Learning: It's a Give and Take Thing

InformationWeek is conducting its annual State of Enterprise IT Survey, and we invite you to participate.

The good and the bad of being an IT leader is that technology along with the challenges and opportunities it presents never stands still. Master one aspect, and you'll face three more things to learn.

That's why InformationWeek and its affliated Informa Tech media outlets are pleased to offer a range of ways for you to learn from your peers and for you to share what you have discovered from your own experiences. Today, I want to draw your attention to one more learning vehicle, our annual State of Enterprise IT Survey.

We are pulling together a snapshot -- actually it's more akin to an Instagram story -- of how organizations are utilizing technology and how they are managing their own IT organizations. We're talking about which technology concepts fit into your plans, how you structure your IT teams, where you are investing, the IT-business relationship, and how you find and manage great IT talent.

Consider how things are changing in IT: Your role in improving customer experiences; the shift to the cloud; the talent crunch; adoption of DevOps; the emergence of AI and automation; the generational shifts in the IT profession. That mix and more is on the plate of most IT executives and managers. Nobody has all the answers to today's challenges.

I invite you to participate in the 2020 survey, and to share your thoughts. I promise that it will take you only about 10 minutes, 12 at most. Your responses will be kept confidential, and that they will be used only in aggregate.

We will present the results in an in-depth report on InformationWeek in the near future, and you will have access to the findings when published. Everyone who completes the survey will be eligible to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards as a thank you.

We look forward to seeing what you and your IT peers have to say about the state of IT in 2020. Just click here to participate.