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IBM may have reached the height of opportunism with its Public Sector Energy and Environment Diagnostic consulting service and Strategic Water Information Management (SWIM) solutions platform -- two related efforts to cash in on our stressed environment. Good for IBM.

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Drawing The Green Line With Netbooks

Where do you draw the green line when it comes to buying a notebook? I may have crossed it with my purchase yesterday of an Acer Aspire One netbook -- ironically, to cover an environmental summit in Istanbul in two weeks. Between the jet fuel and Acer's poor environmental record, I may be doing more harm than good.

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Carbon Disclosure In Discrete Measures

The Carbon Disclosure Project's first global supply chain report, due on March 5, should be an eye-opener -- not only for what it contains but for what it lacks. Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM are among the IT companies that joined the CDP Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration and will be represented in the report.

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Kansas E-Waste Efforts Still Dust In The Wind

Kansas has had a few shining ecomoments, most recently on Jan. 24 when Sedgwick County collected more than 500 tons of e-waste. But any hopes environmentalists have of really cleaning up the state may be no more than dust in the wind.

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California's Environmental Budget: One If By Land, None If By Air

It's difficult to see who is winning California's environmental war: the polluters or the polluted. Today, California lawmaker's passed a bi-partisan budget roundly criticized by environmental groups for loosening air pollution regulations. Elsewhere in Sacramento, the state Environmental Protection Agency was holding a symposium on the "greening of electronics."

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Cisco Gets Energy Wiser

Cisco's new EnergyWise technology, which measures and manages energy consumption on just about everything on the network, is, indeed, wise. But it's going to get a whole lot wiser and useful early next year when it will be extended to the management of HVAC and other building systems.

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How Green Is Your Collar?

Is your collar green if it's covered in coal dust? How about if it's covered in powdered sugar? In some instances, both collars may be green, a new study suggests.

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Demand Response In Demand

Demand response is in demand, according to a new federal report. That's good news for operators of data centers, disaster recovery, and business continuity sites, and large users of electricity.

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Green Stories To Watch In 2009

There have been a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings around green computing in 2008. As a new year begins, expect intense scrutiny as green efforts take shape, including data center metrics, cap-and-trade programs, vendor claims of power-management features, and state and federal legislation. Here are five stories to watch in 2009 (another five to come tomorrow).

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Green IT, Unwrapped

Bookmark this page. Contained herein are some of the more useful links I've come across in 2008. They are by no means exhaustive, but I believe they'll come in handy when you're looking for some eco-answers. They include private-sector sites, government agencies, NGOs, and 501(c)3 sites.

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Holdren Brings Reason, Science To Obama

John Holdren, professor of environmental policy at Harvard University and director of the Woods Hole Research Center, will bring a principled, reasoned approach to the White House as science adviser to President-elect Barack Obama. Holdren, who also serves as co-chair of the independent National Commission on Energy Policy, is expected to be named to the post tomorrow, according to a Post a Comment

Robbing Peter To Poison Paul

Computer makers may be robbing Peter to poison Paul. Recent articles published by the American Chemical Society found that decabromodiphenyl ethane (deBDethane), an additive flame retardant marketed as a replacement for decabromodiphenyl ether (decaBDE), has been showing up worldwide in waterbirds, red pandas, and sewage sludge.

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Recession Helping, Not Hurting, Green IT, Surveys Find

Corporate purchases of green IT equipment will remain fairly strong amid the economic crisis, separate reports from IDC, Forrester Research, and Panel Intelligence indicate. These will not be purchases made in spite of the recession, though -- they will be made because of it.

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IEEE, Cisco, Juniper Squeezing Energy Efficiency From Networks

Two-thousand-nine is shaping up to be a watershed year for energy efficiency on data networks. Often overlooked among the eco-conscious, information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as those used in networking products, contribute at least 2% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

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Poznan Dispatch: Carbon Bashing

Think you've had a rough week? Try being a carbon credit. Here's what happened in just a few days: First, the price of Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs), used by carbon traders, tanks. Then, the U.S. Government Accountability Office issues a report questioning the efficacy of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Kyoto Pr

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Counting The Carbon Counters

Counting carbon is getting easier. Counting carbon counters is getting measurably more difficult. At least once a week an online tool to calculate one's carbon footprint, based on self-reported energy consumption, is introduced or improved.

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Recycle This Blog

In what appears to be a truly holistic recycling effort, news put forth by the University of Michigan on its green computing efforts last June has been finding new life on news feeds in early December. Not one to shirk my recycling duties, I offer now a roundup of other relevant nonbreaking news. And for what it's worth, not only are they are all related to the U-M story, but I probably would have missed them if not for the Detroit Free Press Post a Comment

Don't Hold The Phone, And Other Recycling Incentives

My BlackBerry went for a swim the other day. I'm too embarrassed to tell you where, save to say that I find myself multitasking these days in the oddest places. I will say that when it sank beneath the surface, its lights flickered like those of the doomed Titanic. That meant, aside from having an intense desire to boil my hand, I had to get a new BlackBerry and, yes, recycle the old one.

