence Shaping Next-Gen Hotels
Commentary  |  2/24/2010
TelePresence suites help Starwood Hotels innovate today and be relevant to the tech-immersed business travelers of tomorrow.
Global CIO: CIOs Shattering Social Media Taboos, RightNow Says
Commentary  |  2/23/2010
As the social web's business value has outstripped security concerns, CIOs have begun buying, RightNow claims.
Global CIO: Capgemini Splits CIOs Into 3 Groups, And 2 Are Deadly
Commentary  |  2/23/2010
The good news: 39% of CIOs are in good shape. The bad news: 61% fall into the lethal categories.
Global CIO Quick Take: GoodData Helps Enterasys Master The Cloud
Commentary  |  2/23/2010
GoodData's technology, management philosophy, and "market-disruptive price point" have helped Enterasys drive more business value from IT.
Global CIO: There's No Money Left
Commentary  |  2/23/2010
That sucking sound you hear is the sound of yearly software maintenance fees.
Intel Unambiguous: U.S. IT Leadership Matters
Commentary  |  2/23/2010
What's notable about Intel CEO Paul Otellini's speech Tuesday is how he treats the U.S.'s overall competitiveness as vital to the company's future.
Intel, VCs Investing $3.5 Billion In U.S. Tech
News  |  2/23/2010
The tech giant wants to help boost the U.S. economy by promoting venture capital investments and more hiring of college grads.
Wireless Leads RadioShack To 26% Profit Gain
News  |  2/23/2010
The retailer's strategy of beefing up its mobile phone offerings led the company to earn $75.7 million in fourth-quarter net income.
HP Not Rolling Over On Cisco's Severed Ties
Commentary  |  2/23/2010
Monday's post was not the whole story as regards Hewlett-Packard's response to Cisco's impending termination of the partnership agreement between the two. While the statement HP e-mailed me might create the perception that it's a mature--albeit wilting--flower, shying away from a good fight, a look beneath the sur
Global CIO: NBC's Olympics Web Strategy Pounds Another Nail In Coffin
Commentary  |  2/22/2010
In trying to force web viewers to watch the Olympics on NBC's terms, the network showed how pathetically out of touch it is with that vital audience.
HP Responds To Cisco Alliance Cutoff
Commentary  |  2/22/2010
Hewlett-Packard is taking the high road in response to the Cisco's impending cut off of its reseller relationship. Click ahead to read HP's statement.
Apple's Giant New $1B Data Center From The Air
Commentary  |  2/22/2010
While this 37-second YouTube video won't be confused with Citizen Kane, it does provide a striking perspective on the massive, remote, expensive, and indispensable digital powerhouses behind the cloud computing platform. And just think of the marketing opportunity: Apple could put a logo the size of New Jersey on the roof.
Global CIO Quick Takes: AstraZeneca Saves Millions With BDNA
Commentary  |  2/22/2010
Well-done global IT-asset management can turn beancounting into strategic insight—and generate big savings.
Global CIO: Oracle Needs More Than Ellison's Talk To Beat IBM's Systems
Commentary  |  2/21/2010
IBM's counterattacking on multiple fronts, emphasizing 50 years in optimized systems and questioning Oracle's abilities.
Oracle's Ellison Reaffirms Rapid Profitability For Sun
Commentary  |  2/21/2010
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reaffirmed Saturday that Sun's formerly unprofitable operations will become profitable "right away" as part of Oracle. That follows his promises late last month that Sun will be hiring more people than it lets go, and that Oracle's prize acquisition will turn a profit this month (February).
Cisco Smacks Down HP Partnership
Commentary  |  2/19/2010
Cisco has made what can only be characterized as an aggressive move emphasizing its strategic surge from a networking-centric vendor into a unified computing powerhouse. As in, they sell servers now, too. In a blog post, Cisco unleashed the news it will terminate its system integrator contract with HP, and the latter will no longer be a Cisco Certified Channel or Global Service Alliance partner.
Dell Profits Dip In 4Q
News  |  2/19/2010
The PC maker is diversifying its business via acquisition of an IT services firm and plans to enter the smartphone market.
IBM's Palmisano Warns U.S. Not To Fall Behind On Broadband
Commentary  |  2/19/2010
With global IP traffic in 2013 expected to top 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (half a zettabyte, which is one trillion gigabytes), IBM CEO Sam Palmisano is warning that "our country will not be prepared for a new world that is increasingly built on the fusion of the physical and the digital" without a huge national broadband upgrade driven by private-sector funding and "enlightened" government policy.
Global CIO: Hewlett-Packard's Hurd Creates Growth Engine In R&D
Commentary  |  2/18/2010
HP's chopped $1B from annual R&D spending but is cranking out more dynamic new products than ever. What's Hurd's secret?
Down To Business: The 10 Most Strategic IT Vendors
Commentary  |  2/18/2010
They're integral to the business, command a central place in the IT architecture, and are mighty hard to replace. How do these vendors compare to your list?
Global CIO: Do CIOs Still Matter?
Commentary  |  2/18/2010
CIOs need to redefine their roles and boundaries in today's age of lean IT and customer-centric business.
Server Den: AMD Emphasizes Energy Efficient Opterons
Commentary  |  2/18/2010
Our columnist interviews AMD chief marketing officer Nigel Dessau, who talks about the scrappy chip vendor's upcoming processors, the four stages of virtualization, and why scale-out servers could be the platform of the future.
IT Software Spending To Focus On Upgrades
News  |  2/18/2010
The focus on upgrading software is the result of a backlog that occurred during the economic recession, study shows.
