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posted in May 2007

Child Sex Crackdown Causes Problems For LiveJournal

The venerable online community LiveJournal stirred up a storm of controversy when it attempted to delete sex-themed discussion groups in the name of protecting children, and accidentally deleted legitimate literary sites and at least one psychological support journal.

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A Second Look At Voice In Second Life

Linden Lab shared some rough target dates this afternoon for deploying voice on the main grid -- it's coming up soon. Also: I've had an opportunity to play with voice some more over the past week, and I continue to be extremely impressed.

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Linden Lab Needs To Bring In Professional Management

Linden Lab is a wonderful company that's working miracles every day. But it doesn't have experience managing a booming business, and that shows. It needs to bring in people who know how to take a company from emerging startup to billion-dollar giant.

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Why People Still Use Microsoft Office: Saving Time And Peace Of Mind

Reader Alex Wieder writes to describe why people pay for Microsoft Office -- saving time and peace of mind. His letter suggests something I'm coming to suspect: That Microsoft's Office monopoly persists on inertia and could well disappear in a few years as and other alternatives become more attractive.

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A New Mac User Describes Some Problems

Jim Rome writes about Mac drawbacks after switching from the PC. Overall, he likes the Mac, but he has problems with music and the user interface. He also describes how he uses virtual desktop software to manage multiple running applications.

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We're Taking A Field Trip In Second Life

InformationWeek and Doctor Dobb's Journal are leading an intrepid band of explorers on a Second Life field trip Friday -- to the beta grid, where we'll be playing with voice in Second Life. Everybody's welcome, so if you're reading this, join us at noon Second Life Time (which is the same thing as Pacific time in the U.S.).

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Voice In Second Life Gets Two Thumbs Up. Or Claws. Or Tentacles. Or Whatever Appendage Is Appropriate For Your Avatar

I had a chance to test-drive voice in Second Life this afternoon and found it to be an outstanding experience, after a few bumps and problems getting started. Read the first-impression review of voice in Second Life.. Voice is going to fundamentally change the Second Life experience, in which communication has now consisted exclusively of text chat, with the sometime addition of out-of-band phone calls and

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Welcome to the 21st Century! Leave Your Phone Number Behind

This is a first: I just entered the contact information for a new contributor to InformationWeek into my address book, and here's what I put in: His Skype address, his e-mail address, his Second Life avatar name, his Twitter URL, and his blog URL. It feels weird to not have a phone number for the guy -- welcome to the 21st Century, Mitch!

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Photo Essay: Things To Do In Second Life

Second Life resident Hannah Hannya shares a lovely photo essay illustrating things to do in Second Life. A main source of power for the virtual world is that it's not a game, it's not a 3-D modeling tool, it's not community software. It's a set of software and networking tools that you can use to build games, or 3-D models, or communities, or do a great many other things -- including taking fine photos. Great job,

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The Smart Folks At Dr. Dobb's Journal Lead By Example Doing Business At Second Life

I've been privileged in my short but intense career in Second Life to be able to look over the shoulders of some of the smartest businesspeople in the virtual world -- the team working for our sister publication, Dr. Dobb's Journal,. John Jainschigg, their online editor-in-chief, is always doing 12 things at once and moves three times faster than a normal person, but I was finally able to sneak up on him and put him in a cage until he told me what DDJ is up to

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Jaiku: Like Twitter, But With More Features

Jaiku offers an alternative to Twitter that might be more attractive for many users. Jaiku includes built-in tools to integrate external sources of information -- weather, headline news, blogs -- into the stream. It also allows you to set up groups of users, for your friends, family, customers and partners, or anyone who shares a common interest, something that Twitter will likely get but doesn't now have.

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The Cutest Video On Installing Ubuntu Linux Done By a Librarian In Washington, Vermont, That You'll Ever See

Blogger and librarian Jessamyn West got several PCs as donations, but they didn't have an operating system. So she installed Ubuntu Linux, and videotaped the process. The result is not only the cutest video on installing Ubuntu Linux done by a librarian in Washington, Vermont, that you'll ever see. It's also the only one with a catchy Zydeco soundtrack. Watch it after the jump.

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Think Instead Of Microsoft Office, Save Yourself Hundreds Of Dollars

In my transition from Windows to the Mac, I faced a real quandry with regard to Microsoft Office. I don't spend much time working in an office suite. I don't want to spend $300 for software I'm not spending much time with. But when I need an office suite, I need it badly, and I need it to be Microsoft Office-compatible. I don't want to mess around with an open-source alternative that might let me down when I need it most.

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Getting Reacquainted With Twitter

I blew the dust off my Twitter account over the weekend and started using it again. It struck me again how Twitter's critics don't get that its appeal is social. It's not about staring into the mirror and talking about yourself all the time. It's a big chat room. It's about holding conversations with other people.

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Second Life Adding Age Verification. Identity Thieves Celebrate

Linden Lab plans in mid-May to introduce age verification systems to Second Life designed to keep kids out of adult areas. It's almost certainly legally necessary, to protect the company and adult content providers in-world from civil and criminal prosecution. But, still, it's a bad idea. It won't stop kids from accessing adult content. And it provides tremendous opportunity for identity thieves, creating a rich store of Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, dates of birth, and ot

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Will The Monster Of Instability And Bugs Devour Second Life And Grind Up Its Bones?

You ever have the experience of moving to a new city -- a great city, like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, or London? For a couple of months, just walking down the street is magic, but then one day you wake up and, well, you notice the uncollected trash and the panhandlers and the fact that public transit is never on time. You still love it there, but you also wish that your bus stop didn't smell like pee. That's kind of where I am with Second Life.

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How Should You Look When Doing Business In Second Life?

Avatars are among the most fascinating elements of Second Life. In the real world, how you dress and wear your hair makes a statement to the people you meet. The same thing is true in Second Life; how people look says something about what they think of themselves, and what they want other people to think of them. In Second Life, of course, everything about your appearance is customizable: Hair, clothes, body shape, and even gender and species. This past week and a half, I've been focused on p

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The NBA Provides A Lesson For Real-Life Companies On Doing Business In Second Life

I really wanted to hate the NBA Headquarters in Second Life. Dozens of real-life companies have started operations in Second Life, and only a few of them actually seem to understand how to do business in the virtual world. But, much to my disappointment (at first) and later, delight, the NBA really seems to get it, and it's built a Second Life area that will be appealing to geeky basketball fans.

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It's Important To Ridicule The Things That Don't Interest Us On The Internet

I think it's important to ridicule new things on the Internet that don't interest us. When people come up with a new service or tool like Twitter or Second Life, it's very important that we announce that it's just silly, it appeals only to self-centered losers, perverts, and criminals, and it's a big waste of time. We must let it be known that we ourselves are too busy, and our lives are too full of children, mortgage payments, and work, to get involved in such nonsense. And we must make these p

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