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Green Jobs In This Economy?

The momentum for green jobs seems to be building. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty just introduced his Green Jobs Investment Initiative for the 2009 legislative session. Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell is banking on a nearly $12 million investment into alternative clean energy projects to create at least 1,200 jobs. And California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, recent host of an international summit on the issue, has repeatedly thrown his political weight behind clean-technology businesses. But there a

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Obama Appointment Offers Another Green Signal

Where is President-elect Barack Obama headed with environmental protection and renewable energy? The answer lies not so much in the encouraging but ultimately self-serving video posted on the transition team's Web site on Friday, but rather on links elsewhere on the page. In particular, look at the appointment of senior transition official Rose Mc

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Finally, My Home-Grown Kilowatts

There have been a few sparks generated in this space recently. But what excites me more are the sparks being generated in my basement. That's right, I'm finally generating my own electricity.

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Dell Crunches Fuzzy Green Numbers

It's quite tempting to dismiss Dell's claim today that since 2005 it has saved consumers $3 billion in energy costs and spared the environment 29 million tons of CO2. The savings, says Dell, came through power management and energy efficiency features found on the OptiPlex desktop, Latitude laptop, and Precision workstation.

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'GreenPC' From The Emerald Isle

At first, I thought it was some new Nigerian e-mail scam that slipped through my spam filter: "I designed and developed a really green pc. After months of hard work, I came up with a product that I think everybody will love." Right ... and you want me to send you money so you can buy back the patent or something?

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No Worries About Climate Change? Horsefeathers!

My fellow blogger, Bob Evans, apparently was left slack-jawed upon reading a recent post of mine suggesting that we appeal to business interests to help save the environment. From what I gather, Bob believes that we should "protect" the environment but that the urge to "save the environment" is "silly." Also, he says, that by not ratcheting down the hype "we'll end up doing terrible damage."

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Las Vegas: Mo' Green

Finding ways to turn Las Vegas's Consumer Electronics Show green should be like shooting khaki-clad fish in a barrel. Right? Everywhere you look, vendors are doubling down to waste more natural resources than the competition in the adjacent booth.

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Planet Metrics Sizes Up Carbon Impact

Chances are you don't remember EcoSynergy. It was an environmental firm that began making some noise 18 months ago at green gatherings. But Silicon Valley powerhouse Draper Fisher Jurvetson and angel investors are betting $2.3 million that you'll remember the company under its new name, Planet Metrics, after it makes its debut today.

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E-Waste In Prime Time

OK, it's been all over the Web lately, but if you haven't seen the online teaser for the upcoming 60 Minutes episode this Sunday, it's worth taking a look.

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SiCortex Offers Green HPC Efficiency Metric

SiCortex, which in September introduced what is arguably one the most energy-efficient high-performance computers, today is expected to introduce the Green Computing Performance Index (GPCI), a tool to rank the "greenest" computers.

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Mass. Voters (Non-Binding) Praise For Green Measure

Renewable energy was given a faint boost of praise this evening in Massachusetts, where voters in 11 districts are voting -- in a nonbinding referendum -- whether to encourage their legislators to vote for a reduction in greenhouse gases. As of 9:45 p.m. Eastern Time, voting was running at a 2-to-1 margin in favor.

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Green Metrics: Measure By Measure

You can manage what you can measure. You can tame what you can name. However you choose to say it, it's becoming abundantly clear that any efforts to go green must begin with accurate and actionable measurements of energy consumption.

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AMD Releases Green Report

AMD today released its eighth annual Global Climate Protection Plan, incorporating for the first time the environmental impact its suppliers have on its finished goods.

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AMD Holds Its Green Up To The Light

AMD next week is set to release its annual Global Climate Protection Plan, its eighth to date. The environmental report is remarkable in its candor, according to those who've read advanced copies. In particular, its disclosure -- best guesses, really -- of how big its carbon footprint is when the entire product supply chain is considered. It's a task that relatively few manufacturers bother to take.

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Movement In The Stationary Fuel-Cell Market

After noting recently that there was movement again in the portable fuel cell market, a reader dryly noted that we'd been down that road before and come to a dead end. More like an uneventful drive with no scenery and nothing but rest stops, I'd say. Regardless, there is a parallel road that isn't examined quite as often in the press: stationary fuel cells.

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Shrinking Footprints Of Green Giants

In less than two weeks, as part of the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference in Denver, the U.S. EPA, U.S. DOE, and the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) will host the annual Green Power Leadership Awards to recognize those who advance the market for renewable electricity sources. Can't wait for those envelopes to be opened? Take a look at three other environmental winners from the computer industry.

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Getting Green Takes Green

It takes green to go green. That's readily evident based on data released yesterday by Enterprise Management Associates that shows that the larger the enterprise, the more likely the business will sink money into greening its IT.

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Green Heating, Power Needed For Green IT

You're familiar with the tired phrase, "eating your own dog food?" Well, I'm here to tell you that I've begun eating my own granola. Rather than simply espouse green computing, if only by tracking eco-friendly developments on the Web, I'm about to launch a green computing experiment in my basement.

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