Data & Analytics: Solve Your Top Challenges at Interop ITX

Looking to solve your data & analytics challenges? Our Interop ITX experts have the answers. Here are some of the take-aways you can expect by attending these sessions.
James McCaffrey
Tamara Dull
Amy Peck
Alysa Hutnik
Anirban Kundu

There are plenty of reasons IT professionals attend Interop ITX every year. It's a great opportunity to network with peers. You can learn about best practices in IT. There are great educational sessions. You can ask vendors direct questions about their products or services. And of course, you can find answers to some of your thorniest enterprise challenges.

All those reasons are what bring attendees to the event year after year, whether they plan to drill down in networking technology or explore newer areas such as DevOps or Data & Analytics.

This year's Data & Analytics speaker lineup features an all-star cast of some of the top thinkers in the space, bringing real-world answers to some of the challenges and problems you are facing as your analytics become more central to the success of your business.

To give you a flavor of some of the answers you will find to your enterprise's challenges, we asked a few of our Data & Analytics speakers and our Future of Data Summit speakers to answer the following question: "What is the top mistake or challenge that enterprise IT and/or analytics pros are facing that your session will help with?"

Click through the slides that follow to find out what they said. 

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