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posted in March 2010

iPad Apps May Cost More Than iPhone Apps

If you already have an iPhone you probably have a suite of apps that you can't do without. Before you assume you'll buy them all for the iPad, you might want to check out the pricing. According to preliminary information, some developers are considering charging two, three or even as much as five times the price they charge for the iPhone.

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HD2 Gets Windows Phone 7, Unofficially, Maybe

Microsoft has confirmed that the popular HTC HD2 phone will not be getting the Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade later this year, even though the hardware appears to be perfectly capable of running the new OS. Sooner or later someone will obtain a ROM of WinPho 7 and load it onto the device. Reports are circulating that it has happened already.

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Get An iPhone Without A Contract

If having a contract is what has been holding you back from getting an iPhone, that soon won't be a problem. Apple is getting ready to sell the device without a contract as long as you pay full price, which is $499 for the base model. Is it worth it?

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AT&T Rolls Out Nationwide Femtocell Plan

If AT&T is your network of choice but your reception at home isn't the greatest, you should be able to sign up soon to get your very own femtocell, or Microcell as AT&T likes to call it. By using your broadband internet connection, you'll be able to have fast data transfer speeds and solid voice quality in and around your house. It isn't free though. Far from it.

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TSA Wants To Track Your Phone's Movements

The Transportation Security Administration is proposing to install devices in airports that would track your electronic devices as you move through the facility. They claim this would only be used as you wait in security lines to see how long the average wait times are and then use that information to make adjustments to better serve you. Uh huh.

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Application Choices On Windows Phone 7

Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 Series application distribution model is very similar to what Apple does for the iPhone, much to the chagrin of developers and some users. You will only be able to install applications from the marketplace. You cannot keep copies of the installer on the device and there is no side-loading, which means if it isn't in the marketplace, it isn't on your phone. Microsoft, however, doesn't appear to be headed down the path of blocking apps that compete with built in app

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LTE - AT&T's And Verizon's New Turf War

AT&T and Verizon have been duking it out lately over 3G download speeds and coverage maps. I suspect the only losers in that fight have been Sprint and T-Mobile which aren't getting near as much memorable coverage on the air or in the news. AT&T is now getting a jump start on taking shots at Verizon in the race to bring LTE to market.

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Palm Plans Pre And Pixi Production Halt

Palm has plans to halt production of the Pre and Pixi models due to excess inventory. It is no secret that sales have not met expectations, and since they were probably producing at or near expected levels, their inventory has grown past levels necessary to service the customer.

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Deposit A Check With Your Phone's Camera

You may be able to deposit checks to your bank account soon just by snapping a picture of the check and sending it to your bank. In fact, if you bank at USAA, a bank primarily for military personnel, you can do it already. This will be one less reason to have to go to an ATM or local branch.

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Copy And Paste, And A New Green Charger

Yesterday I wrote about Microsoft's decision to leave clipboard functionality out of Windows Phone 7. That isn't the end of the story though. AT&T also announced a new green charger that uses no electricity when your phone is not plugged into it. Let's hit the news about Microsoft first.

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No Copy And Paste For Windows Phone 7

More info came out of Mix10 today and while some is good - a lot of it actually -- some is bad, and at least one thing is downright awful. Microsoft confirmed today in a Q&A session that Windows Phone 7 has no support for a clipboard. That's right, that means that Cut, Copy and Paste are missing in action in Microsoft's new platform. Huh?

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HTC HD2 Denied Windows Phone 7 Upgrade

It was strongly rumored near the end of 2009 that the HTC HD2 would get an upgrade to Windows Phone 7 since it seemed to have all of the hardware required by the OS. Microsoft has now confirmed that the HD2 won't be getting the upgrade. Is Microsoft being too rigid just to say that all Windows Phone 7 Series phones have a single hardware spec?

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Smartphones To Usher In Online Paid Content?

Most written content accessed on the web is free. You can read almost any newspaper in the US for no cost right from your screen. You only need to put up with a few ads to do it. Will online media companies use the popularity of mobile phones to try the paid content model again?

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Mix10 Promises Windows Phone 7 Dev Goodies

Mix10 starts Monday in Las Vegas. It is the end-all be-all event for Microsoft to tout its tools for Web developers. It is also when the veil of secrecy is lifted on the Windows Phone 7 Series so developers will finally know what has to be done to get apps running on the platform.

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Palm's Survival At Stake

Palm caught a second wind last year when they released the long awaited successor to Palm OS 5. WebOS got an immediate fan base before the first device shipped and investors cheered the handset maker. A year later though, things aren't looking quite as bright.

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Microsoft Gets Windows Phone 7 Strategy Right

Since Windows 7 entered public beta in early 2009, Microsoft has garnered praise for getting so much right with its cash cow. This is in stark contrast to the complaints it got over Vista. After announcing Windows Phone 7 Series last month at Mobile World Congress, the accolades just keep coming in for it.

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Nokia Applies For Self Charging Phone Patent

Nokia has applied for a patent that will charge your phone while you walk. It sounds similar to those self winding watches that renew their energy as you swing your arms. Certain components inside the phone are on a movable frame that moves up and down or side to side depending on your motion. This is the basis for energy generation.

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Details On Windows Phone 7 Development Emerge

Even though the real nitty gritty on Windows Phone 7 Series development will be at the 2010 Mix event in Las Vegas in just over a week, Microsoft has released some information late Thursday that should shed some light on things. As has been rumored, Silverlight and XNA will be big players in WinPho 7 development, but they aren't the only game in town. .NET and others have been invited to the party too.

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AT&T Talks Of Usage Based Data Charges

AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson said in an analyst conference on Tuesday that he thought the wireless in industry is headed towards a usage based billing system where those consuming more data will have higher bills than those using less data. Time to say goodbye to the all-you-can-eat data plans.

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Gesture Controls Rumored For Next iPhone

The latest rumors on the next iPhone release say the mobile platform will get gesture-based technology. As far as phones go, Apple pretty much invented flick-based technology where your finger controls the contents of the screen, replacing the stylus that came about over a decade earlier. Now they may take it to the next level with gestures.

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Stalker App Crosses Privacy Lines

There is a new app that allows you to take a picture of someone and get personal information on them from various social networks. It does this using facial recognition and then matches it against photos on sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can begin to see the possibilities.

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Google Wants Android Users To Upgrade To V2.1

It looks like Google may be trying to get all of its Android devices in the hands of consumers upgraded to the latest release, 2.1. This should be welcome news to those who have a device with the older 1.6 or even 1.5 release. The bad news is that some devices will require a total wipe first, and that personal data and applications will have to be reloaded.

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