9 Raspberry Pi Projects For Your Summer Vacation

The right Raspberry Pi project can make the summer fun and educational. Here are nine possibilities that fit the bill.
A Minecraft Machine
All-In-One RasPi
Audiobook Player
Weather Station
Robot Boat
Vegetable Percussion Kit
Morse Code Trainer
Pi In Space
Animal Tracker

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Summertime, and the coding is easy. Well, if not easy, at least more accessible when you think about projects to do for your own enjoyment or as recreation with kids. The thing is, summer is the time for fun projects, and if they have something to do with the out-of-doors, so much the better.

The Raspberry Pi is one of the two platforms that has changed the do-it-yourself embedded control world. (The other? Arduino. I'll get around to the latest on that one in a future article.) Since the RasPi was introduced in 2012 it has gone through several revisions and a number of different versions, becoming more powerful, more capable, and smaller in the process.

In every case, though, the RasPi has remained a tiny Linux computer that can pack a lot of computation into a very compact package. Beyond the basic hardware and software capabilities, the platform has also generated a widespread and very active community that has been busy expanding the range of RasPi possibilities and sharing information on what can be done around this incredibly popular computer.

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If you've been waiting to dive into the world of the Raspberry Pi, or if you have already dipped your toes into the RasPi realm and are looking for your next project, then here are nine possibilities to get you thinking, coding, and (maybe) soldering. Among these are some projects that are easy, projects that are challenging, and projects that will be perfect for modifying and turning into your very own creation.

I'm ashamed to admit that my own Raspberry Pi projects have been fairly tame, so far, but the research for this article has me thinking about things that need to happen on my workbench. What about you? Are you an active member of the Raspberry Pi "maker" community, or have you just thought about what you might do with one of these little powerhouse units?

Are there projects you've completed that you would like to share with the community here or projects on this list you think should have been ditched for an alternative? Let me know -- and let me know what you've got planned to get your Summer tech kicked off in the right direction.

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