Global CIO: Open Letters To Ellison, Hurd, Chambers, & Plattner
Commentary  |  2/17/2010
In the past year we've made candid suggestions to each of those executives via open letters -- were our ideas on target?
Microsoft: Cloud Computing Will Raise Our Sales, Profit
Commentary  |  2/17/2010
Microsoft business software president Stephen Elop says the company's June launch of Office 2010 will include a cloud-based version that will result in more revenue and profit for Microsoft because the company will end up "doing much more work for the customer."
Larry Ellison: America's Cup Like Running Oracle
Commentary  |  2/17/2010
Calling estimates that he spent $400 million in his bid to win the America's Cup "a little high," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said that winning the racing competition was like running his high-profile enterprise software company: "Everybody sees the sailing teams, but there's an awful lot behind them."
Global CIO: Hewlett-Packard's Megadeal With Shell Raises Strategic Profile
Commentary  |  2/16/2010
Will this large, complex, and deeply strategic energy deal help HP shake the tired tag of world's biggest PC maker?
Global CIO Quick Take: Dell CIO On App Consolidation
Commentary  |  2/16/2010
Keep cutting until the 'screaming's unbearable'
Larry Ellison's Stunning High-Tech Sailing Triumph
Commentary  |  2/16/2010
Although the only thing I know about sailing is that when you throw up you shouldn't do it into the wind, it has been fascinating to read about the unprecedented innovations Oracle CEO Larry Ellison brought to his high-tech sailboat that recently thrashed Ellison's rivals from Team Alinghi and brought the America's Cup home. Here are a few highlights.
Global CIO: SuccessFactors Is The Future Of Business Software
Commentary  |  2/16/2010
SuccessFactors' compelling product strategy, customer-centric mission, and dynamic CEO are turning the software business upside-down.
SAP Chairman Plattner On What Could Kill Company
Commentary  |  2/14/2010
While profits remain enormously important to SAP, co-founder and chairman Hasso Plattner said in public comments last week that if SAP were to try to stifle another particularly vital imperative for the sake of profits, "that could kill the company."
Global CIO: Hewlett-Packard And Oracle Layoffs Are Ugly But Essential
Commentary  |  2/14/2010
While layoffs can be heartbreaking, they're also an indispensable fact of life in the dynamic global IT business.
Global CIO: Apple's Steve Jobs Torpedoes Another Stale Business Model
Commentary  |  2/12/2010
Jobs and the iPad are revolutionizing the book business while picking a big fight with Amazon. What can you learn?
SAP Chairman Vows Not To Interfere
Commentary  |  2/12/2010
In what must be sweet comfort to his two newly named co-CEOs, SAP chairman and co-founder Hasso Plattner has vowed not to interfere in daily operations. That pledge comes just several days after Plattner promised to "do everything possible to make SAP a happy company again" and as he is deeply involved in a sweeping overhaul of the company's development processes and customer relations.
Silicon Valley Innovation Stalled
News  |  2/12/2010
A loss of venture capital funding for technology companies and a dwindling stream of foreign talent threatens the region's economic recovery.
Global CIO: Accenture Millenials Study: The IT Revolution Has Begun
Commentary  |  2/11/2010
Today's young tech wizards have huge potential but jarring behavior, Accenture says—how do you harness the former and understand the latter?
Dell Buying Kace: Lesson Learned From EqualLogic Deal
Commentary  |  2/11/2010
Dell has agreed to buy Kace, maker of the KBOX IT systems management appliance, for an undisclosed sum. The product fits with what Dell learned from acquiring EqualLogic in 2008: that it needed to make its hardware easier to use, quicker to set up, and with fewer tasks to run it.
Down To Business: No One Owns Market Leadership
Commentary  |  2/11/2010
Great companies re-earn customer trust and loyalty every single day, often using the most innovative and reliable technology.
Sprint Nextel Pins Hopes On WiMax
News  |  2/11/2010
The company continued to lose revenue and subscribers in the fourth quarter, but believes its growing 4G network will help turn it around.
Global CIO: General Motors Ex-CIO Predicts Return To Growth
Commentary  |  2/11/2010
Can IT teams kick it out of cost-cutting mode?
HP Unveils Huge Data Center Cooled By Wind
Commentary  |  2/11/2010
The latest addition to the exotic new-wave data centers we wrote about recently-including an ice-cooled former NATO command center in Iceland and a new tourist attraction at Disney World-is Hewlett-Packard's 360,000-square-foot UK facility cooled by the bracing winds from the nearby North Sea.
Global CIO: Why Apple's iPad Will Be A Great Business Device
Commentary  |  2/10/2010
Is it the big screen, or the Apple magic, or the software? And will CIOs shortlist or blacklist?
IBM Exec Sees Demand Rising For IT Services
Commentary  |  2/10/2010
"We are beginning to see some action, beginning to see purse strings loosening," according to an IBM executive leading its global delivery business in India. That comment, from a Wall Street Journal article, would mark quite a turnaround from a few months ago when IBM's CFO declined to make any comment on corporate IT spending.
Global CIO: An Open Letter To SAP Chairman Hasso Plattner
Commentary  |  2/9/2010
Ten very candid suggestions on overhauling SAP's value proposition, corporate culture, commitment to the cloud, competitive outlook and more.
Perverse Policy: UK Govt. CIO Loses Clout If He Spends Less
Commentary  |  2/9/2010
Calling it "one of the most perverse things I have heard," the CIO of the U.K.'s Revenue and Customs branch said he was warned by Cabinet officials that if he were to find creative ways to cut his $1.2 billion IT budget by 50%, he would be dropped from a top-level group that shapes government purchasing policy and strategy.
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