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Black Hat Conference: GSM Hacked

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InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Feb 21, 2008

Editor's Note

How To Build An Intel QX9770 Quad-Core PC

Intel's newest top-of-the-line quad-core processor, the QX9770, won't officially ship until Q2, but we've got a review unit. It's the most interesting device to come out of Intel in a while, since it pushes desktop performance ahead on several serious fronts: It's fabricated at 45-nm (OK, the QX6850 is, too), supports ultra-fast DDR3 memory, and has a 1600-MHz front-side bus-- Intel's speediest yet. I've started building a PC so I can benchmark the chip, and I've got the video to prove it. Check it out.

I've written previously about the specs of the 3.2-GHz QX9770 (not "MHz," like I mistakenly say in the vid) and I've also blogged about the initial phase of my quad-core build project, which mostly involved scavenging a humungous old HP case (see "Build-A-PC Chronicles: Reviving A Dusty Old Case).

With the case cleaned out and prepped, I plunged headlong into the build. However, as is often the case when one acts without stopping to think or read directions (I don't need no stinkin' directions; actually, there aren't any directions for these things), I ran into a few unexpected roadblocks.

The first came after I popped the QX9770 into a nice Intel motherboard I had lying around, only to find out that the board, being based on a 975 core-logic chipset, didn't support the Core 2 Extreme's 1600-MHz front-side bus. Turns out there aren't many mobos out there right now which do.

Asus saved the day by provided us with a review motherboard in the form of its new P5E WS Professional "extreme workstation engine." This mobo uses the new Intel X38 chipset, and is one of not too many out there right now, which can go full speed on the QX9770's 1600-MHz front-side bus. It's got the usual Asus attention to cooling detail, as you'll see in the video, which shows the board's ample complement of copper cooling pipes.

As I perhaps go overboard in mentioning in the video, cooling considerations are key in building a modern PC. Indeed, if you don't do this part of the project correctly, you might as well not bother, because your machine won't perform up to snuff -- overly hot processors and graphics cards don't work right -- and you might even fry the thing.

As you can see from the video, I'm mainly grappling with the mechanical challenges of assembling the unit. I'll talk more about the computer's fine points, and getting the thing up and running, in my next episode.

Read the rest of my blog, watch the video, and post a comment here.

Alexander Wolfe

Quote of The Day

"This Website spent much of yesterday groaning under the weight of sweaty fingers." --

Top Stories

Black Hat Conference: Security Researchers Claim To Hack GSM Calls
The creators of the in-development technology say they'll be able to crack GSM encryption with only about $1,000 worth of equipment.

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Sabotage Eyed As Possible Cause Of Undersea Cable Cuts

Wireless Evolution Accelerates As 4G Arrives In Barcelona

Blog: Wireless Security In A Sorry State, Mobile Viruses Feared By Many

White Paper

Yahoo Beefs Up Employee Severance Plan As Microsoft Takeover Looms

Yahoo employees axed within two years of "a change in control" will be entitled to enhanced benefits, such as more severance pay, outplacement services, and extended medical benefits.

Black Hat Conference: Experts Develop Cybersecurity Recommendations For Next President

The Cyber Commission has loose ties with each of the remaining presidential campaigns, yet members admit they don't expect all of their recommendations to be followed. Throws Weight Behind Blu-ray

Toshiba, which had led the charge for HD DVD against Sony-backed Blu-ray, gave up the fight Tuesday.

Military Takes Aim At Stray Spy Satellite Headed For Earth

The U.S. Navy's shooting down of a stray satellite this month could test missile defense technology.

Microsoft SEC Filing Signals Proxy Fight For Yahoo

Microsoft warned investors that it's prepared to wrest control of Internet rival Yahoo through a proxy fight if necessary.

Sprint Launches Two Samsung Mobile Devices

The Samsung Ace is a smartphone geared toward business travelers, while the M520 is aimed at multimedia-hungry consumers.

Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted To Tech

BlackBerry texting and ignoring offline social interaction can lead to chronic insomnia, relationship break-ups, and job loss, a University of Northampton researcher warns.

Consumer Technology Spending Slowdown Forecast

A disappointing holiday season as well as economic concerns are taking a toll on consumer technology revenue growth, analysts with NPD Group said.

MoMA Exhibit Features MIT Telecom Research

Some of the works at the exhibit, opening Sunday, visualize global Internet and voice traffic in and out of New York City.

Microsoft Pulls Buggy Windows Vista SP1 Files

Windows Vista users report that the files cause their computers to crash or enter an endless cycle of boots and reboots.

Black Hat Conference: Security Researchers Claim To Hack GSM Calls

The creators of the in-development technology say they'll be able to crack GSM encryption with only about $1,000 worth of equipment.

