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Cisco Plots Big Gains In Internet's 'Second Phase'

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InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Dec 13, 2007

Editor's Note

It's Not Easy Being Green

Are "green computing" initiatives on your list of New Year's resolutions? If so, do you think you'll stick with those energy-efficiency efforts longer than your new diet?

With rising energy prices and power-hungry servers multiplying, are you doing anything to help rein in electricity use in your company's data centers?

A new report 'released this week by Stanford University researcher Jonathan Koomey says worldwide energy consumption for servers, cooling equipment and related infrastructure gear, doubled from 2000 to 2005, and could nearly double again by 2010 -- unless companies make a concerted effort for change.

The U.S. gobbled 40% of that energy to power its computers, according to the research. Worldwide in 2005, the electricity used to power servers was equivalent to 14 nuclear power or coal-burning plants. By 2010, that number could grow to 24 plants, if wasteful computing practices aren't addressed soon, he says.

So, what can you do to help cut back on energy use for the computers in your company? Technologies like virtualization software and server consolidation can help. But so can addressing more seemingly mundane sorts of things, like better managing data center cooling, and keeping a closer eye on electricity bills, which is something many CIOs often never see.

Also, spending a few extra bucks up front for pricier but more energy-resourceful power-supply equipment can also reduce electricity use -- and costs -- on the back end.

If companies worldwide implemented at least some of these changes, the growth in server-related energy-use by 2010 could be reduced by 20%, says Koomey.

If you're aiming to lose 20 pounds in 2008 to look and feel better, do you think you'd also able to shave 20% off your data center's electricity consumption by 2010 to save your company some "green" -- as well as be "greener?"

If not, maybe five pounds and 5% are more doable. That's certainly better than nothing.

What are you planning to do?

Feel free to post your thoughts on InformationWeek's CIOs Uncensored blog.

Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Quote of The Day

"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." -- William Faulkner

Top Stories

Cisco Plots Big Gains In Internet's 'Second Phase'
CEO John Chambers promotes telepresence as the flagship technology for the next wave of collaboration and business-model transformation.

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White Paper

Microsoft Re-Brands PlaysForSure

The licensing change to "Certified for Windows Vista" is Microsoft's attempt to beat market leader Apple using a similar combination strategy of branding and DRM technology.

AT&T Offers Schools RFID Tracking For People And Assets

The product helps schools keep track of equipment, as well as students, visitors, and staff, using radio ID tags combined with GPS-based resource management services.

Microsoft Buys Multimap, European Online Mapping Company

Multimap has the data Microsoft needs to expand mapping and location-based advertising services worldwide.

Can't Find The 80-Gbyte Zune? Here's Why

The shortage is more likely caused by a miscalculation on Microsoft's part than on high demand, iSuppli said.

FireWire Spec To Boost Data Speeds To 3.2 Gbps

The technology will be able to use existing FireWire 800 cables and connectors while delivering a major boost in performance.

E.U. Patent Convention Takes Effect

The agreement provides applicants with a simpler process, reduced costs, and more legal certainty.

Halo 3 Map Packs Now Available For Download

The Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack is available through the Xbox Live marketplace and will cost users 800 "Microsoft points" or about $10.00.

FTC Charges Money Processors Supported Online, Telemarketing Fraud

The federal agency and seven states have filed a complaint that consumers' bank accounts were unfairly debited for fraudulent sellers.

Alltel Offers Free Mobile Shopping For BlackBerry Devices

The company is one of several carriers hoping to entice subscribers to ring up more than music tones on their cell phones this year.

Vulnerabilities Found In Microsoft Access And HP Laptop Software

US-CERT is warning the weaknesses may allow an attacker to execute remote code without additional user interaction.

Sprint Continues To Fatten Its WiMax Unit For A Possible Quick Sale

A decision isn't likely to be made until a new CEO is named, probably after the new year, executives have said. Launches Search Privacy Feature

AskEraser can eliminate a users' IP addresses, user IDs, session ID cookies, and the complete text of search queries from the servers.

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Nokia Goes Green
Here's yet another example of how a tech company is "going green": The world's No. 1 phone maker, Nokia, has developed an Eco Sensor Concept that involves a wearable mobile phone and a sensing device that analyzes your health and surrounding environment.

Knowing When To Change Is Half The Battle
The world of Web 2.0 can turn on a dime. And the horse you rode into this business may not always be the one you finish the race with. Just ask the pioneers behind Journalspace and Reezle who had to adapt to the fast and fickle world of social networks or face extinction.

A Look At Google Android Running On Prototype Hardware
Still anxious to see what Google's Android will actually look like? While we've yet to see any Android-powered phones, Japanese wireless company Willcom has shown a prototype of hardware running Google's mobile OS. Check it out.

Big Memory For The Little Computer
Asus has decided that upgrading the memory in its tiny Eee won't void the warranty. But the press release fails to mention a couple of key pieces of information. Hackers, who love the machine, have filled in the gaps.

Case Study: Cornell To Blanket Campus With Wi-Fi
Cornell has decided that the 802.11b/g network it's had in place for several years is no longer cutting it. It will replace its existing wireless systems with 802.11n flavored Wi-Fi from Aruba Networks. The goal? Total indoor and outdoor coverage across the entire 745-acre campus. Wanna guess how many APs the deployment is going to take?

Sprint's XOHM WiMax Network Soft Launching This Week
The day has finally arrived. Beginning this week, Sprint will roll out a very limited trial of its WiMax network in Chicago and Baltimore-Washington, D.C. It is a Neil Armstrong moment. One small step for Sprint, one giant leap for WiMax's future.

Led Zeppelin Reunion Posted On Web; Who Should We Sue?
The litigious environment surrounding alleged copyright violation has spun completely out of control. The latest from the RIAA is that you're a criminal if you rip your own CDs. Porn producers are suing YouTube knockoffs for illegally posting their copyrighted, X-rated content. And now, clips from Led Zeppelin's London reunion show are popping up on the Web.

Would We Need Antivirus For Desktop Linux?
The recent news about Symantec offering an antivirus suite for Mac OS X Leopard made me wonder: If Linux becomes at least as popular on the desktop as the Mac, would an antivirus solution be marketed for Linux, too?

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2008 U.S. Professional CRM Certification Seminar Series
The 2008 U.S. Professional CRM Certification Seminar Series is scheduled to tour the following cities: Washington, DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia. You can join the tour as a sponsor on one or all cities on the tour. Participants attending our seminars are from the global 1000 and US government.

B2B Collaboration: Assessing the ROI of Process Integration
Business and IT leaders are under increasing pressure to improve B2B collaboration and the electronic communication capabilities of their organizations. This report looks at the key drivers for B2B collaboration in both the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash areas and provides an ROI framework to help companies assess their areas of opportunity.

A Leading Power Utility Reaches for Transactional Efficiency
A leading power utilities company had a substantial amount of money being paid out in duplicate payments and auditor's fees. The company's director of accounting services considered this a serious problem. The Oversight project originated with and was driven by finance professionals.

Best Practices for Mitigating and Investigating Insider Threats -- Oakley Networks
Increasingly, it's the insider with intimate knowledge of an enterprise's business practices, systems and applications who presents perhaps the greatest security risk and potential to do harm. This paper will outline a new approach to long term insider incident investigations.

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