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posted in September 2009

The Perils Of Relying On The Cloud

I rely more on the cloud as each day passes. GMail is my preferred email interface. Evernote houses most of my notes and web clippings. MyPhone keeps critical data backed up on my Windows Mobile phone. The cloud is awesome when it works, but when it is down, you may be temporarily cut off from your data. In the case of some Palm Pre users, when the cloud went down, it wiped their Pre's memory causing data loss.

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Dvorak Users Dislike Qwerty Keyboard Dominance In Phones

Fans of the Dvorak keyboard layout sing praises of how much faster you can type than you can with a traditional Qwerty keyboard, so named because of the order of the first six letters on the upper row. With a PC, it is pretty simple - you just need to plug in a Dvorak keyboard and you are ready to go. With a phone though, you really don't have that option, at least with a physical keyboard.

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Palm Pre Free In The UK With Contract

The Palm Pre will hit the European market on October 16 and when it arrives in England, it will be free with a two year contract. This compares to $249.99 in the US, or $149.99 after a $100 mail in rebate. What gives? Why is the entry fee in the UK lower than in the US, or perhaps more importantly, why doesn't the Pre command a bit more respect in the UK?

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Ballmer: We Screwed Up With Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile 7 has been rumored for at least two and a half years and back then, everyone thought it would be ready to go by late 2008 or early 2009. Now it is looking more like mid-late 2010 and no one is happy about that, including Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO.

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Technology To Make Lithium-Ion Batteries Safer

We've all heard of laptop or phone batteries catching fire, or have even seen video of a battery igniting. Dell, Sony, Samsung and others have all issued battery recalls in recent years to take batteries out of circulation that were more prone to catching fire. It is not something you want going on in your pocket where you have your cell phone or on the tray next to you in an airplane. A Taiwanese researcher claims to have a new material t

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Motion Activated Headphones For Your Listening Pleasure

Sony Ericsson is working on a new headphone that is motion controlled rather than requiring you to fumble around for buttons. When you put both earbuds in, the music plays. Take out one earbud to pause the music or both to stop it. To answer a call, you have to remove both and then put one back in. Ok, this is getting complex, or at a minimum, it isn't very intuitive for some operations.

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AT&T Bundling Wireless And Wired Services

Just about every cable TV provider in the US offers bundles that include cable TV, phone service and high speed internet service. Now the phone companies are getting in on the act. AT&T is offering a new service called Talk, Text & Surf that combines DSL internet and both wired and wireless phone service.

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Microsoft Pink Rumors Just Will Not Die

Once again there are rumors swirling around on Microsoft's supposed Project Pink, which is Microsoft's own entry into the phone world. No, not just the operating system, but the hardware as well. Could the software giant be ready to release their own phone, potentially upsetting their OEM partners like HTC?

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The Kill Switch In Windows Marketplace For Mobile

Windows Marketplace for Mobile is the new application store for Windows Mobile devices that should launch on October 6 with Windows Mobile 6.5. Like other application stores, users will be able to go online, right from their device, and buy any number of applications for their device. If, for some reason though, Microsoft decides a particular app should be removed, the store will have the ability to remove it from users devices as well.

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Now Accepting Orders For The xpPhone

This phone has been a long time in the works and now it is available for preorder, though they still have no price for it. The selling point of this phone is that it doesn't run a mobile phone operating system, but rather a full blown version of Windows XP. Think of it as an OQO, but smaller and with phone hardwire built in. A good idea at one time, does this phone still make sense today?

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Gets Multi-Touch Device

I love to be proven wrong on occasions and this is one of those times. Just yesterday I went over the minimum specs of the new Windows Mobile 7 phones and one of the features is support for multi-touch screens. I figured though that that feature would pretty much eliminate the possibility of upgrading a WinMo 6.5 phone to WinMo 7 since the soon to be launched 6.5 version from MS doesn't support multi-t

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Windows Mobile 7 Chassis Spec Emerge

More details are coming out about the eagerly anticipated Windows Mobile 7 platform. All phones are not created equal and it is something end users pick up on quickly. Carriers and manufacturers want to minimize cost and maximize profit while I am sure Microsoft and consumers would prefer their device perform like a Porsche 911 GT3 on steroids. Microsoft is now taking a more active roll in ensuring that even if the phone that bears their operating system doesn't perform like a Porsche, it won't

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GPS Accuracy Without A GPS Chip

More and more phones today come with GPS chips that onboard software can tap into for location based services such as mapping, geotagging photos or just announcing your location via Twitter. The older a phone is though, the more likely it is to be lacking a GPS chip. Soon, that may be irrelevant.

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Windows Mobile Update Story Gets Better

Like any mobile platform, Windows Mobile has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the weakest areas is the upgrade story, or rather, the lack of much of a story at all. I can just about count on one hand the number of devices graced with an upgrade from one WinMo version to another, but that will be changing with WinMo 7.

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Improvements In Mobile Device Radio Reception

Anyone that has had several mobile phones knows that not all phones receive their radio signals at the same strength. You can be in the same place with two different phones and one will perform well while the other may show fewer bars and have a bit of static or short periods where the caller cuts out. Clearly the design of the phone and internal antenna affects reception as much as the carrier you are using.

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Check Out Audio Books With Your Windows Mobile Phone

You can check out books from your local library to listen to on your phone. No, I don't mean books on tape or CD that you can rip to your device, I mean actual digital copies that you can borrow. Now you can do it right from your phone via the OverDrive Media Console for Windows Mobile.

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AT&T Pushes Network Upgrades

Last week I blogged on the cost AT&T has incurred in being the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the US market. I've received a response from AT&T's Blogger Relations on some of the issues raised. The cost is still high, but AT&T has reaped a few benefits that aren't as readily obvious, and some of those will in turn benefit their customers.

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Mozilla's Fennec Alpha 3 For Windows Mobile Is Out

The fight for mobile browser share continues to heat up as the smartphone market grows. While most current Windows Mobile devices have, by default, a weak browser compared to the competition, the platform has among the richest third party clients to rectify the situation. You should be familiar with, and perhaps even use, Mozilla's desktop client, Firefox. The improvements in Alpha 3 may make the mobile version worthy of your Windows Mobile device.

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Latest Mobile OS From Microsoft Cannot Turn the Tide

Microsoft launched the Pocket PC in 2000 and really turned the tide in the mobile device market, long before there were smartphones. Palm was the leader, but due to advances by Microsoft and Palm resting on their laurels way too long, Microsoft became a dominate player in the PDA market. The PDA market though has all but vanished and smartphones have taken their place. Now Microsoft finds itself the underdog, and its latest release, Windows Mobile 6.5, won't be enough to turn the tide.

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A Worm In The Apple For AT&T?

AT&T scored a big win when it became the exclusive supplier of the iPhone in the US. They have had the deal for a little over two years now and it should extend well into 2010. You'd think after selling over ten million devices so far, it would be a huge win for both Apple and AT&T. You'd think. Right?

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