Nude Lindsay Lohan Photos Crash New York Magazine's Web Site

The photos resemble those taken of Marilyn Monroe in her mid-30s during a 1962 photo session at the Hotel Bel-Air.

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An iPhone Clone That Runs Windows Spotted
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Google Needs To Create A Search Engine For Mobile Phones
Ever wish you could search for content on your phone effectively, just like you can on your desktop or the Internet? A company called Nuance offered a free trial to attendees of the Mobile World Congress last week that allowed you to simply start typing a query in using T9.

Video: How To Build An Intel QX9770 Quad-Core PC
Intel's newest top-of-the-line quad-core processor, the QX9770, won't officially ship until Q2, but we've got a review unit. It's the most interesting device to come out of Intel in a while, since it pushes desktop performance ahead on several serious fronts: It's fabricated at 45-nm (OK, the QX6850 is, too), supports ultra-fast DDR3 memory, and has a 1600-MHz front-side bus--Intel's speediest yet. I've started building a PC so I can benchmark the chip, and I've got the video to prove it. Check it out.

Full Nelson: ClearContext Has a Fuzzy Outlook
I'm not an Outlook user, but most e-mail clients I have tried -- and even Outlook back when I used it -- seem pretty self-explanatory, so I'm a little unclear about the need for ClearContext. This product aims to make Outlook e-mail more manageable, more efficient, more automated. Maybe this is just one of those things where you don't know you're missing. Since our company is moving to Outlook in the next few months, maybe I'll have to see for myself.

Good Thing RIM Doesn't Have A Campy Slogan About Reliability. Otherwise I'd Be Skewering It Right Now
Is anyone else getting tired of BlackBerry email slowdowns and outages? I am, and I don't even use a BlackBerry any more. IT admins fielding cranky phone calls from email-deprived workers must really be getting tired of it. Reports were flooding user forums this morning of yet another failure in RIM's email service. If your enterprise BlackBerries are kaput, what's your back-up plan?

Report From India: In The Villages, A Tantalizing Morsel Of Broadband
The farmers of Brahmanwada, a small farming village I visited this week in central India, use a shared Internet connection called e-choupal to check crop prices, so they can decide if it's worth hiring a truck to take their goods to market. It's an Internet success story. But things got really interesting when I asked them what information they'd like to get online that they can't yet, and the ideas started flying.

Mozilla Messaging: Our Escape From Outlook?
If there's any one closed source application I know I depend on, it's Outlook.  And if there's any one open source application that can unseat Outlook, it's Thunderbird -- er, Mozilla Messaging.  Not because it's better than Outlook -- it's not.  Not yet, anyway.

An Invitation To Startups And Innovative Software Companies
Got a new and interesting product that the business technology world should know about? Here are three ways to get the word out.

Can We Have Affordable Solar Energy By 2050?
Last week the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE) announced a list of grand challenges for engineering in the 21st century. The goal was to identify what needs be done by the engineering community to help humanity thrive.

MoonLite, Moon Bright: NASA To Build Wireless Phone Network On The Moon
Yes, you read that correctly. NASA and the British National Space Centre are working together to develop a mobile phone system for the colony that will eventually inhabit the moon. Say what?!?

Do You Hate Your Content Management System?
Even though most of us agree that content management systems are critical to serving our markets, there's just as many of us that would rejoice if we never had to touch a piece of CMS code again.

Report From India: Look For More Pay-For-Performance Offshoring
Indian outsourcers are inking some deals that tie their pay to performance -- usually to some operations yardstick such as uptime, but in the more innovative cases, to some business measurement. One CIO talks of tying outsourcer pay to the same measurement that his bonus is. Here are a few examples I've picked up the last two weeks here in India.

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Real-World SOA: Definition, Implementation and Use of SOA with CentraSite
Web services are having a dramatic impact on improving enterprise architecture and application development practices. This paper highlights three sample case studies illustrating how Fujitsu's CentraSite delivers SOA solutions.

Forrester Consulting: Unified Communications Delivers Global Benefits
This Forrester Consulting study shows how Unified Communications (UC) makes it simpler to contact others over any device in any location, enhancing business agility, cutting costs, and boosting employee productivity. Forrester finds that UC is already delivering major savings for organizations around the world in retail banking, manufacturing and education. Download the full report for free.

Software as a Service Research Report
No longer a niche software delivery model, software as a service (SaaS) can help small and midsize companies get access to enteprise-class software functionality without having to commit enterprise-level capital resources. Download the full report for free.

The Internet & the Developing World
The evolution of the Internet has been full of surprises – surprises that have sometimes resulted in radical changes in the commercial landscape, such as the arrival of Amazon, eBay, Google, YouTube, and Skype. Could one of the next big surprises turn out to be linked to developing countries? Read the full report for free from

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Verizon seeking Sales Engineer in Ashburn, VA

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