Navigating the Global Technology Skills Gap with AI-Moderated Upskilling

The future workforce is already here, and it is more than ready to adapt – the vast majority of workers simply need the tools to upskill efficiently.

Work trends have rapidly changed across the world, post-pandemic. How and where people choose to work now or in the future is and will be radically different from how it used to be a few years ago. Labor markets across all sectors have undergone drastic shifts in terms of talent requirements and demands as businesses across the board increasingly accelerate the adoption of automation and emerging technologies.

This has resulted in a growing skills scarcity across the globe. As more technical and digital skills are required by workers in order to master emerging technologies, many organizations risk being left behind due to an undereducated and underprepared workforce. Businesses need to take the required steps now towards ensuring that their workforce, both present, and future, has the training and digital skills needed to thrive in the working environment set to emerge over the next decade.

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